You Can Kill Me But You Cannot Kill My Message, A Lower/Middle Class Man’s Declaration Of Revolution

I am a 55-year old man that has worked in this country for thirty years and for his toil has been reduced to the poverty level. I am now a member of the lower/middleclass, which is one and the same. I derive my courage from God, as I understand Him. I derive my political philosophy from Thomas Jefferson and the other revolutionary founders of this country. I have certain obligations to both my God and to Thomas Jefferson. I have certain duties, which I must perform for both. It appears that I am taking on Satan himself. It is so huge and it is so evil, too big for me. I’m going to let my Higher Power fight that fight on the spiritual plane. My obligation is to trust that He will win and my duty is to let Him. That leaves Thomas Jefferson. That’s a fight that I have to fight. Here on earth, in America. Right now, right here. That’s my obligation, that’s my duty.

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established, should not be changed for light and transient causes; and, accordingly, all experience [has] shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce [the people] under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” Thomas Jefferson

The congressmen and the lawyers have their own ethics committees, which they use to judge themselves. I am appealing to my own ethics committee, the lower/middleclass. Our ethics are different from the ruling class. Their ethics have a certain odor about them. That’s what differentiates the two. I’m sure Thomas Jefferson would agree with me. I still have my First Amendment Right of free speech and before that is taken away from me, I am going to exercise it. As there could be a serious retribution to me for writing this, then it is my hope that the reader can see that this lower class person has courage. It is my fervent hope that each individual in the lower/middle classes can summon their own individual courage, and that individuals turn into numbers, and the numbers turn into a reenactment of 1776, a real life reenactment. All we have to do is follow the script, a script written by our founding fathers. We just to have to follow their instructions. My intent is to rattle cages, arouse the senses and fortify the backbone of the lower/middleclass. I am going to stand up to a corrupt government and ruling class that are one and the same. If it arouses the lower/middleclass to rally around me, my Higher Power and Thomas Jefferson then so be it. I am prepared to go it alone.

From a spiritual sense the ethics of which I speak are based on honesty, truth, respect, kindness and loving principals. Money, greed, lust, lying, dishonesty, fear, hate, and the dark side seem to be my government’s ethics committee. Am I some sort of whacked out Bible thumping Satan seeing lunatic? I don’t think so. There’s an entire class of people out here that are seeing the same thing as I am. They’re seeing it. But they’re too scared to say it. Loud that is. I’m saying it. And I’m saying it as loud as I can. I want everyone in Washington to hear me.

From a Thomas Jefferson view point I prefer the kind of government that they envisioned in 1776. They too were faced with a corrupt government and ruling class. The founding fathers did all the work. There is nothing wrong with what they created. I’m not talking about overthrowing the government. I’m talking about removing the effluvium that emanates from it. It is going to take a Revolution just like in 1776. It is not that I want to choose Revolution; it is because I have no other options. My only option is to do what Thomas Jefferson said I have to do. It is my obligation and my duty. It’s the American thing to do.

Let’s start with this idea concerning the ethics of the ruling class. Lawyers police lawyers and politicians police politicians. One lawyer sits on one side of the table and another layers sits across from him. One says I didn’t do anything and the other says not guilty. Then they get up and exchange seats. They repeat the process and the other one finds the other one not guilty. In the meantime crimes against the lower/middle class are being committed and judged by one and the same people. This self-policing theory has been tried and it has failed. The lower/middle class has to rein this bunch in. They are too corrupt and greedy to police themselves. We trusted them. They went criminal on us and now we have to take it back. The voters will never have any checks and balances without doing this. Those that subscribe to the theory that voting is our checks and balances should come down and hobnob with us lower/middle class people and see where our votes have gotten us.

This code of ethics permeates itself throughout the entire legal profession. The legal profession has monopolized the governments at the municipal, county, state and federal level. The legal profession has become the ruling class. Their ethics now rule our government. Because they are self-governing via their own ethics committees, we the people do not have any checks and balances on them. This is not in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, the founding fathers or our constitution. The legal profession has turned our governments into the master of the lower/middle class. The legal profession and the governments are supposed to be the servants of the lower/middleclass.

Twelve randomly chosen citizens of the lower/middle class can judge a lawyer/politician’s ethics. It certainly removes any conflict of interest and is more representative of the people. The citizens would judge and conclude a decision based on ethics and not money and politics. When the lower/middle class imposes their ethics on the legal profession then both it and the government will begin to serve them. We want our lawyers and government officials to be under the same set of laws and rules and ethics as we the people. This therefore is a spiritual revolution as much as it is a social, economic and political revolution. It is the ethics of the light versus the ethics of the dark side. I do not, nor do my children wish to be ruled by the dark side’s ethics. Neither do I want my children to adopt their ethics. It is our obligation and duty to help them the lawyers with their spiritual awakening. That awakening is that they are the people’s servants, not our masters.

