What Will It Take To “Shock” America?

by George Weir –

I suppose that we have all been awakened by some (unexpected occurrence) or an (unexpected or unexplained mishap), something that seems to alter or redefine our outlook and has left us feeling painfully in a state of total (shock).   Beginning this year, 2014, every school in America with the exception of Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas will have adopted the new (Common Core), an educational program which will lump all student into the communistic  and universal standard and federal interference that will enviably result in the governmental control of our state and local school districts, which in due time will drive out any impute from the parents and local school boards, leaving the education and mind control into the hands of the powers that be, resulting into a self serving and controlling interest of those in the greater power to pick and choose the direction that will be in the interest of the students leaving their happiness and ambitions out of the equations, but what is best for the state.

2014 is without any doubt ushering in a nation which has found itself divided and torn by corrupt government, and the people have seen that this same government has seen fit to wage war against their rights as a free people.   And as a free people, one of the most trusted freedoms is the right to raise and educate their children as they see fit, but to many Americans they see this right slipping from their grasp.  It seems as if a government that believes the government is the answer to all problems, also believe that through the Department of Education all the problems that confront the education of our youth will be solved for the good of all concerned.

Has the government taken the role of being a big brother and it’s their responsibility to see to it that the children get off to school and see to it that the studies which the children are studying will propel them into a career in which the government believes will be beneficial to the student and all society.

In recent years there has been absents of parental guidance from the parents, many of the parents in America seem to take little to none responsibility in the education of their children, will they someday wake up to the fact that the government has replaced their importance in the very behavior and morality of their children,..Would this shock America?

Even before the Continental Congress adopted our Declaration of Independence the early colonies were intent on establishing a Nation in which they could have the freedom to worship according to the dictates of their heart, and to have commerce and trade without any influence from any foreign nations friendly or unfriendly, also they were willing to give their blood and fortunes for the freedom to raise their family’s in the traditions and the moral teaching of their fathers, and these traditions included hard work and self-reliance, and a sense of community education is which the parents set the rules of learning.

I realize that America has grown from the colonies on the east coast into a nation of 300+ million people, and that Americans can fly from coast to coast in a matter of a few hours, and that America has put man on the moon, yes we have come a long way, we are now a nation that the early settlers would in no way recognize, and I’m wondering more very day if this is the America that our founding father envisioned when signing the Declaration of Independence, and would they be shocked to see a government that is intent on the total dismantling of all freedoms and traditions that America has enjoyed throughout these many years, and replacing them with a government that is attempting to re-write the constitution to suit their own ambitions , yes they would be shocked!

The education of children isn’t just reading, writing and arithmetic, school also has the mandate to teach character, honesty, leadership, and the ability to think and to reason, but, the ability to be a student must be taught at home.

One would expect that our youth would receive some guidance from the leaders of this great nation as generations have in the past, but apparently this administration which has problems even balancing their own books, and can’t even get a decent health care packet for their citizens has now decided they should be the ones teaching our youth through what is known as (common core).

Is it possible that some day into the future parents will wonder where the talents and ambitions of their children have taken them?  The son that dreamed of being a coach, but the government decided that his talents would be put to better use in another field, Or possibly the child that was chosen for some field in higher math, while showing a great deal of interest in the love of his life, (music).

This is the land of liberty, the liberty to dream, the liberty to explore, the liberty to follow the path of one talents, but, and as of now, this liberty stays intact, but I fear that through governmental involvement in the education of our youth this liberty may become a thing of the past.

This federally backed standards initiative was proposed by the nation’s governors and educators association, and seeks to impose a national standard for achievement among K-12 students.  This  will be another example of jumping before looking, which shouldn’t be any great surprise, the government is famous for jumping into something without thinking about the end results, or the cost.

States will spend up to an estimate of $10 billion up front, then as much as $800 million per year for the first seven years that the boondogel of education is up and running.  Yes common core textbooks and curriculum, also the training of teachers, this will surly cost the states a bundle of money trying to indoctrinate the unsuspecting parents of their takeover of the education system that has served the nation well for years, and has produced some of the most brilliant mind this world has ever seen.

But will the parent at some point be shocked when they find that their children have been subjected to a form of mind control, and that the liberty of decision has been taken from them in order to fulfill the requirement of the government that has decided that these children shouldn’t have any dreams, but only the dreams of the supreme state.

I’m sure that parents, under the heavy hand of communism suddenly was awakened by the fact that their children were being subjected to the brainwashing of the state, and were (shocked) but to late.

But for America, there is time.  There is no one that can better educate the children that will someday be running this great nation than the local school board and the parents.

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