Who Are The ‘Porg’ & The ‘Dorg’?

… You remember Star Trek the Next Generation, right? It was a popular futuristic science fiction television series from the 1980’s, and it is still on cable TV today.

In several of the episodes, Star Trek featured aliens known as ‘the Borg’ – a machinic-organic collective – who attacked every planetary civilization that was more humane, cultured and more or less technologically and scientifically advanced as they were. They then make them part of the Borg colony by injecting the newly defeated population with some kind of ‘Nano’-thingies which eliminated any individuality of thought. Ultimately, they all became mere robotic worker-ants, kinda big ‘nanobots’, working for the demands of the leader of the Borg.

The Borg transformed the newly assimilated individuals into android-like beings that were part human and part machine, subject to the whims of the ‘progressive’ leader. They were incapable of fending for themselves because they were incapable of thinking for themselves – in other words, they had no foresight. When singularity and uniqueness are eliminated among beings who are fundamentally and essentially singular and unique, and those in control are seduced by the illusory power of ‘solidarity’ and ‘social justice’ established within a collective… then slavery, cosmic stupidity, and moral turpitude are the inevitable results. Hmmmm!

This is not just a nostalgic sci-fi reminiscence. In fact, the reason that this ‘futuristic’ situation sounds strangely like the current political attitude in America that ‘progresses’ and ‘evolves’ by gradual assimilation and a process of forced acquiescence accomplished by ‘shaming’ its subjects into cooperation in the name of political correctness, is because this accelerating movement was begun decades ago. The writers of the richly philosophical sci-fi Star Trek series were insightful and fore-thoughtful enough to provide us with a depiction of our fate should we lose sight of our values and the meaning of our political constitution. There is now a subtle ‘civil’ war that is undermining every aspect of our country, and the principles upon which it was founded: individual liberty, personal identity and the unique pursuit of happiness that makes each American life worth living.

Clearly the democrats are (in the ‘

America’ of today) the — ‘[D]org’ — and the progressives now in control of the White House and the Congress are the – ‘[P]org’ – as we see it. In comparison to the ‘Borg’, they are consistent with the evil intentions of collective mentality and movement.

The real ‘Borgists’, here and now, are the Porg / Dorg and they are hard at work trying to assimilate all free-thinking Americans, into their current hodgepodge collective of mindless deviants, and anomalous aberrant hypocrites. These so-called ‘leaders’ are not merely subversive and perverse schmucks – they have transcended irreparable idiocy and fallen – blockhead first – into the wayward freakishness that will give everyone but they themselves only a toilet’s-eye view of freedom. At least an idiot is someone who only thinks for himself, and is, therefore, still capable of independent thought. These people, on the other hand, think that their unrepresentative, arrogant agenda will transform us all into a communistic colony of losers, incapable of understanding what it means to be a unique self with singular desires and responsibilities, and a name attached to an identity that is held accountable for its actions.

Why? Because they are the Porg and the Dorg leading their Porgits and Dorgits. It is easier to subscribe to a ‘mass movement’, because in any mass movement, responsibility can hide behind the noble disguise of ‘solidarity’. This increasingly powerful group is empowered by the mindless energy of the people they consume. This unthinking mass, much like the Germans in the 1920’s and ‘30s, is swollen with its parasitic feast that devours so many unsuspecting souls. It sways to a group impulse that gathers momentum by promising to deliver the happiness that we were meant to pursue. This movement gains strength and tenacity within a citizen body by reducing responsibility at the same time as it confiscates freedom.

Our citizenry is increasingly becoming comprised of mindless illiterate deviants, dizzy lazy morons, and putzes all gathered together as a newly weird and uneducated assemblage of intellectually dead sensualists. The entire class of adherents who demand to be made into slaves and be ‘freed’ from individual liberty for the sake of more hand-outs and less responsibility are selling out our country to the evil vampirous progressives. What we really have – along with the redistribution of wealth and rights – is a redistribution of intelligence, sanity and the freedom that enables our civilisation to maintain its health. The Porgist-Dorgist agenda sucks the mental energy, moral fortitude and idealist vision from its newly amassed and ethically vacant slave recruits. And we are ALLOWING them to continue their increasingly urgent and voracious pursuit of free-thinking American minds! We are allowing our countrymen to be seduced by the leftists and their media lackeys.

Those gullible constituents that have been swindled and mesmerised by the Porgist-Dorgist rhetoric have bought into obviously fallacious notions like Al Gore's pet project, "Global Warming", and the Swine Flu (H1N1) panic that struck just last year… and killed far (FAR) fewer people than the ordinary flu does each year. The Porgist-Dorgist's have duped us into believing that

Wall St. was responsible for the housing bubble, and then bailed themselves out. Only their dependent constituents who rely on the socialist-style entitlements they promise – God forbid they should have to work! – support and advocate these lies. When Nature itself, human health, our pecuniary system and industries are hijacked for the subversive and insidious goals of leftist progressives intent on enslaving by assimilation the populous as a whole (supporters included), we need to recover the truth, rediscover who we are as individuals and as a community, and depose the would-be usurpers of our power – the power of ‘We the People’.

Why? It is ironic that in a world with information everywhere, there is actually very little communication. The truths that our Founding Fathers recognised and built into the fabric of this country were forged in the cut and thrust of lively, informed debate in the marketplace of ideas. Talk is not the same as communication. Words are not the same as truth. Not anymore. When language is divorced from Being and reality, it is a vacuous trap for flimsy minds – minds that are more like stomachs. Such zombies prefer to be entertained with bread and circuses than challenged with honest philosophical argumentation.

Now they are trying to assimilate their opposition – i.e. all those that have been and are resisting: i.e. US. Their enemy is, of course, thefree individuals of the original Representative Republic. Their itinerary is to assimilate the free and the brave into the ‘Democracy’ whence the ‘Dorgs’ and ‘Porgs’ suck the lifeblood that sustains their seditious programme. The thoughtless multitudes that either support or do not resist the idea-less tyranny of the ‘Porgs’ and ‘Dorgs’ will inevitably end up in the ‘morgues’.

They are virtually turning our nation into an ant colony. Our apologies to the ants! At least ants are hard workers under a monarch rather than overly-trusting ranks of basically decent people who are enslaved to an evil tyrannical ideology because they lack the vigilance to defend themselves against it. Ants, at least, are not ruled, trapped or killed by ideology.

These earth-bound Porgs and Dorgs are intent on domination! They are vile and profoundly evil. They have absorbed a large part of the planet’s billions of people. Now the last great resistance to world domination is ‘We the American People’ into whose homes the Porgs and Dorgs have had the temerity to invade. It is within their conceptual orientation – as history shows – to kill all those that absolutely oppose them. Over sixty million Americans resisted the newest Porg leader in the last election and continue to do so. They will need to be eliminated with extreme prejudice just as they were in Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba etc.

Their history will not repeat here. We predict that this will be the last assimilation they will ever attempt. They will be crushed once and for all and those they have assimilated will be left entirely to their own devices. Many people live under the consoling fiction that “something like that could never happen in America”. Well, they are certainly trying to accomplish their communist dream – the ones on top of the political ladder because they gain power and resources, and the ones at the bottom of the ladder because they are seduced by the illusion that they will gain services and commodities with less work. We are overly comfortable and complacent if we pretend that it is not happening in

America already. We need to make sure, with our voices, our votes and our blood (if necessary), that the progressive of the Porgits-Dorgits agenda DOES NOT happen in

America, once and for all time.

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