"When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!" -Thomas Jefferson

I have had to take a job for $8 an hour. I made that much in 1970 but that was pre illegal immigration days. The illegal immigrants have successfully bid the $20 an hour jobs down to $8 because they will work for any amount. I am told that they work the jobs that us lower/ middle class Americans do not want. It is not that I do not want the job. I just do not want to work for $8 an hour. This is how I have gone from the middle class to the lower class. I have worked for 30 years and now I am at the bottom. Maybe I read that American dream upside down.

Illegal. Our elitist-lawyer-ruling party is having a difficult time discerning what that word means. Both with the immigrants and their own behavior.

As I write this, I have cotton stuck in a hole in one of my teeth to fill the hole where my filling came out. I have other teeth that need fixing also. I also have some physical problems that need medical attention. This combination causes me to live in pain all of the time. I wonder if anyone in the municipal, county, state or federal governments knows what this is like? Probably not because they all have full dental and medical insurance provided by the government. Let us for a moment take a look at Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo who is supposed to be representing me. He has a lot of personal wealth (probably a millionaire a few times over), makes over a $100,000 a year and has every known benefit that one could have. Every week the government extorts 20% of my $8 an hour. This, so that people like congressman LoBiondo can have dental and health coverage. That leaves me with $6.40 net an hour. Then I fill up my tank with gas and guess what? I scramble to make rent. A percentage of that gallon of gas goes to a mega billion-dollar corporation and a percentage is taxes for the government. Basically all I am doing is working to pay taxes and buy gasoline. When I’m all finished, there isn’t enough money to buy health insurance. I am adding to the billions of dollars of profits for a multi-national corporation and paying the health benefits for a millionaire while I walk around in pain. For representing me, Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo took about $20 million of tax money and used it to replenish the sand on the beaches so he and his rich constituents would have a nice beach to sun bathe on. Of course within weeks a northeasterner hit and washed all of the sand back into the ocean. Brilliant! I would like to erect a 20-story toilet as a monument to Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo. $20 million could buy a lot of health insurance Frank. What do you care? You’re covered. At least the sand did not come out of my $8 an hour. He probably borrowed it from my social security so my kids will have to pay it back. Then he’ll probably increase the age for when I can collect social security. By then I’ll be toothless and won’t be able to eat. Congressman LoBiondo will tell me, “See, as your representative, I’m saving you money. No more food bills.”

The Thirteenth Amendment, Section 1 of the Constitution says “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” I have been placed into slavery by the government, for the government. I have been placed into involuntary servitude by the government, for the government. When I’m not working for the government, I’m working for a multi-national oil company.

The only other option that I have is I can denounce my American citizenship, fly to Mexico, become a Mexican citizen and then sneak back across the border into America. Then I’ll be an illegal immigrant and thus entitled to health benefits. Carumba!!

Let’s examine my options. I could get a lawyer for $200 an hour to represent me in my fight against involuntary servitude. If I am netting $6.40 an hour then I only have to work 31.25 hours to pay for the lawyer’s one hour of work. I could do that but I wouldn’t be able to eat and I would have to live on a park bench. That’s no option. I could write my elected officials. The politician would have to then weigh my opinion versus the $10 million in cash that will be put into his wife’s personal trust account by a multi-national oil company. Me, the lowly bottom dweller, versus $10 million in the bank. He might as well take it. The worse that can happen is he or she is put in front of the ethics committee to be judged by someone doing the same thing. I do not think writing my professional politicians would have any effect. Historically it hasn’t anyway. I could start a political party to represent the lower/middle class, to root out the corruption in our government. The problem with that is we would not be able to get on the state ballots. The ruling class has monopolized the system and do not permit a third party. We the lower class can’t afford the legal fees. That option can’t work. I could vote for a Republican or a Democrat thinking they would represent and help the lower/middle class. I have just witnessed two mandates. The Republicans were mandated to clean up the government and the Democrats were mandated to stop the war. Neither did what they were mandated to do. Why? The real mandate for both parties was to seize control of the largest money laundering operation ever known to mankind, our government. Voting for a Democrat or a Republican would be for me to put a thirty-eight or a forty-five to my head and pull the trigger. I would get the same result. I do not want to shoot myself in my head anymore. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I’m neither insane nor stupid. It appears that I have run out of options. It appears that there never really were any options. The only option I can think of that may have a chance is that reenactment of 1776.

