Who Cares About the NAU ~ If You Can’t Lick ’em, Join ’em!

Dear Dr. Peterson:

Your article [Treason Abounds ~ Gov't Cabal Plots North American Union]is very compelling, well researched and I believe all it reports.

Ihave been interested in the concept of the New World Order since I heard the newly elected yet uninaugurated Ronald Reagan, in the Fall of 1980, give his first press conference where he mentioned the "New World Order."

He actually gave televised speeches on his perceived need fora borderless union of the entire Western Hemisphere. He justified the need based on the coming European Economic Community and the massive wealth through stolen technology and cheap labor, which had arisen in the Asian Pacific Rim. No one blinked, except maybe me. Buteven I understood why he felt it necessary. As a nation, we were losing our wealth and nuclear position rapidly. The rest of the world, particularly China and India, were closing fast on us and without consolidating, America would be overwhelmed. In other words, outrage at our loss of sovereignty was a luxury America just could not sustain. Isolationism in the nuclear bomb age and growing cheap labor markets just would not work for us. Essentially what he was saying is that the world was about to bury us unless weformed the Western Hemisphere union and worked with the other two spheres of influence toward a New World Order.

I have used the Internet extensively and read books and articles on globalization/NWO. I have a Google alert set up to email me any references to New World Order. That's how I found your articleposted on the American Chronicle website.

As a decorated VietnamWar Army Officer, I didn't like the concept of loss of sovereignty. But I also have 5 minors in human behavioral science and a Doctorate degree in what controls human behavior… law. I came to realize that in order to avoid extinction of our species, we would have to drop the tribalism/nationalism/theocratic/pee-on-our-border primal instincts and become one world government. Otherwise, America would surely perish and eventually the whole world would perish through mutual mass destruction. This inevitable end is far worse than one-world sovereignty.

I came to realize that the world was actually being saved by globalization and economic interdependence. When any one ticked off nuclear country could end it all in a flash, foreign investment would defer, then eliminate, such a tragedy.

So it boils down to "if you can't lick 'em, join 'em." I know that sounds lame and cowardly but it is the actual "writing on the wall." For example, China graduated 600,000 engineers in 2006, India graduated 350,000. We here in the U.S. graduated a measly 72,000. How are you going to maintain US sovereignty under that onslaught? Malthusian theories of controlling populations through war, famine and disease just don't work in an intercontinental ballistic missile world. So the Beehive model (NWO) is our only real hope.

You encourage us in your article to stop NWO by becoming the government ourselves. Not much chance without millions of dollars. Armed revolution is out of the question unless you get your hands on some nukes and have skill at precision, low-yield nuclear weaponry tactics.

But what you don't tell us is what to do with America once we get it back from the Council on Foreign Relations. With all of your academic and insightful reporting, you don't provide the answer. That's because there is no answer, through isolation or war. You can't prohibit employers and manufacturers from outsourcing. That would mean nationalizing domestic business. Then your right back to fascism. They'll just quit America and set up shop in China. They're doing it right now just to escape high labor and materials costs.

If we don't play ball with the rest of the cheap labor markets, we'll just wither on the vine and they'll take over our camp anyway. I know we don't feel goodaboutthe push to achieve worldwide wage parity, which is the basic NWO idea so that manufacturers can buy local labor and then sell to a hugeworldwide buyers market. But that pride you espouse is a loser these days. Actually, pride has always been a loser according to the ancient Greeks who said, "The great Hamartia (character flaw)of the human race is pride." Oedipus, etc.

The business of the world is business. The world needs to be run like a business or homegrown pride will eventually suffocate us.

Perhaps you and I can infiltrate the NWO boss structure to ensure that the villains you describe as running things now won't abuse the world citizenry. But then again, I am not convinced that they are villains at all … or that we could do it better without being greedy, egocentric, prideful villains ourselves. Are you?

In any event, the NWO is well under way and is inevitable unless somebody launches. Take your pick. The third choice, nationalism, just isn't going to work anymore.

By the way, your "video" link to Dr. Pastor's congressional testimony is dead. It seems to be trying to connect to You Tube but the connection fails. You probably touched a nerve of the CFR and they took out down. Maybe I can find it elsewhere. But your claim that the CFR, et al., is doing all of this surreptiously is just not correct. Pastor told the Congress. Reagan told the world. Clinton passed GATT and NAFTA. All the leaders and senates and houses and parliaments throughout the world know about it and condone it. It's a done deal and it's right in our face.

