Which NeoCons Are Provably Psychopathic?

On Page Six on the 3rd John Harwood was described as weeping until a journalist agreed to remain silent on his infidelity. That is typical psychopathic behavior, exactly like that displayed by John Fund of the WSJ all of his life. Psychopaths cannot be treated. What now?

Thefact is ugly, involving abuse, grand theft, attempted murder, sexual deviancy, corporate corruption, judicial corruption, and calloused disregard for simple decency. Rove, Cheney, their political operative John Fund, and others who were well compensated, used their political power to destroy us.

While it happened to us it is also a story that involves you. It explains how government and the institutions we paid for and trusted, have been converted to the benefit of corporations. It shows you the reality behind the smiling faces glimpsed on TV, it reveals the presence of psychopaths, highly placed in government and corporations.

Sociopathic behavior which has invaded not only our personal lives but destroyed the substance of our government and business in

America and around the world. Reform is not possible unless the deviant nature of psychopaths is taken into account, their predatory behavior ended.

In the years 2001 – 2006 my daughter and I confronted the judicial system and slowly realized how corrupt it was when you confront those in power. We saw the manipulations by the Bush – Cheney Machine of the media to protect one man, John Fund, from charges of domestic violence.

Bewildered, we asked ourselves how this could happen.

We were both active in the Republican Party. I had had tea at the White House with Laura Bush and Regents from the National Federation of Republican Women. Morgan, my daughter, had been a docent at the Reagan Library. She had known Reagan since she was a child. We personally knew many in government and think tanks. Yet John Fund was able to persuade Dick Cheney and Karl Rove to go after us. All he had to do was force Morgan to sign one paper. That story is here.

At this point everyone knows the Bush White House was corrupt. But why would Fund have that kind of support? Why would audio recordings, police reports, eye witness accounts and other direct documentation be ignored?

Everyone we knew refused to see how their actions support the NeoCon agenda. They refused to acknowledge the Movement we shared was being used to destroy us while continuing to shape the opinion of Americans to protect corporations. Some of those individuals, many friends of long standing years, followed orders and profited. Others were clearly afraid. They had been intimidated.

Not one person asked for the objective evidence, even the District Attorney for

Manhattan, Robert Morgenthau. We begged him to listen, to look at the documentation. He ignored the rights of an abused woman, never even letting her or her witnesses be heard. By do doing he consigned us to destruction. But we survived.

Many on the Left sneered and gloated because we were and are Republicans. A few, for instance, Mark Crispin Miller, listened and tried to help, to no avail.

We discovered why it is impossible for ordinary people to hold those in power accountable. It is not one reason, there are many.

Our elections are phony, our legislators are bought. The system runs on who you know and the power you command – and a significant number of individuals at high levels in government and the corporate world are psychopaths.

It must change, but change depends on understanding the factors which allowed it to happen.

Our need to understand what happened forced us to see the truth. Our story illustrates the enormity of the problem and how to solve it, following the link between the protection extended to John Fund straight to the source of corruption, not just in our institutions but in smiling faces hiding minds without conscience.

America began as a people who govern ourselves, not a people who sit passive and follow orders. We can be so again.

As never before, we need transparency and accountability. Those are the tools all of us need to understand and to protect ourselves.

To hold the guilty accountable, understand the impact those without conscience have had, we need the truth. We need it individually and to sustain our communities. We need it if our world is to survive.

Pillsbury Justice shows you what happens and the real agenda and motives of those in power.

The conspiracy Fund entered into included Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others we'll be telling you about. The acts of any conspirator are the acts of all the conspirators, whether or not they knew the totality of what was happening. Transparency can bring down the NeoCons, if we have it. Our case illustrates the impact of corruption politically, within the court system, and in American corporations. Our case shows how the behavior of psychopaths makes reform more difficult, but not impossible.

Those without conscience can be identified using a simple neurological test in most cases. Qualified therapists can identify their behavior, as has Dr. Robert Hare, a subject he outlines in his book, "Snakes In Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work," and "Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of violence—from domestic abuse to political terror." We need to make sure we know who they are. We need proof that is accessible, understandable, clear, and which is available fast. We can have it.

Research into psychopathy has provided tools for change from an unanticipated direction. The neurological test leaves no doubt. The brain, examined under a fMIR, provides proof.

What if to get elected to office voters demand candidates take the neurological test? How many sitting congressmen will decide not to run again? What if lying does not work? Check out Honesty Bond USA. We need to make sure those elected to power are people who keep their word.

The same tools can be used in corporate environments and where needed.

This site gives you a close up look at psychopaths conning, stealing, abusing, and cooperating to further their separate schemes. The resource page on psychopathy will grow, with the help of psychiatrists specializing in psychopathy who have generously offered their assistance. Some of the bad guys are not psychopaths. While they knew the behavior which benefited them was abnormal, they covered for the psychopath and said nothing. According to psychiatrists with experience, the presence of psychopaths will, necessarily, change the behavior of those around them as if the normal individuals had been infected.

This syndrome is one in the short chain of linkages which must change. Accountability, already provided for in law, can give us this.

Here, you will see why a small number of individuals without conscience could destroy everything we, together as Americans, built.

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