The French queen, Marie Antoinette said, "Let them eat cake." To the ruling class that collectively embraces this idea, I am no longer going to eat cake. I’m tired of eating cake. I would like a piece of meat once in awhile. I’ve worked 30 years for this country. I deserve a piece of meat. An entire lower/ middle class deserves it. The elitist-lawyer-politician ruling party can get the guillotine out. They can lop my head off. It will stop the pain emanating from my teeth that I cannot afford to get fixed. It will be the new dental plan, for those that oppose the New World Order.

They look me in the eye and tell me that what I’m seeing isn’t what I’m seeing. I remember President Nixon looking me in the eye and saying, “I’m not a crook.” There’s nothing wrong with my eyesite or my intelligence. It’s like Representative William J. Jefferson telling me he doesn’t know how $90,000 got in the freezer. They must have installed the wrong ice maker. I turned it on and it started making hundred dollar bills instead of ice. Congressman Jefferson has nothing to fear. It will be Tom Delay judging him and his ethics. How was the honorable congressman to know that they installed the wrong icemaker? We find nothing ethically wrong with that. Nope, what I am seeing is what I’m seeing. You cannot insult my intelligence anymore.

In one day, me and a congress of lower/middle class could enact a law that all donations of any kind to any elected official at any level of governement would be forbidden. There would be no more compaigne contributions or lobby contributions and no gifts to relatives or trust funds or offshore accounts. Violation of that law would be treated as treason with heavy punishment. The ethics committee would be twelve randomly chosen Americans who would be the jury. It would not have to be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt. It would only have to pass the smell test. Tom Delay would be doing life in a penitentury. Zero tolerance. A vote would mean something again. Campaign reform. We could do it in a day. I wonder if anyone in the lower/middle class has ever been censured? Try and censure this.

One of my obligations to my Higher Power is that I have a responsibility to my children. The way it is, they don’t have a chance. The ruling class has all of the submarines and missiles and nuclear bombs and trained CIA assassins and the best military in the world. I am only armed with this word processor and a ream of paper. The ruling class has the power to snuff me out in a second. To die trying to give my children a better life, I believe there would be no more honorable kind of a death. It’s my obligation. It’s my duty.

You can kill me but you cannot kill my message.

Does taxation without representation ring a bell with anyone?

One tried and true method used by totalitarian governments would be to put me into an insane asylum. He must be crazy to write this, to think this. He must be out of his mind. The problem with that is that there are a hundred million Americans who think as I do. Are we all crazy? Can you put us all away?

Here’s another tried and true method. You can black list me so I cannot get a job. I work for Harrah’s Corporation. The ruling class should not have any problem getting through to Gary Loveman, the CEO who made about $40 million off the stock sale of Harrahs. They can call him up and have me fired. He will have no problem firing me. He had no problem nor any conscience taking the millions while the labor force, those that toiled so hard to increase the worth of the sale still work for minimum wage, a huge majority of them who have to work two jobs a week just to remain at the poverty level. Nope, if that doesn’t bother him then it should be no problem firing me. It would be okay for me. My chances of advancement are nil. I have a college degree but all I can speak is English. Who would have guessed years ago that speaking English would be detrimental to one’s career? This is America I’m talking about. Isn’t it?

Say the ruling class does team up with the multi-million dollar CEO and they do successfully cost me my career, I’ll be losing $6.40 an hour! When you ain’t got nothing you ain’t got nothing to lose. Lower/middle class, what have you got? That’s right. What do you have to lose? Right again.

Nowhere was the class system as evident as it was one day when I had to park in the local court parking lot. The ruling class should have cited me for contempt for having the audacity to park my beat up, rusted automobile with holes in the muffler next to all of the brand new Mercedes Benzes. Every car in the parking lot was worth over $50,000. This, while an entire class of people is forced to compete with illegal immigrants over jobs that do not pay enough to fill up the gas tank of a Mercedes Benz.

