When The Left Murders Truth

….In journalism, a story is killed or the truth is murdered.

The Holy Bible says the truth shall make you free [to the religious –


8:32] – meaning to the Left, anyone is free to commit murder – the murder of truth.

Seen through the Left’s mind-eye, this nation is the freest on the planet where anyone is free to murder the truth, and in the bar of public opinion, with a spurt of nonsense no matter how rubbish, and a squeeze of lemon arguments made public no matter how sour and sore and foolish, gets away with it.

The truth of the matter is, seeking the truth when it is not what it seems, is absolutely maddening!




Winslow who studied the growth of lunacy during the past fifty years, reported that seeking the truth like crazy when it hides behind the veil of insanity, “we shall be a mad world in 300 years’ time.” [Link to Note (5), par 33 … This Fear of Globalization]

From the socialist center of our society come the assassins of truth. In ideology, the agnostics from the folds of the extreme Left assassinate the truth … the truth that our belief in God is a reality in one’s life. Liberal atheists, whether from the ghetto or the academe, think that religion is unreal … it is just hypocrisy. That the existence of God is doubtful is their mantra of public attraction.

Attracted like how magnet draws metallic objects from the swirling dust of ignorance, in the name of freedom and civil liberties, Justices of the high courts who are too liberal for their own good and for the good of this country, took away God from the classroom. The goal of the protesting Left in the streets and in the Bench, is to create a Godless society for

America under the promise of freedom to everyone.

Hardly known to the American public is that once objectively scrutinized, the Left’s excuses for being what they are, are not only understandably garbage but also extremely delusional. That the school premises should be cleanse of religion, is one of them. In God We Trust, wherever this appears or found, is an affront to those who do not believe in God.

No one can be forced to recite the Lord’s Prayer in school and in publicly funded gathering or ceremonial celebration or community-held rites, or be coerced to take the oath of allegiance to the Flag where the word “God” is mentioned, because it is a violation of one’s freedom of religion, so the Liberal court ruled.

These are just a few examples showing how activists from the Left do not make it right when they murder the truth. Actually, it is an affliction. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention described this sort of attitudinal behavior similar to Morgellon Syndrome, as “delusional parasitosis”.

Afflicted whiners complain of rashes when extremely agitated by their emotional protest against what is right that they cannot make appear wrong, or of the truth they cannot falsify. Out of extreme frustration, they imagine that solid fibers and razor-sharp metal wires are coming out of their skin.

Few Americans who really believed that America where they live in comfort and luxury is an Evil Empire, and those who hate the Federal Government like they do the world’s worst mother-in-law in town, appear to describe this particular breed of “ ‘a rapidly degenerating race of feeble-minded and weakly constituted individuals’ ” according to Dr. Winslow. Writing about them and their deliriums against the Establishment and The World Order, is what I found amusing, especially when a suspicious argument surfaces which gives a clue that the truth has just been compromised if not held hostage.

The Left and their ideologically infected leftist cohorts in the Bench swear that in this country they believed in the rule of the majority, and that’s where they are caught with their pants down as assassins of truth. In news reporting, newshounds playing detective is not at all that pleasant, yet indisputably interesting. Saving the truth from the aggression of a freaking mind that indulges in a squid tactic in butchering the truth is saving the world from inhumanity, and who knows also saving your life and mine from the tyranny of the arrogant and controlling few.

Let’s cite this gruesome murder of truth: In the latest survey report we recently received, 79% of the population of this country is

Christian. Agnostic inhabitants only comprised a tiny 2.4%, and atheists a minute 1.6% of the entire population of the

United States. The truth that 79% of Americans are

Christian whose rights should be heard, is slaughtered by the rights of the anti-Christian few that rules the majority.

What the 79% majority wants, i. e., that the presence of Christ should not be alienated from school and in school premises children should not be forced by school authorities to avoid the mention of God as if God is a contagious plague, is what this noisy Lilliputian minority objects to. In the contest of will over this issue, the minority won … it is they who now command the majority.

