Write Good About Bush And Bush-Bashers Stomp Feet Of Disapproval And Cry In Pain

….extremists and their radical satellites on the edge, to stump their feet of disapproval and cry in pain. edwin a. sumcad/01/26/09. —-

Fools rush in every time something positive is written about President George W. Bush. Attacks on the writer, not on what was written, come from the dark pit of anger and ignorance where enlightenment is badly needed.

By highlighting Bush’s achievements in a published editorial as he bids farewell to the nation, I “forced” Liberal extremists and their radical satellites on the edge, to stump their feet of disapproval and cry in pain!

What I actually did was forced out of their system, their greatest hidden expertise on name-calling. When I wrote about Bush’s worth in history, as if I had put Bush’s enemies under an X-Ray, to see the brilliance of their inner prejudice. Take note of the attack words they use and the art of supreme engineering in the use of foul language. They knew nothing about the issues or the subject I have brought up on Bush’s presidency except that to their credit, they have this exceptional talent to bash the singer, not the song. Now what we knew about them is confirmed that that’s only what they are really good at.

In a revolutionary mood starting from Congress, those left-leaning politicians couldn’t wait till Obama is sworn to office as president to get rid of Bush and the Federal Reserve while the present financial bailout brouhaha continues to get into the people’s nerves. They exploit this financial debacle by scraping the flesh from the bone of contention, to nourish their agenda of change to nowhere.

Know-nothing Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and good for nothing Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse [D-RI] who is probably eyeing the White House in the event President Obama is declared an illegal alien, and House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers [D-MI] who has been accused of corruption for using his staff to do household errands, even threatened to investigate the imagined “crimes” of the former president and vice president, arrest them and send them to jail as an act of vengeance now that they are ordinary civilians! This is far from just being foolish … in Literature, it reminds us of Don Quixote’s uncontrollable madness!

But I assure you that doing this despicable mean-spiritedness to Bush is not as easy as using a toilet paper to wipe the soils off their behind.

Consider for instance the fact that so many attitudinal judgments have been written about on outgoing presidents. Some are kind, some are harsh. In Bush’s case, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion about the man who had served this country as president in good and bad times.

But what has been established is that Bush-haters were intolerant of others who want to express their appreciation of the good deeds of the former president. The writer ends up being abused by Bush-bashers in the same way they have been abusing Bush these past years without mercy.

Author-abuse is a favorite pastime of angry fools when they rush in to vilify. Just because in an editorial the writer mentioned Bush as an outgoing president who was leaving a legacy of his own to be judged by history — a bequest that changed the political dynamics of the Middle East and that he had embarrassed the radical Left by putting Al Qaeda terrorists on the run since 9/11 – radicals thought that the writer was in the payroll of President Bush. They forgot that in this country, there are journalists that cannot be bought.

The first thought that comes to mind: Does this also mean that these angry guys who hate Bush is in the payroll of Obama and Bill Ayers, the rich socialist American bomber who does not only want to change America but also to get the likes of Bush quickly out of the White House?

The logic behind this hostility is hellish as if it came down to public attention from another planet. It is dark and to say the kindest, retarded. It needs light, and as it was written in a popular song, in summer the roses need the rain to bloom.

In securing the lives of Americans from terror, Bush became an unpopular president. Records show that through Congress, terror was forced into a straitjacket, so to speak. Liberal extremists exploited their opposition to this to the hilt. For political expediency, Liberal terrorist sympathizers started their campaign to demonize Bush, especially when terror was deprived of freedom to do their nefarious activities to murder Americans and bomb buildings to smithereens.

This guy who had just left the White House and with his family is now in Texas back to private life, took all the blows: It is heartrending to picture Bush as a cartoon character whose eyes are blackened by the mean-spiritedness of those who hated him deep down the marrow of their bones, his face swollen beyond recognition by too much political punching, and beaten to a pulp, his reputation ruined beyond repair.

And yet in this outgoing president’s farewell address, there was no sign of hostility ever shown that would betray his anger or animosity towards his political crucifiers.

Up to the last breath of his presidency, Bush was a gentleman through and through; he was much larger and too great to pay attention to a bunch of flies in the ointment that wound his skin and from those wounds suck his spirit away in the political arena for a living. What I have observed in the heat of the recently celebrated, most expensive presidential inauguration in history, was crystal clear: While Obama was the toast of the town, Bush was the man of the day!

As president, Bush may have several foul-ups – name me any U.S. president who haven’t – or may have made many unpopular decisions that turned many angry Americans into a frightening gang of badmouthing zombies, so bad that those who hated him the most are, like cannibalistic savages, justified in bashing his brain out for a ceremonial feast of the damned in a feeding frenzy.

And yet think about it … hardly can it be denied that up to his last day in office, Bush saw to it that terror was not able to stage any single attack since 9/11 as he guaranteed the safety of all Americans under his charge while he was the president of the United States.

Nonetheless, the radical Media is cruel and thankless. It betrayed President Bush for sponsoring this haunting of his presidency. Liberal publications, with leftist writers celebrating the rise of a black president with a professional partnership with the notorious American bomber, and whose association and friendship with a real estate hoodlum in Chicago had been publicized not too long ago, have a field day in sweeping Bush’s legacy with ill will and malice, to the dustbin of history.

This malevolence attitude of the Media towards Bush and his badly battered administration had even intensified recently. The public had a bad impression of the Media that the Left had taken over especially during the last election. It trumped objectivity and supported a change for America towards a socialist democracy.

But not all journalists were routed in this tsunami of political bias towards ideological change the Obama cult believed is good for the country. To me it is delusional. Still there are journalist who are holding the fort of free journalism although they might have dwindled to only a remaining finger-countable few.

This fewer journalists are free to write about what they think of President Bush and how Americans beat terror because of Bush. In doing so, they brave the condemnation of the intolerant Left and the disapproval of their publicly organized anti-Bush satellites that do not allow anything good said about Bush.

Any writer who writes favorably about the hated Bush ends up being hated as well. I share the flak for being one of those sentinels of free journalism throughout those contentious years when the political horizon is dark, and politics is sinister while internationally organized terrorists and the enemy within that support and protect them threaten the land.

In this regard, I ran out of brake fluid to slow down Bush bangers in limbo who spit their bias up in the sky and catch them on their face.

What I am really afraid of is that those in self-denial of how Bush saved this nation from terror may just be waiting for their Waterloo to come anytime, whichthey justly deserved.

It could be a dirty bomb that could wipe out the whole of New York or Los Angeles, and turn more than half of the population of the United States into a large community of the living dead – God forbids! #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS January 26, 2009.

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