Why This Jewish Rabbi Is Proud To Be An American Nationalist

by Aryeh Spero –

Our country was founded on ‘moral and workable principles and has provided more fair pay, opportunity, and decency’ than any other nation

The grilling by Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) of conservative activist Candace Owens during her testimony on April 9 in front of the House Judiciary Committee was yet another demonstration of how most liberals and Democrats equate nationalism with fascism.

The topic was white nationalism — yet Lieu insisted that Owens, who is black, is somehow enamored with Hitler because she possesses the cardinal sin of being a nationalist.

While Lieu’s assertion regarding Owens was viewed by many as ludicrous, most within liberal precincts share the belief that an American white person who is a nationalist is a “white nationalist,” something loathsome and dangerous.

Critics within the U.S. have similarly assailed President Donald Trump over his enthusiastic endorsement of the concept of American nationalism. Many NeverTrumpers and neo-cons are in the forefront of this, charging that nationalism in America equals white supremacy, a forerunner to Nazism.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Loving America is a good thing inasmuch as America is a good country. As with any institution (including marriage and family), nothing is perfect; but America was founded on highly moral and workable principles and has consistently provided more fair pay, opportunity, and decency than any country in the history of the world.

America is the first choice for those around the world seeking a haven or a place to find work and dignity, and it deserves to be loved. It is a badge of honor to identify with America as a nation. …………………| April 23, 2019


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