I would like to cut and paste your articleposted on the American Chronicle website sinceI do comments and forum discussions and emails to friends and associates. Would you mind? Would American Chronicle object? Copyrights, etc.? I have no intention of making money offyour article. I just find it fascinating and a brilliant expose`. I hope you don't hate me for myacquiescence to NWO, but I don't see any real alternative to salvation of the species, for what that's worth. We are so full of ourselves as humans that we don't see that if a 5 mile radius meteor hit the earth or a nuclear war wiped out every living thing on earth, the universe wouldn't even notice.

Thanks for your wonderful research paper.


Eric. . . in your email you clearly demonstrate that you have bought into the PROPAGANDA about the New World Order or as I call it the One World Monopoly (OWM).I could EASILY refute ALL of your pro-globalism comments, if I had the time to do so, which I don't. Suffice it to say that you have simplistically bought into the concept without a scintilla of understanding that you haveacquiesced to become a SLAVEfor the One World Monopolists.

It is NOT about trade, or nationalism, or economics, or nuclear bombs, or tribalism, or pride . . . these people are working HARDto bring aboutCOMMUNIST totalitarian world that will think nothing of killing hundreds of millions of people byslaughter or starvation (perhaps you and yours??).And,if you DO survive they will control your every waking momentwith FOOD and WATER such thatyou will allowyourself to be enslavedin order to SURVIVE.

You simply have NO IDEA what is truly in store for you if you think it is all about world economics.When you get to my website you MUST watchthe EU video found under the 'Videos' button. The Europeansall thought like you do and now AFTER 50 YEARS they FINALLY see the TRUE writing on the wall. But because the mass media is totally controlled by the One World Monopolists they cannot educate enough people to fight them.

America was the most successful societal experiment in the history of mankind. The One World Monopolists (OWM) have GUTTED and trampled on our Constitution, Bill or Rights, laws, sovereignty, language, culture, and most of all our GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS. If you can find no reason to sustain all of those things for your posterity then there is NO HOPE for you and yours. Should the OWM succeed, you will have NO RIGHTS, those elites will be people running the world who are UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE to ANYONE. You will be subjected to their whimsicaldoling out of PRIVILEGES that they MAYor may NOT grant you . . . AND you must always remember that once you have them . . . they canTAKE THEM BACK any time they choose!

Winston Churchill said the following: "If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

Lastly, in answer to your question about 'cutting and pasting' the article. . . if you will go to my website (see below) you will find ALL my articles archived there. >From the 'Home' page you can link to'Treason Abounds' and another VERY IMPORTANT article about the coming martial law titled: Two 'Acts' of Tyranny on the Same Day!You can also find a two hour radio broadcast where I discussthat same article by clicking the 'Radio& TV' button.

You will also find under the 'Mission Statement' button the following: "It is important to share the research found on this site. Feel free to copy and use everything that is published here as long as it is not for profit and proper credit is given."

It is my preference that you usethe Treason Abounds from my website rather than the one on the American Chronicle because the one on my websitehas 92 photos and graphics included which are NOT found in the AmChron article. Also . . . the one on my website includes the 'Conclusion' which is not yet published on AmChron.

Further, I would hope that you will direct people to my website to read the articlein your comments,forum discussions, and emails,etc.,because there is SO MUCH MORE there than I can adequately describe.

Thank youfor your kudos and I hope that you spread the word 'far and wide' so thatothers maybecome educated.



Okay, Daneen. Thanks for your prompt and spirited reply.

But I really only wanted you tell me what the solution for America is, assuming we go out and slay the NWO dragon. Railing against what is is only half the mission. What do we do after we take our country back?

What do we do about our competitors in the world who are crazed enough to ignore our noble purpose and just want to saw our heads off and grab our loot, in the name of their lord?

Help me out here, doc.


Eric. . . First you must realize they have been working for CENTURIES to get where they are today. What I and others are doing is NOT 'railing' against the OWM . . .it is educating people. Because of the TOTALLY controlled mass media, that is a HUGE job.