There are no walls, guards, or bars on my windows, yet I’m already in prison. I’m in financial jail. I’m here because the ruling class extorts a third of my paycheck every week. I’m here because the ruling class let the banking system charge me usury loan shark fees and interest rates. I’m here because the mega billion-dollar oil corporation can give my elected representative as many millions of dollars as they want so they can charge me as much as they want. I’m here because the ruling class is spending my tax money to fight a war to further advance the New World Order. I’m here because my government is made up exclusively of lawyers who think of themselves first and their insatiable appetite for money and greed, so they can further their grip on our class of people. The lower/middle class is losing their houses, their credit, their automobiles and their jobs. Who then gets the ruling help? The mega-billion dollar banking system gets bailed out. Where does the bail out money come from? The lower/middle class gets the bill. Who is bailing out the lower/middle class? The ruling class will fix it by throwing a few crumbs my way. They’ll send me a check for $50 to jumpstart the economy. They say this is for the benefit of us, the lower/middle class. For the ruling class that is out of touch with us lower/middle class this doesn’t even fill my gas tank up. How would they know? The millions of dollars given to them by the billion dollar oil companies will fill their tanks forever.

What will be different if you have the Marshals or FBI or Secret Service come whisk me away and put me in jail for speaking my mind and exposing the truth? This is what happens. I’ll be moving up in class. I will be clothed, sheltered, fed and provided with the proper dental and medical help that I need. I can now enjoy the same benefits that are being afforded to the illegal immigrants and prisoners.

If you put me in a federal penitentiary then I’ll be able to work on my ping-pong game, do a little gardening and write my memoirs. Such entertainment is something that my budget cannot afford now. When I get out of the hole do I get a pension? The ruling class does. How come congressional felons get a pension? The ruling class takes 20% of my $8 an hour and gives it to convicted congressional felons in the form of a pension. I don’t have a pension. Why does the criminal guy have a pension and medical benefits and we don’t?

If you prefer to assassinate me instead then so be it. Always in pain, no health benefits, can’t put any gas in my car, can’t make my payments, always in debt, always hungry, always stressed, no future, no hope, a slave to the New World Order and its mega-billion dollar money laundering scheme. Shooting me would be the first constructive thing my government has ever done for me.

“Courage, then, my countrymen, our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty. Dismissing, therefore, the justice of our cause, as incontestable, the only question is, What is best for us to pursue in our present circumstances?” Samuel Adams

I’ll answer that, another Revolution of 1776.

It’s my duty, it’s my obligation.


The Reenactment of 1776

The plan is based upon two concepts. The first concept is that if you borrow enough money from a bank then you own the bank. If I borrow a lot of money from a bank then the bank will do whatever I wish it to do, ala Donald Trump, Enron Corporation and my Federal Government. If these entities do not pay back their debt then the bank goes under and then there is no more bank. The borrowers, by virtue of lots of debt, own the bank and the bank will serve them like they are owners of the bank. The bank will do anything so these huge borrowers do not default.

The lower/middle class owns all of the debt. We own the banks. The Revolution can be accomplished simply by not paying this debt. If the lower/ middle class decided individually and collectively that they were not going to make any mortgage, credit card and auto loan payments then we would bring the banking system to its knees within a short period of time. That would have a seriously negative effect on Wall Street and world markets. We then would simply ask our President, Vice President, our Congress and our Senators if they would please resign and go away. If they do not chose to resign then we sit back and wait and not pay the bills. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s peaceful. It’s non-violent. It’s something anyone can do. It’s doesn’t cost anything. It requires no effort. It’s something we already know how to do. You can even barbecue and revolt at the same time.

The second concept is based on this. When you have someone by their balls, their mind soon follows.

After they have resigned the first order of business will be amnesty, to instruct all financial institutions to forgive the missed payments and that nothing goes on any credit reports. That will alleviate any fear of participation.

I myself have stopped making my credit card payments. Therefore I would like to be the first to ask. Please Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, The Senate and Congress, will you please resign and just go away so we can rid ourselves of this corruption?

If the elitist-lawyer-ruling class doesn’t want to go peacefully then Thomas Jefferson said something else that is interesting. He said “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” To the ruling class, the tyranny that Thomas Jefferson spoke about is upon us. We are at our last resort. You have made it so.



Executive Summary

A Plan For The Lower and Middle Class Americans

Introduction: This is a strategic plan to save our country and the lower and middle class. There are two major concerns that this plan addresses. One is democracy and the other is capitalism. The one is the hope of freedom and the other is the hope of advancement. At the present time, both hopes are a memory for the lower and middle class. This plan seeks to correct that. This plan aims to make the government responsive to its people without becoming socialistic. Capitalism has to be tempered in a few areas so it does not enslave the people of the country. This plan calls for the institution of severe ethics for our elected officials to rid as much corruption out as possible and to keep it at a minimum in the future. Everyone, from Main Street to Wall Street, benefits from less corruption. This plan identifies problems in our social/economic system and offers a solution on how to correct them.

