Should The White House Be Involved In “Manageable Problems”?

by George Weir –

Manageable problems, is one way of kicking the “Can down the road”.  It seems as if the White House sees this as a good way to handle foreign affairs.  Just fix a little here, and fix a little there, and hope that the problem doesn’t get any larger, and if it does grow let the next administration kick the can down the road, hopefully at some place in time it will just go away.  But is this anyway for the leader of the free world, or anyone else to tackle problems that they would rather sweep under the rug?

The speech that President Obama gave on prim time Wednesday evening laying out his watered down plan to the world on how he was going to degrade and defeat the terrorist group which call themselves the IS, better known as the ISIS, or ISIL, depending I suppose on what side of the desk your setting.

President Obama began his speech by trying to pull the rug over the listener’s ears by saying that the terrorist have nothing to do with Islam, and that the ISIS isn’t carrying the ideology of Islam, and that no religion would ever be in favor of beheading the innocent, in the name of their religion or expanding their influence into the lives of those that seek to live in peace or practice another faith.  Anyone that can’t see the need of total victory and the total destruction of these monsters must have their head in the sand or just unwilling to see, or possible just don’t care.

“Kicking the can down the road” has never solved anything, but sadly that seems to be the direction that we as a nation or for that matter, the world found to be the most comfortable place to be.  It’s becoming clear each day that the great thinkers of our time or just living in the (Hope) that suddenly everyone will decide to live side by side and follow war no more, and this has never been and surly never will be.

We as American citizens are bombarded each day with the idea of (Manageable problems) thanks to the credit card company’s.  With each statement we see the total amount due, but we also see the minimum payment due.  And on a different page it shows the amount of time it would take to pay off the entire amount by paying only the minimum, but we seldom look at this portion, we only see the minimum amount due.  And as long as we pay the minimum payment the credit card company lets us keep on charging and making more debt.  I believe its safe to say that if one keeps kicking the can down the road concerning his or her debt, it will never be paid.

Folks that’s the way I see this President handling the pressing problems of our nation, If he isn’t up to the job, step down, if golf has consumed his life to the extent that he can’t govern, find professional help  for the sake of the nation.  Frankly I see a president that just doesn’t care, and that kicking the can down the road seems to reflect his personality and mindset the most, but, sadly, it will never keep America safe from the terrorist that seek our demise and destruction.  Only total victory will accomplish this, but looking at the problem as “Manageable” will never bring the security to the nation, and the people are seeking this security and that America will once again be seen as the “Best hope for the world”.

All Americans live in hope for some reason or another, and that is great.  And hope does do great things, the farmer hopes the rain will come in the right time, and that the weather during harvest will be favorable.  Without this hope and faith it would be a work of drudgery to face each day of hard work believing that the work would be in vain, but plant his must.  But with this hope comes hard work, plowing the fields, planting the seeds, spreading fertilizer and keeping the varmints out of the crop.   If the farmer looked at his farm as a (Manageable Problem) folks we would all be in trouble, we just might get hungry if he or she doesn’t put forth the effort to (DO).

This idea of manageable problems could go on and on, but the bottom line is this, credit card problem or planting crops, each has to be looked at as a finished product, else the balance due will grow even larger and the drops will wilt on the field without a sure plan of success.

At this time there is a growing desire among the citizens of the United States of America for a concrete and workable plan from the Obama administration for the stabilization of American interest around the world.

Such as, securing the borders between Mexico and Canada, when the president makes the statement that these borders are more secure than ever, and seeing the thousands of unaccompanied children flooding the mainland  they feel that they have a president that is more interested in political fund raisers than the welfare and safety of the American citizens.   Also when they see the president address America on the beheading of two of its citizens, then head for the golf course for an afternoon of fun and games, it sickening, and they feel betrayed.

The world is no stranger to war, and sadly it will never see the end of wars, but, to deny the present danger and its repressions on the world by (Half Measures) and done (Half hearted) is a crime against humanity, and when this is the policy of the most powerful nation in the world, “Changes must be made before this cancer of terrorism spreads even wider to the point of no return”.

When it comes to our debt or the war against those that wish our destruction, time and chance is not on our side, and hope without effort will never bring results.   

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