Why The Decline In America Please Explain Mr. President

by Doc Vega –

In considering that the US has lost 8.5 million jobs since 2009 and the present Obama White House continually applauds itself over meager employment increases when many have pointed out that our erroneous Department of Labor statistics don’t tell the whole truth. So, many of us would like an explanation. What President of this great nation we call America could possibly justify the decline of our economy and worldwide prowess, saying that we need to give other nations a chance to emerge? The entire world has felt the ominous grip of the US downfall as our consumption and trade have benefited many.

How do Americans condone failure?

It is hard to peer into the mindset of a Congress and two party system, both supposedly dedicated to the good of the American people, and yet, both overlooked the proper and Constitutional vetting of one Barack Hussein Obama. At the very least, a controversial and seemingly unpatriotic presidential candidate was allowed to rise to the top, and immediately cause turbulence within our national and domestic affairs. I won’t even go into the fact that it took a sheriff’s voluntary investigative group to gather evidence that our President forged his very own birth certificate, and no action has been taken by the federal courts or prosecutors to uphold the law. Why?

News that lies

With a complicit US mainstream media, who have solidly demonstrated their leftist leanings and do nothing more than repeat the news stories that the White House dictates to them, we more than a conflict of interests here. When one of the biggest stories to grace the pages of modern day journalism is not only ignored, blacked out, and even explained away as just one more wacko conspiracy theory, you can be assured something is terribly wrong deep within our government. And, nobody cares to do anything about it. Do we have a cowardly Congress who just don’t want to rock the boat? Do we have a large group of liberal appointee judges who simply won’t oppose the hand that fed them so they refuse to uphold the law? Or is it even worse than that? There is evidence that TV stations, radio stations, news celebrities, and even judges have been threatened and have even had their family’s lives threatened if the truth were to come out.

A long trail of corpses

There are many corroborating reports made by individuals who fear for their lives, but have come forward, none the less, to testify that indeed there has been a campaign of intimidation waged against those who would stand in the way of Barack Hussein Obama in his bid for the Presidency. There are also a long list of victims killed in brutal fashion, who have died under questionable circumstances in their opposition to Barack Obama. But, before we get into this realm of exposure, let us address one confounding question. Why would anyone, who was an American, want to see this nation in decline and disarray? The answers might not only amaze you, also shock you as to who these persons might be.

Early secret influences to covertly change America

Many people are unaware that a concerted effort to force the US under Communist influence was made early in the twentieth century. Many of the influential and rich families who controlled oil, the railroads, banking, and had seemingly contributed millions to such educational trusts as the Carnegie Endowment, Ford Foundation, and Rockefeller foundation were secretly operating under an ominous agenda. What we now define as the true motive behind globalism today was in 1906 to cause a merger between western culture and Russian Marxism. President Woodrow Wilson, a committed progressive, sought to appease this hidden agenda. Government funded public classrooms were intentionally injected with the values of socialism presented in a positive light.
The millionaire families behind this scheme wanted a dumbed down population of farmers, blue collar workers, and low level skilled individuals instead of crucial thinkers who could perceive the web being weaved around them. Artists, writers, philosophers, and astute persons who could become effective opposition were discouraged if possible. Students who had just graduated were employed to rewrite history reflecting favorably on socialist aspects in US society. A subtle transformation was being waged by the very millionaires who had made their fortunes thanks to the free enterprise and capitalistic principles within the American heritage, but it contradicted those very values.

Under President Wilson the future of America was cursed

Under President Woodrow Wilson, some of the most egregious changes ever to forever curse the American landscape of freedom and economic prosperity were instigated under clandestine methods. In 1913 thanks to the deceptive work of Secretary of State, Philander Knox, a vote was taken on a federal income tax being enacted. Like many recess appointments the vote was taken during Christmas vacation while the majority of lawmakers were gone from Capitol Hill. As the votes were taken, many of the state representatives voted “Pass” which did not imply approve, but meant that the matter was to be delayed for further consideration, yet Philander Knox included these responses as approvals. Years later in 1999 on a special C-Span broadcast on the illegality of income tax Revenue Officer, William Benson, revealed that he had in his possession numerous sealed documents to prove his allegations that the present tax code had been illegally voted into law.