The beauty of the plan is that it will not interrupt the government’s daily affairs. There will be no disruptions of services. The Constitution will be in no jeopardy, it will be in place and enforced. The Senate and the Congress and the Administrative will remain unchanged. Democracy will be preserved. The only difference will be in how the elected officials are chosen. The Congress and Senate will be filled with randomly chosen citizens. Because of the severity of the issues involved then these bodies along with the rest of the government will hold an emergency session. That session will last as long as it takes to initiate everything entailed in this proposal. Aiding in crafting the plan will be the American people themselves.

Immediately upon retiring, the Senate and Congress will be replaced with randomly chosen citizens. We will allow a week to pick them and get them to Washington. During this week American citizens will be instructed on how to register to vote, either by phone or computer. Legal American citizens will be encouraged to participate. An arena will be commandeered. Assembled in the arena will be both the Senate and the Congress. Over head will be screens that can show the results of the voting. Each Senator and Congressperson will have a desk, a chair, a computer, a telephone and a microphone. Assistants will be provided to help. Questions concerning new legislation will be provided to the people 24 hours in advance of the voting. This will be time for discussion and decision. The people cast their votes on the various pieces of legislation or questions posed to them. The Congress and Senate get the results and then vote. If passed the administrative signs it on the spot and it’s the law. Everything will be televised. There will be total transparency.

Also in attendance will be the rest of the government including the cabinet members, the military, security, accountants from the GAO, and the federal bank chairman. As the administrative will need answers to a lot of questions, these people will be ready to respond without notice. The solution, and not the problem will be the focus.

Also in attendance will be those that are the leaders of their industries. As everyone contributed to the problem that America is in then everyone contributes to the solution. Those that run companies in the oil, financial, insurance and pharmaceutical sectors will be summoned. Attendance is mandatory. These industries will be asked to help, to offer advice, to make contributions and to make a few sacrifices to build a solid economic plan for the people. In a spirit of capitalism the administrative will ask for help from these industries. Administrative recognizes Bulls and Bears. It’s the pigs that administrative has a problem with. If they do not wish to cooperate then we will have to legislate the help. We will let the people vote on it.

The first issue that the new legislative will address is ethics in our elected officials and by the legal profession. Administrative, who will be making suggestions and interacting with the Senate and Congress on the issues will advocate the most stringent laws possible. Violating the public trust should be punished as severely as treason. Life in prison will be sought of as a deterrent. Neither politicians nor lawyers will ever govern themselves again. The elected officials and the lawyers will now be the servants of the people. This legislation will have an immediate and profoundly positive impact on this country and the people’s morale. Immediately after passing this legislation then Senate and Congress will designate a time when elections will be held again. Time will be allowed to accomplish the implementation of this plan and pass election reform legislation.

Also of note is when the present government resigns then the military and home security will go up on alert. No one is to misinterpret this as a time of weakness. The instructions to the military will be given to them in front of television cameras so everyone in the nation and the world understands what we are doing. This country will be as secure as we can make it. This is an emergency and will be treated as such. Anybody employed by the government will have to report to work. There will be no quitting, resigning or complaining. These people still have a job to do and the American people are relying and depending on them. All rules, regulations and laws will remain in tact. The Constitution will not be suspended or impeded in any way.

This plan is a simple solution to a lot of complicated problems. The American people will actively participate in cleaning up the legal profession, their government and their own social/economic issues. The following is the plan along with suggestions and questions. This plan is subject to change as the American people initiate changes and also make suggestions and ask questions.

The Strategic Plan

1. GOVERNMENT: Congress and Senate will be selected and the first session will be held one week later.

1. Selection will be randomly computer chosen. There are 3 requirements. You have to have to functional. Two you have to be an American citizen and speak English. Three you cannot be a lawyer. It will be a diverse group and will be more representative of the lower and middle class.

2. American citizens will have to register to vote via phone and computer. Special places like libraries and schools will be utilized and staffed for those that do not understand how to do it or are old or incapacitated or scared. Everyone will be encouraged to help everybody else so they can have a voice.

3. An arena like the Verizon Center will be commandeered. This will be where the entire government meets. All cabinet members, the Federal Reserve Bank chairman, accountants from the GAO, the Attorney General, military leaders. Administrative will be asking questions, getting answers and formulating a game plan to be proposed to the people to vote on. Those that know the answers have to be there. Also there will be presidents and CEO’s of the oil industry, banking system, insurance industry and others. Those that have contributed to our problems will be asked to cooperate in the solutions.

