Why Not Have A Martian For President?

… everybody’s primary will represent either a committed or non-committed Electoral College vote in November.

So far, we have had a Caucus in

Iowa and a proportionate vote in

New Hampshire.

Next week we will have a “Winner takes all” in

South Carolina. Then on to

Florida, etc!

The number of electoral votes involved in each state, so far, is:

Iowa: 6 Electoral Votes – 25% = 1.5; 21% = 1.25

New Hampshire: 4 Electoral Votes – 40% of 4 = 1.6; 25% of 4 = 1; 9% of 4 = 0.36 or close to 1/3 of a person.

South Carolina:9 Electoral Votes

All the excitement the Lame Stream Media has whipped up is over a total, so far of 10 electoral votes. By Next week, it will have swelled to 19.

South Carolina has 9 votes for the 4 or 5 “Front runners” to fight over because it is a 100% state, meaning all the votes in the primary go to 1 candidate.

Right now, the Lame Stream Media (LSM) is all hyped up about Romney’s big wins in Both Iowa and

New Hampshire. That means he may have as many as 3.1 Electoral votes out of the 280 needed to be nominated President in November.

In 2007 and 08 many people suspected that Barrack Hussein Obama was not, either who he claimed to be, not from this country, or, at least, not a Natural Born Citizen, as it calls for in The Constitution for The United States of America, but he was elected mostly on hype, change, use of a tele-prompter, and no desire of a lot of the voters to have another “George Bush” or, even a war hero.

That was about the flakiest election I can remember, and my memory of elections goes back to the 1944 triumph of FDR and, “You can’t change horses in the middle of the stream!”, a WWII campaign slogan used extensively by FDR, even though WWII was so close to being won that my dad, who had been in Eisenhower’s G-2 HQ figuring out the Battle Strength of the German Army we would meet on D-Day.

Well, D-Day was June 6th, and by November of that year, everyone was fairly certain the war would be over soon enough to assure any soldier who wanted to run for office in the 1944 election he would be home to fulfill his office if he won.

It seems every Congressman and everybody else in


D.C., and anybody who reads what’s on The Internet these days knows that Barrack Hussein Obama has committed Election Fraud and Forgery, and thumbs his nose at anyone who might suggest he is ineligible to be President.

Since he has been in office, he, on many occasions has committed what is tantamount to Treason and, “Other High Crimes” which I won’t go into here, but, only to say that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse is about to present “History making evidence” re the eligibility of Obama and a Judge in Georgia and judges in 3 other will hearcases, (3 in Georgia) starting January 26, 2012 regarding Obama and his eligibility according to The Constitution and the Supreme Court Precedent in Minor vs Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875) which establishes that the meaning of A Natural Born Citizen, which is one of the requirements for being President found in The Constitution is a person born in this country with BOTH the mother AND the father being citizens at the time of the Candidate’s birth.

Everybody knows, and he has admitted it himself, that Obama fails this test miserably, since his father never was a citizen.

If Obama finishes even one term as President, according to “Legal precedent experts”, it could mean that anyone from anywhere, even from Mars, if he met the other requirements, could become president of The United States in the future… meaning now!

A few conservative voters, so far, have their suspicions, that, along with being a member of the Secret Society called The Tri-Lateral Commission, a creation of The United Nations, and in favor of a “New World Order”, calling for abandoning borders between nations, for one thing, Mitt Romney, so far a “Front Runner” in the Primary election madness may not have 2 parents who were American Citizens at the time of his birth, due to the fact that their parents were in Mexico at the times of their births, and so far, Mr. Romney has not even been asked by anyone for clarification on this.

Would the American public even care if their president was a Martian?

Everybody in Iowa and New Hampshire were concerned with, Jobs, theeconomy, orWho can beat Obama in a general election showdown, but no one haseven mentionedin public or in The Media, that ObamaMay not even be permitted to run in some states this fall…!

What about Romney?

Why are not the minimum Constitutional Requirements to even run for the Presidency of These United States even required to be shown at the moment one files his/her papers in each state?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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