The Court lied in many of its public pronouncements when it declared on record that we Americans subscribe to and live under the Rule of the Majority. It is not true and it does not make sense since the Liberals took over the Bench.

What the Godless liberal extremists and legal freaks in the Liberal-infested judiciary had succeeded in imposing against the will of the majority in the form of judicial laws, are the whims and caprices of the minority – their own controlling will. Here, we can see clearly how the assassins of truth manhandle and eventually exterminate the truth. The slaying is a despicable if not a shocking bloodless execution of the truth in public – a coup d’etat out of which our collective sense of reality, breathless as we are with such stunning incredulity, died of asphyxiation at the same time.

Every time the truth is bludgeon to death by reason of political expediency, we as a nation slowly die with it. The Left never runs out of political mayhem – it has an arsenal of weaponry for libel every time it goes public with a mission to assassinate the truth.


July 5, 2007 the liberal website of American Chronicle [AC] and its online publication network run by a left-leaning editorial staff published an article informing the public that this nation has a president that “urinated” on the Constitution. The 4th paragraph of the radical article also described the Vice President of the

United States as a “fat slug”, a personal attack … a falsely published libel of the VP that could neither be justified nor countenanced.

AC and its liberal-left-leaning online network murdered the truth even before this. An editorial report written by the Left’s anti-Bush activist, was published on

July 3, 2007 libeling the person of



Bush as president of the

United States with a “syphilis-ravaged” brain.

Because none of these was true, the American public was outraged. So was I. On July 18, 2007, I wrote the owner of the American Chronicle with a warning as follows: “This one I will recommend to proper authorities for the filing of libel in court if not removed immediately.” I would have discharged my duty as a lawyer and would have filed the case myself to prove it created a collateral damage had AC not buckle down. It truncated the articles to avoid a libel suit.

What the Left did was falsify a personal attack against the persons of the land’s highest authorities and passed it as facts. This butchery of truth did not escape the citizens’ disquieted attention and I exposed it [click on this hyperlink “exposed”].

The United for Peace and Justice movement and other activist groups sponsored a

Washington March on

January 27, 2007 protesting the war in

Iraq. It massacred the truth when it publicized nationwide that it was one of the most peaceful and orderly rallies for peace and justice. The riotous peaceniks yelled their lungs out condemning the war, clashed with police, and left the capital building sprayed with anarchist graffiti.

The peace marchers spat on


Sparling, an

Iraq war veteran who was counter-demonstrating against the leftist rally. Fox News’ roving satellite truck was attacked and vandalized by the violent demonstrators for peace, a perfect murder of the truth in the streets of


D.C., the

Mecca of the Left’s radical dissenters and the scene of violent demonstrations.

This space is not enough to print a truckload of evidences that fills up the book every time the Left murders the truth. There are more of this that comes to public attention over time … there are more, and there will be more.

It is time for the American public to realize that the tyranny of the Left has evolved in time. What we should be worried about is that the values of the majority of the American people – as shown by the existing religious demographics where small sharks are swallowing the great whales of the deep — had succumbed to that of the few who would like to change America … the kind of America where tomorrow when you wake up in the morning you no longer know who you are, or where you are!

For, inside the belly of the shark, one loses the direction of the four winds, i. e., where East or West, North or South is that brings forth the wind of change. After this November presidential election when the Liberals and the Left take over – and God forbids — this scenario becomes real as the promised change takes us to nowhere … most probably my guess is that the direction is outbound between heaven and hell.

Geo-political and clerico-legal configurations, as well as our socio-cultural landscapes are expected to be totally altered that to seek the truth of our Judeo-Christian dogma and find the ideals of a free life as we live it here in

America today is like a search of the unknown in the wilderness.

Where to find America where it used to be, and where we used to live, would be worse than finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

When truth is delusional, so is reality.

© Copyright

Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS

April 4, 2008.

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