Who Are You?

by Mark Lowry –

What does it take to get Americans riled up these days? They sit silently by as our government takes our freedoms one at a time. They say nothing when our government spies on us, takes our children from us with education curricula that defy imagination, destroy our religions, flood our nation with foreigners who hate us, tax us until we cannot afford to live, take our jobs, and this is not enough to make them angry, to incite them to action.

What does it take folks? When will you say no more? Look at the books that are being introduced into our children’s education in Colorado. The book reviewed is graphic porn, the kind of porn you might expect some drunk pedophiles or rapist to be reading lying in the gutter drunk waiting for his next victim. However, it is more than that; it provides the graphic and sickening perspective of child rape from the perspective of the rapists. This book sells the idea the rapist is doing the children and those they rape a favor. They are being guided by God.

Now if you approve of this type of education instead of teaching, the word of God, or just plain simple ‘rithmetic’, reading and ‘riting’, keep your silence.

You who remain silent when this is going on should be charged with the same criminal offenses as the rapists, who are being let go by our corrupt unjust criminal system.

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