William P. Barr – Is The Attorney-General …

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

… Leaving A Landmark In U.S. History?

As an extraordinary American that he is, Donald Trump is the only U.S. President who had so far carved his name in stone in such a unique way since the American Revolution of 1765-1783 after George Washington, and thereafter since the 1861-1865 Civil War after Abraham Lincoln, as he leads a Trumpist Movement of Reform across the globe, starting right here in the United States where at the same time he is also “draining the swamp” to cleanse the country of two-legged worms and termites that erode the foundation of our society, especially in politics and in our American value system where our American way of life is being altered and changed by the Left. Even our historical heritage, including our archival monuments, are being spat on a mouthful of hateful invectives, statues defaced, flattened to the ground, kicked, stomped on, smashed and destroyed with uncontrollable rage because of their hatred of President Trump.

Against all these, Trump is leaving an indelible mark in U.S. history that could never be forgotten in many generations to come. Refer to what he had done so quickly as President — barely within half of his first term in office — and is still doing and will continue to do, for as long as he is President, to ultimately make this country the greatest nation on the planet.

In the world of legalism, specifically in the field of law enforcement and legal discipline, the only U.S. Attorney-General who like Trump has an appointment with history, which means the rare opportunity to join the status of exceptional figures the likes of President Trump and our revered Founding Fathers that the American people had memorialized, and will continue to do so till the end of time, is William P. Barr, the current Attorney-General of the United States.

The Herculean task and challenge in the arena of legal discipline and law enforcement — which by the way right now Barr, the nation’s gladiator Attorney-General has to do battle and win convincingly after the Mueller report has been released showing that President Trump has been falsely accused of impeachable crimes, i.e. Russian collusion, obstruction of justice and others, and even falsely accused of treason calling him “traitor” to his country — is to investigate and prosecute those involved in this travesty of justice, in this scam and despicable hoax . . . in this huge national scandal which in comparison makes the size of the Watergate no bigger than just a drop in the bucket.

This wicked attempt to unseat a duly elected President of the United States is an infamy of historic proportion because the venality and criminality involved are beyond comparison. It was actually a coup that was wickedly plotted and covertly operated by the Obama intelligence community consisting of a group of unelected bureaucrats who acted in concert against a sitting President of the United States.

The immediate objective of the Barr investigation is to indict and prosecute those villains of the underworld, and imposed a stiff jail sentence and/or penalty that would serve as a deterrent to similar silent coup within the Executive branch of the government aided by anti-Trump accomplices in Congress and the Judiciary, from occurring in the future.

Why that exemplified deterrent is so gravely called for and desperately needed, cannot be overemphasized. It is for the survival of this nation under siege because it is being attacked by un-American elements wanting to change the United States of America and alter the American way of life, i.e., change this country from free enterprise Capitalism to radical Socialism of the left, which would break up and shatter like a broken glass because this nation is being changed into something else it could never be.

I say that the deterrent against such silent coup to ever take place again is so critically important that it is now up to the incumbent Attorney-General if he is determined enough to fight for it and save this nation from imploding within. That’s how critical this responsibility is . . . this is how heavy this big task is that weigh upon the shoulder of Attorney-General Barr.

For, the next elected President of the United States that could be victimized by a similar coup attempt might not be as strong and resolute enough as President Trump has always been to thwart those vicious and powerful attacks on the President’s person, his family and the presidency, and badly destabilized, the country is pushed into the precipice of chaos and turmoil that could end up in a horrific bloodbath similar to the 1961-1865 American Civil War.

If in this battle against the elements of the underworld Barr comes out victorious, then he shall have made good his appointment with history because in that sense he hits a homerun with his destiny. He will become a venerable Attorney-General of the United States worthy of a monument the American people will erect in his name.

The question one might ask is if Barr wants this laurel on his head or not tends to be irrelevant. It has nothing to do with what Barr wants, but what he will do for the country.

From the dark side, Speaker Pelosi and the radical left, some of them Senators running for President of the United States in the coming 2020 presidential election, wanted to silence Barr, and if they can, put him away because they really believed their own false narrative to get the attention of the American people telling them that he had lied to Congress and therefore should be arrested and thrown to jail. Such delusion is not even a second’s worth of any American’s attention and therefore not only irrelevant but also extremely immaterial to Barr’s opportunity to become a national hero.

In chronicling historical phenomena that are taking place – as we the American people ourselves are witnesses to those transpiring events right now — I always try to avoid writing as a lawyer, and rather be just a journalist, editorial writing being my tour de force having stayed for almost fifty years in the business of literature and journalism as well as philosophy and letters. At the same time I have also written a lot of legal briefs to the courts of law that even went up to the highest court of the land, but if you are writing an editorial report not to the court of law but to the court of public opinion, let’s not forget that the people reading it are not in black robes seated around the bench but ordinary people in any place wherever they are.

But this time I will make it as an exception: I will write this piece both as a lawyer and as an editorial writer. A lot of the Democrat Senators in the Senate Judiciary Committee had abused and maligned Attorney-General Barr during the recently concluded Senate hearing. Most of them are lawyers, and only another lawyer can expose their ignorance, their bias, deception and lying, to the American public. They cannot continue to fool the American people. They should be exposed, and expose we should as many of them as much as we can, even if for some reasons, we cannot unhood or unveil, all of them.

