You Would Be A Racist, If….

by Frosty Wooldridge –

In the past 48 hours, the entire cast and crew of ABC’s hit comedy “Roseanne” suffered immediate job displacement for a single Tweet by the show’s star Rosanne Barr that made a comparison of Valerie Jarrett, a Moslem aide to former Barack Hussein Obama, to a character on “Planet of the Apes.”

Which, as you know equates to the biggest oxymoron on this planet: Moslems prove themselves the most “racist” religious-economic-political organization in the world. They cut peoples’ heads off for non-belief.

Ironically, such Hollywood stars as Wanda Sikes and Jimmy Kimmel said that Americans voted to put an orangutan into the White House in the form of President Donald Trump. They intimated that the orangutan’s orange hair imitated Trump’s.

Not a word from main stream media!

Quickly, black CNN correspondent Don Lemon-head hurled a vitriolic attack that made Barr’s remarks the fault of racist Donald Trump.

Comedienne Tina Fey made obnoxious comments about race, but always against Donald Trump.

Not a word from main stream media!

When satirists compared former President George W. Bush to a monkey with a chimp that bore a very similar resemblance, not a word of ‘racism’ from the CNN and like-minded media outlets.

On Facebook, black women give lectures on “Whites” being racist because of the color of their white skin. Is white a color?

As a matter of fact, this video shows the hypocrisy of the media:

Double ironically, black rappers use the “N-word” in their songs with such vulgarity as to think they hate themselves, distrust themselves and totally negate themselves as human beings.

Never a word from main stream media!

Perhaps the most racist black person I’ve seen on television comes from Whoopi Goldberg and her cohorts on the inane TV show, “The View.” They slice and dice average American citizens as if every single white person in the country resembles a racist every day of his or her life. Whites become the single greatest reason for black failures, black misery, and black bleakness in America.

It’s whites’ fault that 7 out of 10 black children arrive to a single mother out of wedlock and living on welfare. Never mind that each black mother chose to birth a baby out of wedlock and or without any ability to support that child! It’s whites’ faults for black dropout rates that result in illiteracy! It’s whites’ faults for the deplorable situations in the black inner cities like Chicago where people murder each other at a high rate of speed. It’s pure racism, of course, but it’s 6,000 blacks killing blacks annually in gun battles and knife fights. As Don Lemon-head said, “It’s all Trump’s fault.”

It’s whites’ fault that 50 to 78 percent of blacks flunk out or drop out of high school, which creates horrific illiteracy rates for blacks in a first world country that demands a minimum of a high school diploma in order to read, write and perform simple math, to obtain a reasonable job. Even a burger flipper at Mickey D’s.

Never a word from the main stream media!

Notice that you’re a “racist” in America if you fight to stop illegal immigration. You’re a “racist” if you don’t support 350,000 pregnant women crossing America’s borders to birth their anchor babies, even though it’s against the law to violate U.S. borders. You’re a “racist” if you fail to support “Black Lives Matter”; “The Black Caucus” or “Hispanic Caucus” in Congress even though such organizations are racist in their own right. You are a “racist” in America if you don’t support “Miss Black America” which is racist in itself. The same holds true for Black Entertainment Television that features only black actors! You would be a racist if you don’t support the “United Negro College Fund” which again, supports all black colleges, which again is racist in itself. The NCAAP represents only black people, which makes it racist. More than 50 all black organizations operate with blacks only.

Never a word from main stream media!

You would be “racist” if you didn’t support the TV sitcom, “Blackish” which produces and features only black people.

Ironically, if whites chose to have “Miss White America”, the main stream media would attack. Same with “All White National Basketball League” or “Whitish” or “White Entertainment Television” or “All White College Fund” or “All White Colleges”. In fact, whites could form exactly the white version of every black organization in America—and those whites would become racists.

While “Black Lives Matter” storms around the country blaming whites, if “White Lives Matter” tried the same thing, they would be branded as racists.

What does all this racism mean?

Look at the racism of Moslems in America! It’s horrible, dirty, barbaric and growing. We see Moslems pushing for Sharia Law, which presents the most racist organization in the world. Moslem conquest in America will dwarf all “racism” charges to a fraction of our current problems.

Not a word from main stream media!

Every day, every news cast in every major city where blacks and whites must work, play and live—racism manifests in race jokes, hate speech, in schools and in lunch rooms.

“White honky, cracker….” Every ethnic group self-segregates in American society because people of different races like to be among their own people. Racism shows itself to be biological, and it won’t change no matter how much education, success or wealth people enjoy.

Roseanne Barr’s gaffe equaled small potatoes compared to the gutter “N-word” songs of top rappers in the Black World. Rappers teach racism against their own people.

Roseanne’s Tweets meant nothing compared to the anger, resentment and racial aggression by Whoopi Goldberg.

In the end, races don’t naturally get along with one another. People prefer to be among their own. I don’t see it changing. When I graduated from college in 1970, I thought we could change racism, overpopulation, injustice, poverty and human wars. After 50 years of seeing the realities of life, I don’t see humanity ever solving all its problems rationally, sanely or with reason. We remain an aberrant species destined to endless wars, conflicts, disease, disasters made by ourselves and misery on multiple levels. On a personal level, all I can do is respect all races, colors and ethnic groups. Every person does the best he or she can to make it down the road of life.
— Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
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