4. On the floor the Senate will be set up on one side and Congress on the other. There will be electronic boards to record the votes of the people. These statistics will be broken down by location, race, age and income. It will help us make better decisions. Everything will be live and televised. There will be total transparency. Everything will be on the up and up. There will be no doors so there will not be any closed-door meetings.

5. Questions will be posed to the American people via the television and/or computer and given 24 hours to consider and vote on them. The people then vote on each matter. The results will go on the screens and to the computers of the Senators and Congress-people. If the state says they are 50/50 on a vote then half of the Senators vote for it and half vote against it. Same with Congress-people. The decisions are then reflective of the people. We will immediately pass the legislation that the people overwhelmingly want. Those issues that the people are divided on will have to be tabled for a short time. This will allow time for more discussion and facts and it will not slow other legislation down. The process will be more reflective and quicker then is the custom.

6. Congressional and Senate voting will be done between 6PM and 11PM to make the process more accessible to the people.

2. EHTICS: The top priority on day one will be ethics reform. Will lawyers be self-policing any more? Will elected officials be self-policing any more? Can lawyers hold office? Will donations of any kind be permitted? Will violations and punishment be as severe as those for treason? Will we abolish any laws that make establishing a political party impossible? Questions like these will be asked by both the people and the congress, voted on and made into the law. The goal will be to rid deter as much government corruption as possible. The new government will operate under this new and stringent set of laws. It will set the precedent for those that will follow. These laws will also be effective for all of the elected officials in local, county and state governments. A date will be established to go back to elections for the government.

3. WAR/ENERGY /ECONOMIC RECOVERY: The goal is to rid the nation of its grip on oil without destroying the oil companies. Accomplishing this would have huge and immediate results. We will turn this into a bloodless war and give us a chance for an orderly withdraw from the Middle East. Here is the suggested plan that will be put forth in front of the American people. How about, we sign a lease with Iraq for some of the oil fields, the pipelines and the port? Our military is then immediately withdrawn from everywhere in Iraq and redeployed to protect our leased interests. A parameter will be established whereby it is impossible to harm an American soldier. The military will have what it takes to make this the most secure real estate on planet earth. We pay the Iraqi people for the oil and we bring it here for our consumption. The price of oil goes down. That means prices across the board go down. There will be more disposable income for the people. It will benefit everyone. Simultaneously and concurrently there will be a decree put out with the same fervor that went with creating the Atom bomb. That is to create an automobile that runs on electricity. The best minds in America will be summoned and a new Las Alamos will be created to develop the car that does not depend on an oil derivative. What they need, they get. The directive will be that the impossible only takes a little longer. It will be developed. America will not be denied. This will not turn into a pork project like these things have in the past. The new ethics laws will be in place and will be strictly enforced. If you do anything unethical you will do life in prison. This is a time of war and this automobile is our new weapon. At the time that America makes the transformation from gas automobiles to solar then we bring the troops home.

1. The short-term goal is to pump as much oil out of the ground, get it to port and then to America as quickly as possible. Then the tankers sail back and get more. To accomplish this wells will have to be maxed out, pipe lines built and maintained and port facilities improved. The oil companies will be asked to cooperate. They contributed to the problem. They contribute to the solution. These companies will provide the equipment and the labor for new wells, the pipelines and the port in Iraq. They will pay for it also. America provides the security.

2. The oil futures trading pit will be shut down. The cost of the oil will be determined by the cost of the lease, the cost of the transportation and a small percentage to the oil companies. Within a short period of time the price of gas will begin to come down.

3. We will pay the government of Iraq for the lease while we are there. When we withdraw from Iraq, that country will reap new and improved oil fields and facilities.

4. Automobile companies, NASA, computer companies, oil companies and individuals will be invited to participate in the development of the new automobile.

5. The immediate discussion with the oil companies will then center around the question of how can we lower the cost of a gallon of gasoline immediately? Are they willing to take a little loss here and pay with it from the huge profits they have just made? How can it be done without them or the American people getting hurt? If they do not wish to cooperate then we will put it to a vote. The people will decide it.

6. As soon as the price is reduced then all companies doing business in America will be instructed to immediately reduce their prices to reflect the lower transportation costs. Prices of staples like food will go down.

7. Reducing the prices is an attack on inflation. It will be bullish for the bond market. This is in turn is positive for interest rates which is good for the people.