For clarity of purpose in contrasting them in the dichotomy of good and evil, let us name those warlords of darkness from the left that are against President Trump the American people elected to office and the government he runs, as I already named them, as the underworld or the mob.

Let’s start with Senators and Representatives from the underworld politics of the left that confront the Attorney-General with arrest and jail term if he will not release the unredacted part of the Mueller report. I will identify six of them – they are all Democrats, some called them “Demorats”, for the American public to know so that millions of Americans reading this expose’ in the Web should be forewarned:

Sen. Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader; Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Chairman of the House Committee on Judiciary; Rep. Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the House Committee of Oversight and Reform; Rep. Adam Schiff, Chairman of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence; Rep. Maxine Waters, Chairperson of House Committee on Financial Services; Richard Neal, Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, and Eliot Engel, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

This mob signed a Senate Resolution forcing Barr to hand over to them the unredacted part of the Mueller report. Barr said no – not possible. And rightly so.

Mitchell McConnell Jr, Senate Majority Leader, blocked this Resolution. Like Barr, McConnell knew the legal inhibition why the redacted portion cannot be released to Congress or disclose to the public.

Of the six mobs in Congress who signed the Resolution, all of them are lawyers except Watters and Neal. These two mobsters had been identified as “teachers” in their previous life, not lawyers. Unfamiliar with the legal underpinnings of laws and regulations that lawyers studied in law school, Waters and Neal were maybe legally “ignorant” when they joined the request of their co-conspirators for the release of the redacted document that by law cannot be released.

Since they are attorneys, my good faith assumption is that as lawyers the mob (with the two exceptions) know why their rude and threatening request for the release of the redacted document cannot be complied with by the Attorney-General. In their freaking mind, if Barr complies, he will go to jail by breaking the law. If Barr refuses, in their mind that went bonkers, he will be guilty of congressional contempt and will go to jail. Smart guy this Barr is compared to his low IQ molesters.

I clapped my hands in standing ovation when Barr said in a way to the congressional mob in the House of Representatives, no thank you for your invitation for me to appear before you to be interrogated by your legal underlings because you are not capable of doing it yourselves. Do your television show alone by yourselves and take me out of it — your show, not mine.

Not for a second did I entertain the idea at all that the mob thinks that Barr is stupid either. Neither do I succumb to the idea that the mob lawyers have a brain of a donkey because all of them had passed the BAR.

Ergo, if we give the mob the benefit of the doubt that their brain is better than of a donkey, only a mean intention or mala fede intenciones drove the mob to do what donkeys do. And for them to treat the American people like they are Chimpanzee as well who cannot understand what they are doing, it is time for the American people to say to this mob like what in the proverb the bad turtle (the mob) said to the monkey (the American people) the turtle thought was dumb. Monkey to the turtle: Hey buddy, you claim you will look pretty if you turn red when I throw you into the fire, but no baby, that’s not true – you will be dead!
This is an explicit way of telling the mob and their leftish associates in the underworld that we the American people knew exactly what they are doing. They can fool us sometimes, but not all the time.

As a lawyer myself, I know Barr is a tough hombre in law. He is not a weakling like the former Attorney-General Jeff Sessions who did not know how to stop an impending special counsel inquiry based on false accusation of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice against the President of the United States. If Sessions had Barr’s knowledge and wisdom as Attorney-General and had a backbone stronger than that of a jellyfish, he could have stopped the false accusation levelled against the President of the United States he had sworn to protect, and there would have been no Mueller report, no blood in the tears of remorse among the divided American people who cried their pain and anger against each other for two years, and more than $30 million tax money that went down the drain could have gone to Speaker Pelosi’s district to alleviate the worsening condition of thousands of homeless living on dirt and drugs along the dumpsite corners of the streets and dark alleys of San Francisco.

Now the lawyer part of me would like to throw in this legal enlightenment to the congressional mob who graduated in law school, and yet they are like those exceptional South Africans found in the “Misperception Index” study released in 2017 as “the most ignorant” people in the world. “Ignorant” was defined as “a general lack of awareness or knowledge.”

But I would simply describe the legalese mob of Congress I am referring to as in anyway rude and dumb.

By law the redacted portion of the Mueller report cannot be released to Congress or public because of “governmental evidentiary privilege” prescribed in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Evidence (see also McClelland v. Andrus, and Association for Women in Science v. Califano, 566 F.2d 339, D.C. cir. 1977).

Those privileges “protect the ability of the Executive Branch to discharge its duties under the Constitution and the laws of the United States,” supra, preceding paragraph. Its analogues are in the “Freedom of Information Act”, exceptions 6 and 7, 5 U.S.C. secs. 552(b)(6)(7), shielding the redacted portion of the document from disclosure to the public.
Those privileges consist of the following:

The Informant’s Privilege – protects informants.

The Law Enforcement Investigatory Files Privilege – protects information in the files to facilitate the government’s law enforcement process.

Most important point to consider if and when the Executive Branch of the government invokes those evidentiary privileges and there is a challenge, the resolution of the conflict is reserved to the court of law, not to Congress.

Let this spotlight on Attorney-General Barr illuminates the foggy and shady minds of nincompoops of the BAR that by the stroke of lightnings from Hades happened to be elected to the U.S. Congress. #

©Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access nationalwriterssyndicate.com May 6, 2019.

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