What’s Coming Won’t Be Pretty: Covid 19’s Exponential Growth

by Frosty Wooldridge –

This morning, I walked into my local Natural Grocers food store in Golden, Colorado to buy our weekly stock of food. Inside, virtually everyone wore face masks. No happy chatter by anyone with anyone! Big sheets of plexiglass separated cashiers from customers. One couple walked in with full hazmat blue uniforms and face masks, plus gloves. In fact, everyone wore gloves as they picked out their produce and food products. Everybody seemed to be defending themselves from breathing on everyone else. No handshaking or friendly banter.

Once back at their cars, they cleaned their hands with disinfectant wipes or sanitizing cleaners. Everyone drove their cars out of the parking lot happy to get out of there.

This Covid 19 disease caused this complete change in our country in the past 14 days.

It’s already claimed 30,000 lives on the world stage while it approaches 1,000,000 infected cases in 151 countries. It’s killing so many people so fast that they cannot handle them in crematoriums, nor can they handle the bodies piling up.

In America, reports show over 3,300 deaths and more than 160,000 cases, and climbing. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Rebecca Berk, of the president’s task force, estimate that we could see 100,000 to 200,000 deaths in the USA in the coming months. The disease already claimed one famous character actor and a top CBS executive Maria Mercader. The virus hit U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. World famous actor Tom Hanks battles it as of this hour. Our own New York City escalates into a mass-disaster zone.

This disease dwarfs 9/11’s nightmare. It supersedes anything our country has ever experienced.

If we’re going to contain it and squash it, every American citizen must follow the guidelines for not spreading it.

1. 10 feet apart social distancing.
2. Hand-washing anytime you’ve grocery shopped or pumped gas or opened a door.
3. Avoid groups, that means to stay with yourself and your family.
4. Wear a mask when shopping for essentials.
5. Keep your hands away from your face and keep them washed.
6. Disinfect all surfaces in your kitchen and arena of living.
7. Wipe all food purchases and packages with cleaner.
8. Self-quarantine as much as possible.
9. Avoid public transport.

Also, one of the big things that spreads any disease-plague like this: proximity to other humans. Ironically, human population density encourages such diseases. For the past 50 years, our country has been forced to grow via immigration by our U.S. Congress. Those members of that body jammed and crammed too many people into this country.

We must question whether or not we want to jam and cram another projected 110 million people within the next 30 years to make ourselves even more vulnerable to viruses that most certainly will visit our country.

We Need a Paradigm Breaker-Changer to Save America

Useful paradigms forged this country. The same ‘exponential growth’ paradigm, if not abandoned, will kill America. The great question: why are we importing over 1.5 million more people annually to explode our population beyond sustainability and putting future generations into the cross-hairs of newer and deadlier Covid 19’s in the coming years?

In Denver, our city expects to explode by doubling within 30 years, yet a recent Westword commentary asked the question of consequences of ‘density’ via endless growth.

Writer Gary Wockner said, “The closer people are together, the greater the likelihood of disease transmission, including the coronavirus. This basic epidemiological fact — that human density increases disease transmission — is not at all new; it has been known for hundreds of years, as various plagues and viruses have swept across the planet infecting humanity. Hundreds of books have been written on the topic, and entire fields of research model and predict how disease can spread through human urban areas.

“What is new, however, is the large-scale political movement in the United States to ignore epidemiological facts in order to support more population growth and vastly increase the wealth and profits of real estate developers by packing more and more people into America’s cities.

“Sometimes called the “YIMBY” (“Yes in My Backyard”) movement, this profiteering scheme alleges that the way to solve America’s rapid population growth and affordable-housing problems is to pack more people into smaller spaces in American cities via “density.” The goal of these groups and people is to outlaw single-family zoning in towns and cities, increase the number of apartments and condos, and literally pack more people into cities.” Westword, Denver, CO, March 2020

Does that path make sense? Do the disease vectors that it will further make for a healthy future? Wockner asked scary questions, such as “who” drives this insane growth paradigm? What’s their end solution to all the consequences they create by their adhering to a senseless ‘growth’ paradigm?

For three decades, I’ve reported on our growing consequences that are now catching up to what’s happening in Bangladesh, Mexico, China and India.

We’re literally growing our population into the quagmire already being suffered by those countries. And yet, who has spoken up across the nation to change to a sustainable and stabilized population paradigm?

Are we not in trouble as a civilization? Do we want to continue on this ‘growth’ path-paradigm until we become another India? Can we support or survive the diseases or pandemics brought to us by importing another 110 million foreigners and their children? Are you going to stand by to see your children perish in this old paradigm? What will you do about it to change course?

Last week, radio talk show host of Ohio Exopolitics interviewed yours truly for 30 minutes on the subject of overpopulation, health and what we face. You may find it interesting.

Mark Snider interview with Frosty Wooldridge, March 27, 2020 on Ohio Exopolitics: “America’s overpopulation predicament, diseases and the future.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Kzq2LD8bgE
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