White House Monitoring Lawsuit To Make China Pay For Coronavirus Fallout

by Christian Datoc –

Excerpt: Multiple senior White House officials were briefed on and, as of Wednesday, are monitoring a civilian-led effort to hold the Chinese Communist Party monetarily accountable for coronavirus, persons familiar with the discussion told the Daily Caller.

The White House confirmed to the Daily Caller they are aware of the effort but declined to comment when asked about potential executive action on the issue. Several of President Donald Trump’s top out-of-government advisers are also aware of the effort.

“I’m totally in favor” one adviser told Daily Caller, “Fuck them.”

Another adviser called the lawsuit something that “can unite our country against a common enemy.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation first reported on the class action lawsuit, filed by Berman Law Group in partnership with the Lucas | Compton lobbying and public affairs firm, which highlights specific misinformation spread by the Chinese government concerning the original outbreak in Wuhan and accuses the CCP of “acting from their own economic self-interest and looking to protect their place as a super-power, failed to report the outbreak as quickly as they could have.”

Persons familiar with the discussion also told the Daily Caller that “literally, all members of Congress will be sent a detailed brief about this suit in the near future.” The pause in briefing Congress was explained as necessary to avoid diverting their “laser focus” from passing the Phase 3 coronavirus stimulus package. …

… “We should be unified in our response and our strategy about how we manage and navigate the situation with the government of China,” Travis Lucas, managing partner of Lucas | Compton, added. “The government of China needs to be held accountable, not only to its people but also the rest of the world.” | March 26th, 2020

White House Monitoring Lawsuit To Make China Pay For Coronavirus Fallout


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