History teaches us conspiracies do happen

According to Norman Dodd, who investigated these tax exempt, educational trusts, President Wilson was actually ordered to get the United States into a brief war in order to accelerate social change. Under the auspices of the Reece Committee Congressional investigations on UN-American activities, Norman Dodd headed an investigation that revealed a shocking, wide ranging, conspiracy to convert the American economic and political system into a socialist model much like the Soviet Union. This occurred in 1953, but while Dodd’s revelations were enlightening, Democratic opposition his work became insurmountable. At one point, Dodd was interrupted 250 times by objections as he tried to make his testimony on findings public in Congress. Somehow, this ominous attack upon America was kept from the purview of the American people thanks to the Democratic Party.

So, as we ponder who or why there would be people that would undermine America and what their motives could possibly be, history already offers answers to the existence of earlier efforts to transform this nation into a paradigm never intended by our forefathers and in direct conflict with our Constitution. By these shocking historical revelations we now know that a well-organized and supported effort was already underway leading to the very conflicts and convoluted reasoning that perplexes us to the modern day. By understanding this you will know on whose side your President stands on, and exactly what his warped agenda is all about.

US news networks enable the destruction to our heritage

The US media has been a steady and reliable companion to all efforts leftist and liberal in America. They have demonized well intentioned and competent conservatives and their organizations. Using nothing but lies and ridicule the voices of such patriots as Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society who, made incredibly accurate predictions on the intended downfall of America and how it would be implemented along with who would be orchestrating this insidious influence have been ignored. Welch, with uncanny accuracy in a 1958 speech, outlined the exact methods that would be used to compromise this country and cause an economic meltdown at the same time. Were those warnings ever heeded? No, they were only heard by a few as the American press has effectively marginalized the good efforts of such men as Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and even former President Ronald Reagan, who conducted the most massive economic recovery in American history creating more than 20 million jobs.

A White House that refuses to fix the economy

Today when we look at the twisted agenda of President Obama, who seems oblivious to sound economic strategy, and wants the government in a costly and suffocating capacity, to be at the center of all economic decisions, we see Communist doctrine of Marxism being unfurled under a slick marketing campaign of lies and distortions. When the Reagan plan succeeded with speed, results, and proficiency, why have Democrats turned their backs on the lessons of history? Why when nationalized healthcare has caused governments to undergo massive fiscal crisis have President Obama and the Democrats persisted in legislating a historically proven failure?

Is it your ineptitude Mister President or just your ideology?

The truth is that a regime like the Obama administration does not want a recovery that proves their strategy wrong. They pursue the voter support of those who want massive government aid, the high taxes that come with it, which they won’t be paying for, and the huge welfare state that will be funded by regulation and infrastructure that supports it. Jobs generated by government agencies become the source of the taxpayer burden, but the President tells you it’s economic stimulus. In order for a government of unprecedented size and draconian regulation to be voted into existence over the former greatness of America’s heritage, a campaign of lies must continually be waged. This is why President Obama must continually campaign on every deficit creating policy he advocates in order for the lies to be embraced by low information voters who still don’t know that the US mass media has long been compromised.

Wake up to reality by asking these questions

If you doubt that unseen influences have compromised the US government, ask yourself why historically proven remedies such as Ronald Reagan’s economic recovery have been ignore. Ask yourself why investigations of the President’s forged federal ID documents have been blacked out by mainstream media coverage, branded as conspiratory, and the credibility of the investigators such as Mike Zullo and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have been questioned. Ask yourself if it really was a tragic natural death that silenced Andrew Breitbart just hours before he was about to release much evidence he warned would hurt President Obama’s chances of re-election. Ask yourself why Breitbart’s forensics examiner died of a mysterious poisoning, and why the only witness to Andrew’s death, an employee at the restaurant bar that the conservative journalist had just left, vanished into thin air!

A sad realization

It would seem to this writer that any person who pursues the truth, any story that merits further consideration, and any proof that exposes the government and its officials for law breaking, automatically is dismissed by the mainstream media as a conspiracy! This is what our nation and its government has degenerated into, and American citizens are asleep at the wheel. Either too besieged with a bad economy or too distracted with lousy public education and the brainless content of the US media. They are incapable of participating in the outrage it takes to force their representatives to respond, and they have gotten what they apparently deserve.

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