Sincewe are NOT a democracy as the propagandists keep saying we are, we need to return our country to a Constitutional Republic and all that entails.In order totake back ourcountry we need to do itjust like they took it from us . . . from the bottom up, little by little. We need to sweep out of EVERY public office all but a very few and take control again. That means that people will have to understand that we ALL have a civic responsibility and DUTYto get off our butts and participate in runningour local towns, counties, states,etc. We can no longer'let the other guy do it!' Being a citizen of a Republic is NOT a spectator sport.

Right now it is YOUR job to do just what you said you already do, which is to EDUCATE others. You cannot stand up and fight back against that which you know nothing about. You need to begin by educating yourself so that you are 'armed and dangerous,' which can be done by thoroughly 'mining' my website.

The veryfirst step you can take is to turn OFF your television. It is a highly sophisticated propaganda machine. If you don't believe me then turn it off for a month and then turn it on again and you will CLEARLY see it for what it is. If you talk back to your TV during the news or news commentary (a laFox, MSNBC, etc.)then you need to understand that you are being propagandized or you wouldn't be 'correcting' or 'arguing' with the information you are getting.

Secondly you have already stated what your talents and competencies are by stating that you'do comments and forum discussions and emails to friends andassociates.' Use your 'weaponry of knowledge' to make a difference.

As for our 'competitors' in the world . . . you are old enough to recall that in the not too distant past, we made ALL that we needed right here in America and our 'excess' went elsewhere. They OWMs have DELIBERATELY ALLOWED and ENCOURAGED our manufacturing to leave without penalty. Our government has created the problem. If they can create it . . . we can correct it. Besides they are so stupid in that they think they can kill the bulk of the middle class and still have an economic engine that will keep China, etc., (where the factories and technology have fled) engaged and growing (read profits for the monopolists). After all,Greenspan said MANY times of the past 5 or 6 years that CONSUMER SPENDING was keeping the economy going. We dug our own graves. My personal solution for putting a crimp in their plans is to have 100 million of the 300 million Americans pledge to buy ONLY essentials for ONE YEAR and see if THAT wakes them up.

And here is still another that I often share: The following is a passage from a book titled brotherhood of darkness' written by Dr. Stanley Monteith. He says it all so eloquently . . .

"What will happen if Christ returns thirty years after America has fallen, and billions of people have been slaughtered because we were too busy to be involved? If that happens, how will we justify our lack of concern? Some people who say nothing can be done are cowards; others are working for the enemy. What are we to do? In Ezekiel 3 and Ezekiel 33, we are told to be watchmen, and to warn others. If we remain silent, their blood will be on our hands. We are to be involved, just as the servant who was given one talent to invest for his Master should have been involved. Because he did nothing, he was punished. We are to pray as if everything is up to God, and work as if everything depends on us."



The Final Conversation: Maroon is Eric –Green is Daneen:


Again. I ask you… what is your plan to preserve our country once we take it back? I guess you missed the message below . . . I said . . . return it to a Constitutional Republic. That's a REALLY HUGE PLAN. Read some of Rep. Ron Paul's articles and review his voting record if you want to get an understanding of what that entails. I have sent a position paper on RonPaulfound here.He practices whathe preaches and comes as close as any to the ideal Constitutional way to run our country.

You totally ignored me on that one. No you missed it . . . I believe in the KISS principle. It is a knownfact that the best doctoral dissertation EVERwas only one page long!

It appears that your lack of a definition for a plan is akin to the Democrats who want power and a "new direction" but haven't a clue what they are talking about.No one will tell what happens after they pull the trigger on Bush and Company. The same criticism of Bush for invading Iraq and not having a PLAN for the post-war period applies exactly the same to you. I am a criminal defense attorney. I fight the government every day. I find and exploit its weaknesses and I am quite successful in defeating them. But I don't have a plan for my clients who have to be projected back into the government’s concentration camp after they walk. Oh, that's VERY interesting . . . thensince you are a lawyer, perhaps you also missed MY solution forstopping the OWMs fromproceeding with theSPP and the selling of our infrastructure to foreignentities which is found here.Remember the old saw . . . the 'best laid plans of mice and men' . . . ooohhhhh . . . maybe that's the answer . . . have women run the world . . . you know . . . soccer moms and grannies and such.

