White House Secret Exposed

Gourmet turkey at the White House; yup, you ‘betcha’!

For the last twenty years, including this year, at the White House the 5 star Chefs have, of course, been providing only the very best food products to the President, the First Family and Guests. One such gourmet product stands out now, from all of the rest, I believe.

Banquets, feasts and State dinners are all reputed to be tantalizingly exquisite.

Personally, I have never been invited to the White House for a meal. Nor has anyone else I know.

With that in mind, I at some point began to wonder what that American family living in the White House might be eating during the holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, the New Years celebration or other events.

After some fastidious research I came upon an answer, which satisfied me.

The White House Family has enjoyed ‘Turkey Dinner’ for the last twenty years. Essentially, just like the rest of us? Almost!

There is and has been one likely exception to this long standing American tradition. What might that be? Well, it’s ‘The White House Chef’s’ continuous choice of the only and thus the very Best Gourmet Turkey Purveyor, as I said before, for the last twenty years from President Carter up to and Including President Bush in 2008 as well.

While Americans might not agree with the Presidential politics, however, I believe that virtually all of the Americans will agree that the Gourmet Chefs culinary meals, they must be the very cooking up of a scrumptious storm at the White House.

I have personally seen ‘Thank You letters from the Presidents’.

Starting today, the National Writers Syndicate is deliciously delighted to be able to provide you and yours the same source, ‘The Purveyor’, for the last twenty years of the Best Gourmet

Turkey in Made in


This is available now and just in time for Christmas, New Years or any other time you my wish or need to enjoy only the best of the best turkey banquet.

All you need do is go to the National Writers Syndicate.com, E-Magazine Cover. There you will see the advertisement of ‘White House Gourmet’, just click that and then click the size and follow the simple instructions.


These are all natural and are not injected with any weight increasing oils such as coconut oil or any other as other turkey producers are known to do.

The other turkey you can buy has 27 % of its weight increased by way of injected products; we are advised here at NWS.

The White House Gourmet Purveyor has the ONLY light turkey available.

So! What are you waiting for?

Directly! From the farm *flash* frozen to you with 2 day delivery. Yum!

There, that is the White House Secret now exposed.

Well don’t just sit there, help to save you friends from a hum drum stick!!

Try the Best! You've had the rest.

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