Zbigniew Brzezinski – Seig Heil

… on the way to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.Brzezinski was interviewed by the

Daily Beast”

Oh Zbigniew, if only you were old enough to advise your self evident hero Adolph Hitler, boy what a great combo you two would have made. And just imagine if your former employer Jimmy Carter and your current employer the Black Supremacist and Radical Muslim supporter B. Hussein O. could also have been in the planning group of the final solution, what you four could have actually accomplished together regarding the final solution for the Jews.

“Former National Security Adviser to the – White Supremacist-Anti-Semite – Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski who was a foreign policy adviser to President Obama before being elected [reeks of the stench of the intent for the genocide of the Jews in Israel-if not also soon in America – this authors notes] speaks now.

[Allegedly] while Brezezinski is no longer an official adviser to Obama he is working for the International Crisis Group (ICG), a think tank created by self-admitted Nazi Collaborator, George Soros. Zbigniew (the Jews are the Problem with the world) Brzezinski has his influence on the president through this think tank.

The Brzezinski final solution for the rascally Jews in

Israel, also know as the Israelis.

To reiterate: “The

United States should shoot down any – [Israeli Defense Force] – IDF Plane on the way to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.Brzezinski was interviewed by the

Daily Beast”

Screw you Brzezinski and Soros too! You are too late and your idol Hitler is croaked. Say dude, why not open an office in Iran near their Nuke sites and you and all of the rest of you 'Boys from America' can make your plans and give first hand advice from there?

Do unto others first as they would do unto you, I say.

My advice to

Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu is the following. As a super power you do not have to take this overt hatred from the likes of those swine Brzezinski, Soros or anyone else he advises or supports.

I Predict.

Any act of aggression by the US Air Force in the defense of the Iranian Muslim psychos is to terminate any attempt, by Israel, at a conventional attack and then Israel should launch your Nukes by way of the tomahawk missiles and all other launch vehicles at you disposal. This is the reverse final solution.

Then, call all of the other countries and tell them that

Israel will sell oil for $25.00 dollars a barrel. That’s all that needs be done. The world will eventually love you for it.

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