When Freedom Becomes a Burdensome Stone

…. a Prince Albert, Canada bank of $6000 brandishing an old pistol given to him by his grandfather.

Police later informed Danny that the 1918 Colt .45 he used in the robbery was a collector’s item worth in excess of $100,000.

Danny threw-away his life because he didn’t realize the full value of what was right in front of him. He took the old pistol for granted. Danny’s true story is symptomatic of most Americans today. In our eagerness for a quick fix to our problems, we often overlook the real value of those things we can lose by our impulsiveness and ignorance. Most important of course is the loss of our freedom.

The American Spirit; once the source of driving energy as great as the oceans which pound our shores and transformed us from a backwoods colony to the most prosperous, industrialized country on Earth, hovers at the edge of death. We are not the same brave, proud Americans with blood in their veins from many nations united in the toughest of times to defeat Hitler and Hirohito.

Our spirit has been misplaced by obsessions, anxieties and desires for the easy life, and thinking that peace is possible with any enemy as long as the proper concessions are made to them. Of course those concessions will be followed by more concessions because people who make them are afraid to defend themselves regardless of the consequences. The American spirit, once quick to engage to defend freedom at any cost, has been replaced with cowardly dhimminitude. Remove “spirit” and you have planted the seeds of despotism around your own doors. The governmental regulation of capital, which is fascism, no less than the governmental ownership of capital, which is socialism, cannot succeed by halfway measures. In either case there must be tyrannous control of individual rights and liberties.

The bold enemy of Islam sees us as weak and timid, and if not easily manipulated by verbal demands, riots and bombings will get them whatever they wish, as long as they become a weapon in our midst. The nations of Islam now have an ally at the helm of America to expedite their plans. We must disenthrall ourselves with this imposter President; begin grasping his true intentions to “change” America, and then we can possibly save our country. Americans use to thrive on seeking and finding the truth. Avoiding the truth brought us to this place in history.

This week, Barack Hussein Obama departs for the Middle East to reassure Muslim nations America is with them, if not one of them, and to dispel any doubts that he and his roots are Muslim. This week, America for the first time since 1948 will betray our allegiance to the birthplace of Jesus Christ and ally with those committed to kill Jews.

Those who put this Jihad Candidate into our White House knew what he was down deep in their hearts, but ignored the facts as they ignored his middle name and his roots with communists, radicals, anti-Americans and Muslims. For half of America, the burden of freedom became too heavy, and was a revolving sun in the warmth of which Americans were content to bask until supporting themselves “freely” became too great an exercise.

These same supporters continue to ignore the tremendous financial support Barack Hussein Obama received from Muslim nations, his financial support of Hamas on your tax dollars, his anti-American words in writing(s) and speech’s, his anti-American friends and associates, and his Democracy crushing cabinet postings of anti-Americans and pro-Arabic/pro-Sharia law supporters. Obama’s statements of “We are not a Christian nation,” and “The United States is one of the largest Muslim countries,” and “If the political winds shift in an ugly direction I will side with the Muslims,” have been ignored and/or omitted by those voters on the left eager to try Marxism and Islam over Democracy and Christianity. For them, freedom was a stone too heavy to continue carrying.

Barack Obama feels strongly there should be better dialogue between Americans and Islam, knowing full-well himself that the two cultures cannot live side-by-side in harmony, and will lie to the American public that there is simply “misunderstandings” between the two. Three thousand dead Americans on 911 is more than a “misunderstanding.” 13,297 global terrorist attacks by Muslims upon non-Muslims certainly is more than a “misunderstanding.” The continual beheadings, chopping-off limbs and beating women senseless under the Sharia law of Islam represents more than a “misunderstanding,” references in the Qur’an and Islamic clerics daily about the death of Jews and infidels is more than a “misunderstanding,” but then, a Muslim would try to gloss-over the obvious. He is a skilled liar and manipulator, and as “transparent” as a block of lead. But then you knew this.

Today, Barack Hussein Obama will trumpet a major global speech from Cairo, Egypt, symbolic in that it was the land Moses fled with his people out of bondage, that should clearly define his energy, efforts and intent. It is clearly to move The United States further away from our historic past and traditions into a failed global 3rd world impoverished society under the boot of Marxism which can be more easily swallowed by Islam. The speech from Cairo will “change” the future for your children and grandchildren; a pivotal relationship that will subjugate them under the increases influences of Islam. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Muslims will pour into the United States, each one “offended” at our culture and traditions, each one “appeased” by a Marxist government eager to replace white Americans and amalgamate our culture into the Sharia form of Islam.

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