Who Was Recently Harassed By FBI – Poker Face The Band

Why? Because patriotic groups play their music !!! The Hutaree 9. But ‘gangsta Rap’ Oh that’s OK?

Poker Face has been dubbed the leading truth/freedom band in the Union. Through the use of various multi-media sources, this four piece band has made it their mission to expose the lies & scandals coming out the Union’s Capitol. With a sound that is unmistakably their own, Poker Face mixes a variety of styles & orchestrations to take you on a true musical journey, while keeping their roots firmly planted in the melodic classic rock stylings of Boston & Pink Floyd.

The information contained within the Sex, Lies and Politiks album is an in-depth look into the conspiracies and cover-ups committed by a government that serves the agendas of money hungry elitists the control the world, hell bent on domination of the human race.

The journey of exposure continues with the driving tunes on the latest album: PEACE OR WAR. Poker Face has released this new musically-explosive CD January 2010.


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Poker Face Press release:

Update: Poker Face Press Release April 3rd 2010

Poker Faces Press Release regarding the HUTAREE

Earlier in the week of March 28th 2010 At the present time, Poker Face has no comment on the situation developing/unfolding with the Hutaree folks.

But given the governments track record against we the free, it makes us suspect

government motives first, not the Hutaree.

For those interested in finding out where Poker Face is playing next, please send us an email with NEWSLETTER in the subject line to: pokerface@pokerface.com

We pray that cooler heads prevail, and we are talking about ALL sides.

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