4. IMMIGRATION/SECURITY: The question will be posed to the people. Should we secure the border with Mexico? If the answer is yes then the Military will be consulted with. The directive will be to make it so nothing gets across the border. The finances involved and the strategic importance of troops on the Korean border will be discussed. Redeploying these troops to our own border may be a huge savings to the American people, money that can be better spent in other areas. The next question that will be posed to the people will be should the illegal immigrants be returned to their countries? If the answer is yes then the Immigration and Naturalization departments will be summoned and the decree will be given to accomplish the task. This will be a combined effort of every law enforcement person in America. The Department of Transportation will be summoned to help.

1. This will benefit social services and the economic situation of this country.

2. Once we have stabilized the situation then a sane and responsible policy can be determined at a future date.

3. We have one currency. We should have one language?

4. The illegal immigrants being returned can learn from our revolution and take our principals back with them. They now have the tools to change their own country. They will have learned about finance and economics and a free society. Now they can take these lessons back with them and incorporate them into their own country. They will be better off for being here.

5. There will be families that will have relatives returned. It will be a loss. The goal of the grieving process is to attain acceptance of the loss. We understand that the grieving process begins with anger. You will have to apply the same acceptance that you applied when the illegal arrived; everyone knew there was a chance the immigrant would be caught and sent back. You accepted that. You will have to accept that they did get caught and are being sent back. To those that cannot accept this then there are choices. You can return with your relatives. You can be patient until the American people figure out what the solution is. You will still have free speech though to voice your disapproval. As a legal immigrant and as an American citizen then you will also have the right to vote on it. Removing the illegal immigrants will help the legal immigrants economically and socially. Economics say this will mean a higher wage for the lower and middle class worker.

5. BUDGET: The government’s will be addressed. It will be cleaned up, brought current and balanced like everyone in the lower and middle class has to do. The budget will be attacked for several reasons. The first is that American people pay for programs that are obsolete. They were created years ago and kept on the books for political reasons. The second is that there are programs on the books that are there only for pork. The third reason is that the money for the social and educational programs has to come from somewhere. The American people can no longer afford any increases to their personal budgets or their taxes. The government’s budget has to be brought under control so the people can get their own budgets under control. The money for the social and educational programs has to come from cutting the budget or money that we already have that is being spent else where. If the lower and middle class want any social programs then they will have to show where the money can come from. The fourth reason for attacking the budget is to educate the masses and to give them control of how their money is spent. The last reason is that it is very bullish for the bond market with the result being lower interest rates, which is good for the overall economy.

1. There are think tanks that already exist that have studied the budget and know what are budget items are pork, obsolete and/or a scam. They will be given time to stand in front of the congress to list these programs. There will be a large screen spreadsheet overhead so congress and America can view. On it will be the program and the projected savings. The people then will vote on it. That number then becomes what we can use to take care of deficits and/or initiate or help the social and educational standards of this country. After we have listed the number from the cuts, we can then address how to better use it or reduce the budget altogether.

2. Different options and questions will be posed to the people about the budget. One question is whether former senators and congress-people should have their pensions and other benefits discontinued? They left us a bankrupt social security, made out handsomely on our tax money and retired quite comfortably. They helped create the problem. They will help with the solution.

3. The question will be asked if legal fees should be capped out at the same price as an auto mechanic’s fees? If legal fees were capped at $75 an hour, what would be the savings to all governments everywhere? What will be the positive impact be on our economy? Small businesses? Heath care? We debate it and vote on it.

4. How about those payments to all of those foreign countries? What are they for? Why shouldn’t our money be for us first? Shouldn’t we rebuild our ghettos first before we rebuild Baghdad’s ghetto? How about America’s roads, housing and education? These are legitimate questions that will be asked and voted on.

6. HOUSING: It does no good for any party concerned to be taking back houses at this moment. It is not good for the families involved, the relatives or neighbors of those involved and does nothing positive for the banking system. Everybody participated in this one. The blame rests with the financial system, the government and the people themselves. The goal will be for the people to remain in their properties and to reestablish payments of some kind. One idea that can be asked is what happens if instead of getting a paycheck with 30% deducted for taxes that one gets a paycheck and the deduction is sent to the lending institution? The people cannot afford both deductions at this time. Could we possibly make this a zero percent loan to the people? They have to pay it back but that can be done over time. Along with the other changes the people should be able to eventually get financially on their feet to be able to afford to pay taxes and make their mortgage payment. That is the goal for the economic changes. The lending institutions will have to work with the people in restructuring the debt load so that it works for both parties.