It's easy to poke holes, take potshots, rail on and on and maybe actually succeed in kicking the bastards out. But what do you do then? Look at the Dems.I predicted they would change absolutely nothing and I was right. They will not change the mission. They just want to run it. Power and pride. No solutions. No new mission or methodthat is better. Oh for heavens sake . . . your ARE brainwashed . . . there is NO SUCH THING as left and right, liberal and conservative, Democrat or Republican . . . they are all Marxist Hegelian dialectic LABELS to keep the masses enthralled, engaged,diverted and watching the ball go back an forth in the tennis match. That way they can steal our country out from under us while weare all busy watching and railing over the open borders and unenforced immigration laws that allow 30 million illegals to invade and balkanize our country, worry ourselves sickabout the wars and dead, both soldiers and civilians, in Afghanistan and Iraq and now the OWMs have kicked it up a notch with the awesome terror of a pending holocaust of nuking Iran. It's ALL a Kabuki dance. Actuallythe Dictator-in-Chief was DELIGHTED that the Dems took over because it was members of his own 'party' that were aligned against theS. 2611 amnesty!

I notice that you have a link to send money to you. That's expected in America. Everybody needs and wants money. But what will you do with it? Can I track your each and every expenditure? Absolutely not, I suppose.Ha, Ha, Ha, . . . what MONEY? Thus far in six months I have received at total of $220.00 from a total of SEVEN people. That doesn't even cover the cost of the hosting company for my website. Your effort seems commonlysimilar to the theatrics of authors, news agencies, TV programmers,Oliver Stone, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Jim Bakerand Pat Robertson. Emphasize the negative, create fear, stick your hand out and get rich.Fire and brimstone types have been doing that since the first priests emerged. But they provide no real fix. Are you in that same banal class of low life? If not, tell me your PLAN and I will support you in mind, body and checkbook…once I decide your PLAN is good and feasible. Ahhhhh, but you seem to have missed that I don't dealin 'theatrics' as those you mentioned DO. I present just the FACTS ma'ma! Also you seem to be unaware that NONE of those you mentioned speak aboutwhat I do. They ARE pandering to the 'clueless' and ALL remain 'politically castrated' because they KNOWthey would be DISMISSED from their jobs otherwise. There are only two who dare to speak out . . . Olberman and Dobbs.

If I send you money and thenwe slay the NWO dragon, what dowe do with BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Two of them are commy. China owns us RIGHT NOW! Gee, why it that? The OWN US . . . because that is what the Rockefellers, et al WANT to happen. It will be a very handy way for them to leverage us into the Amero! Read what the money people are saying on that topic. That is not my hypothesis.

BTW . . . the reason for thecoming super corridors is so that the Chinese and their armamentscan come in here in all those 100s of thousands of shipping containers (as they have several timesat the west coastports already as a test) and militarily overtake us. Since China owns about 25 – 30% of the mortgage paper in this country they will plenty of places to billet.The OWMs WANT us conquered. Didn't you read the Rockefellerquote in Treason Abounds. Their goal is WORLD COMMUNISM and totalitarianism!!

Here's Rockefeller's 1973 View on Communist China . . . (Excerpt from 'Treason Abounds')

"The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly from the singleness of ideology and purpose . . . The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in history."

The Cultural Revolution claimed the lives of nearly 100 million peoplein order to achieve the 'success' that David Rockefeller admires. One might question just howhe can reconcile those deathsand consider itsomething of value and worthy ofpraiseinstead of being condemned for its abject horror and inhumanity. PerhapsMr. Rockefeller needs a little 're-education.'

They arelaunchingone advanced nuclear ship every 9 weeks to be sustained for the next decade. They are zapping satellites out of orbit. What the hell are they doing? Do you care? How do we prevent them from swallowing us?Apparently the military-industrial complex hasa solutionand that which is 'star wars' . . . have younoticed that NOBODY talks about 'star wars' any more . . . gee I wonderWHY? Nuke 'em? What do you think I am . . . Houdini? First steps first . . . if we don't succeed then all the rest of the plans are moot anyway.

What do you do about the one million plus Wahabi suicide IslamaFascists who want to imposeTHE only religion on the world? Hell, they have sentenced us infidels to death. You can't even convert to their faith and keep your head. You must be Arab-born Islam, period, or you're dead. Do you care? Do you have a fix for that? Nuke ‘em? I would deport all Muslims from our country instead considering what the president has agreed to do which is to take in about 30,000 Muslims from Russia because they are 'sateless' . .. Ha, Ha, Ha They are PART of the globalists plan to ruin our country. It is being done on purpose. Russia is IN on it. Wake UP! I have a 'TrianglePublication' by the Foreign Affairsmagazine which is the publication of the Trilateral Commission where their upcoming plans developed in that 'white paper'speaks about 'Engaging Russia on ALL LEVELS in collaboration.'

Let's say you are the leading candidate for president of the U.S. Tell me how you fixour impending demise by outside forces. I need somebody or some concept to vote for. Let's not get silly here . . . the concept is to return to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC . . . IFyou know what that is you wouldn't be asking that question. I again refer you to Ron Paul's Take Back Our Freedom Now!.

I CAN tell you I would do as follows:There would be NO World Bank, no Federal Reserve, no IMF, no WTO, dissolution ofALLso-called 'Free Trade' agreements, an END to ExecutiveOrders and Signing statements, Militarily close the border enforce our immigrationLaws, prohibit anchor-babies, andno free school, medical (except TRUE BONA FIDE EMERGENCIES), no social welfare unless you are hereLEGALLY, put and end to the CIA, NSA, and ALL covert intelligence agencies. Therewould most certainly beno UN,and oust ALL their alphabet agencies, plans, contracts, ideas, etc., and lastly no patents on living products, i.e., seeds . . . and that's just for a start.

Please help me out here, doc. I am already convinced you are right that the NOW is about to take over the world. I haven't "bought into it". I have studied and observed from afar, as if sitting on the moon gazing at the can of worms called "Earth". We both know the current Plan(s) fall short. But I see the redeeming qualities of taking in partners who work together for their common good rather than competing to death. I am a behavioral scientist. I personally believe that we are doomed to extinction because while we can imagine perfection, we cannot attain it. This sets up the schizophrenia, which we have seen acted out throughout recorded history. It has caused unbelievable war and murder unrivaled by any other life form on Earth. Bravo! Now that we all have nukes, the final war is imminent. All in the name of some tribe’s god or constitution or economic system or conspiracy theory. Aren't you aware that ALL the wars of the 20th century were deliberately waged for andby the gloablists as a method for increasing their wealth. Sometimes they even workedboth sides of the war. That's the answer to your question, remove them from power.

So, what is your plan, please? You don’t have to keep preaching to me. I have read your website extensively. I listened to your interview with Gallagher about the October 06 two acts of treason.Fine. Great. I already knew that. I've seen our Constitution be erased each time I walk into a courtroom or read a new case ruling from our appellate judges. Did you read what I wrote under the 'Violations of Law' button?? I bet you didn't! Go hereandfind my plan/solution for stopping the SPP and the OWMs. Since you are a lawyer you will find that it is PERFECT PLAN for you to execute. I'm NOT a lawyer but surely you can find someone who will 'take the ball and run with it?' We are currently printing out that article in color in order to send hard copies to about 22 Constitutional Legal Foundations and others. Just think about what THAT will cost . . .

I would like to suggest this audio for the complete coverage on the Two 'Acts' of Tyranny on the Same Day!: http://www.StopTheNorthAmericanUnion.com/mp3s/Straight_Talk_All.mp3

You’ve got me so worried I just have to know your plan! I gave you a plan . . . you haven't paid attention to it. You are in a hurry to get to the end game. The problem is you can't get there from here. You MUST understand that you have to do A before you can entertain doing B, C, and D which could change or perhaps 'deepen'as A is happening.

Just send me your white paper called “Daneen’s Plan” and I’ll get back to you. Otherwise, I can get your same programming from Keith Olberman. If you choose to go with Olberman . . . be my guest . . . I am not here to entertain you and supply you with some grand plan. You dream up your own plan. That's not my job.

I hope you take this exchange in the spirit of cooperation and mutual problem solving in which it is intended. If not, you probably feel like sawing off my head after you cutout my tongue… like all the other worms in the can. Hope not and… I have given to you all the time that I DIDN'T have to spare so I guess you will have to 'wing it' from here. I have a job to do and must get back to it.

Thanks for being brave. I'm NOT 'brave' . . . I'm MAD AS HELL!



Copyright © Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D., 2007,All Rights Reserved

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