7. BANKING: American people are not sub-prime people. American government bonds pay the lowest interest rate because they are viewed as being the most secure investment in the world. They are the most secure because they are backed by America. Therefore, it is the people that back their bonds. How is it then, that the American people are viewed as being the most credit-worthy people in the world and viewed as being sub-prime people to our banking system? Why then do the same people have to pay 20% on their credit cards when government bonds are going for 5%?

1. The goal is to provide the American people with lower interest expenses and banking fees without destroying the banking system. Should credit card interest rates be capped at 4 over prime? Should we reduce fees? Should we cap the amount of credit until the people and banking system is solvent?

2. If so, what turbulence will the financial system experience?

3. At this crucial time our banking system and our people will have to be liquid.

4. How much can the Federal Reserve Bank help?

5. Initiatives for saving have to be implemented.

8. HEALTH INSURANCE: What is the problem? Why is everything so expensive? That will require the doctors, insurance companies and lawyers to answer that question. These that helped create the problem will be instrumental in fixing it. Again, if they have a problem with this then we will answer the questions with our votes. America is not a socialist nation so the answer cannot be put entirely on the government.

10. SOCIAL ISSUES AND EDUCATION: Why doesn’t the largest and oldest capitalistic country in the world teach finance and economics in its school system? Do the educators understand economics themselves? A country that is educated in such matters will be able to keep a better eye in the future on its country’s finances and operations and implications. How is it that 30 years ago I went to school for 12 years? With the advancements, doesn’t that mean there is more for the student to learn? Do our children need more years in school? Can we achieve these goals without going over-budget? Is the bureaucracy that has been inherently a problem need dismantling? How much do we lose? How much do we gain? Why is college so expensive? Do we have to treat inner city schools as battle zones? Should we go to any length to provide safety for the children? Do we put National Guard into the hallways until law and order and civility is accomplished? What about the social problems that are engrained in the inner cities? Are these parental responsibilities or are they the nation’s problem? How far do we go in the inner city neighborhoods to bring law and order? Do we listen to the inhabitants or do we listen from the scholars from afar? What do the inhabitants want? What do the inhabitants need? It will be discussed and debated in congress and voted upon. An honest government, budget cuts combined with economic stimulus should have an immediate impact on these people. Even the invention of the solar automobile will help the inner city inhabitants. There will be no more need for expenditures in the Middle East. Money will be freed up. The government’s focus can be turned to our problems and not other country’s problems. The thinking in the past was short term in nature. The social issues and education strategy will have to be a long-term goal, which will take time to correct.

11. WALL STREET: Wall Street has to be viewed as an ally. As has been stated great care will be given to the budget and the bond market. Care will be given to not rile the markets too much. The Federal Reserve will be at Wall Street’s command at any time of the day.

1. Wall Street will benefit from an honest government and should endorse it.

2. Wall Street will see the benefits of reigning in the legal profession and its positive effect that it will have on the bottom line and will endorse it.

3. Wall Street will endorse a government that strives to balance its budget.

4. Wall Street will have no problem with a plan that gives the consumer disposable income, steady or lowering inflation and a solvent-liquid banking system.

5. An entire segment of our economy will be created with the advent of the solar powered automobile. There will many investment opportunities for Wall Street to make money.

6. The people are not without questions though. One question that has to be asked is if the markets have become too speculative? Are they more like a craps game then an investment? There are questions for the futures markets. There are also a few ethics questions.

12. TRADE AGREEMENTS: After the emergency session then there will be time to better examine this country’s trade agreements. The trade laws will be questioned and discussed. Some will be repealed.

Conclusion: When the aforementioned issues are addressed the emergency session will be over. The government will abandoned the arena and can take up residence in Washington. As these officials will not be bogged down with lobbyists and donations they will have more time to work more efficiently for the lower and middle class. They can now direct their attention to the management of the government itself. This plan lays the ground-work to have a largely honest government, to reign in and control the legal profession, get our personal and government budgets under control, provides for economic stimulus, gets the ball rolling for alternative energy, helps the environment and is the beginning of the lower and middle class getting out of involuntary servitude. It also provides a foundation for our children’s health, prosperity and welfare. This will be of the people, by the people and for the people. For the lower and middle class this is your only hope, your only option and your last chance before you are totally enslaved by the New World Order. The only opposition we the people will have is fear. It is the only thing that can stop us. Faith conquers fear. Numbers in masses conquer fear. Truth conquers fear. A Higher Power conquers fear. Chose your defense and join us. Pass it on.

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