What The Truth Of 911 Really Is: …

The story of 911 would continue to unravel endlessly unless we Americans put a stop to it. It is time to put this wounding tragedy behind us, and move on.

911 is probably the only hard to forget historic event of foreign-based terrorism that ever occurred in the

United States of America

. The real truth of what actually happened will never be known. The truth can only be “theorized”, postulated, “axiomized” or intensely speculated by both the enemies and defenders of the State but can never be established beyond any reasonable doubt.

And yet, we the innocent American public, as if drawn into this raging battle of endless speculations, haven’t stop conjecturing ourselves that maybe 911 was the dirty work of the Government, not Osama bin Laden’s highly trained and globally-organized religious army of assassins. And guess what … we could not stop ruminating and arguing about this possibility in the darkside, perhaps till hell freezes over. In fact we are just running around the bush, like a puppy sprinting, jumping and spinning in circle chasing a red ribbon tied to its tail.

I have tracked down those “theories” of fast-talking Government attackers and as if darting in front of a car they are now getting tired and spent, while I see those defending the Government running after the same car figuratively catching the dusts and inhaling the exhaust and therefore literally getting so EXHAUSTED from behind! In short, the latter are badly battered, scandalized and literally abused by angry government conspiracy theorists describing them as government lapdogs who ignored the evil of the American people themselves and their Government that conspired to kill their fellowmen in this 911 infamy… it is so weird, so surreal, to say the least!

What’s seems to be the only thing real about all these very disturbing facades is that the public witnesses those hypothetical dogfights — literally the battle of fighting dogs whose tails wagged a lot of puppy tales in the eyes of the American public. It’s time to put an end to those hostile stories, after all these are but a stupid speculation race to nowhere, more so when we pretend to know that which we didn’t know anything about.

“ Truthers” or by definition “idealists”, and their nemeses, the anti-conspiracy Government defenders — by definition let’s call them “realists”, the presenters of “observable” facts — both confused the difference between “theory” and “hypothesis” or speculation that make their respective positions in the debate highly untenable. Most often than not, their casualty is logic. When they lost the art of logical reasoning, the commit a great insult to the intelligence of the general public.

According to the United States National Academy of Sciences, scientific theories are “being well supported by evidence, although scientists sometimes also use the word "theory" to describe untested but intricate hypotheses.”

Most if not all the theories that the Government orchestrated 911 are hardly supported by evidence. To be acceptable, conjectures should be supported by evidence, not by bitterness or by angry innuendoes that crucify the Government more than proving anything that the people running the Government are the 911 culprits.

On the other hand, a hypothesis is an assumption, a theoretical hypothesis that presents a finding or conclusion that has not yet been adequately tested by observation or experiment. Thus hypothesis is only PREDICTION, a guesswork yet to be tested, while a theory is “a prediction-making conceptual framework that is CONSISTENT with data.” But being consistent with data, is not necessarily consistent with the “truth” of what really happened or likely to happen.

Earlier on, even Albert Einstein was wrong in his relativity theory when he “theorized” that “There must be a force that keeps the universe steady otherwise … it would either expand to infinity or collapse under its own gravity.” Edwin Hubble later on discovered that “the universe was indeed expanding”. Einstein declared that as a theorist, he committed "the greatest blunder of my life.”

This simply means that a theory is an explanation of an observed phenomenon yet to be proven. A better explanation may surface later on and by itself disprove the theory.

This latest Molten Aluminum Theory that allegedly led to the collapse of the



, appears to be compatible with the scientific data that was presented and thoroughly discussed. Simensen of Aluminum International Today, argues that “melting aluminum from the airplane bodies chemically reacted with water in the buildings’ sprinkler systems, setting off the explosions that felled the




Scientifically, this chemical reaction theory could indeed, create explosion. However, the theory itself violates another established and proven theory – that of the law of cause and effect. The “observable” cause of the explosion and destruction that occurred in 911was the hijacked airlines in the air speeding at a certain velocity that rammed and exploded in the buildings, which in effect, resulted in the collapse of the structures and other affected nearby structures. It is this “observed” cause that the buildings collapsed [effect]. Without it, buildings would not have collapsed. It is foolish to argue [and here’s where the sense of logic is lost] that even without the renegade airlines hitting the buildings, the structures would have collapsed anyway, maybe some time later!

Furthermore, substituting molten aluminum as the cause of the collapse of the building, has not yet been adequately tested by observation or experiment conducted on extremely large edifices as huge as the stricken




New York

. Otherwise, this scientific theory – or this certain theory that attempts to be scientific — would have been viable or “believable”, not just another story of a puppy chasing the red ribbon tied to its tail.

Simensen missed that golden opportunity to scientifically recreate this aluminum theory to make it similar to the Theory of Evolution, the Germ Theory of Disease or that of The Theory of Gravity in order to be universally acceptable. As an “observed” phenomenon, gravity “like evolution”, is an accepted fact, although later, the Theory of Creation, had undermined the credibility of the biological Theory of Evolution.

But as basis of argument, to “assume as truthful or accurate premise or axiom” that it was the Government – not the 911 Al Qaeda airline hijackers – that killed thousands of Americans on that fateful day of our national outrage, is totally an OBSCENE PROPOSITION, especially if it is coming from politicians that want to become president of the United States. The proposal has no moral compunction to make it humanly possible in the present order of things, and in our civilized structured System of political governance – not that of beasts in the jungle – in short, it is not compatible with the very nature of society we live in.

First it is against our human nature as a people — and beyond the realm of possibility, knowing ourselves and proud to be a great nation of Americans that we truly are, always ready to DEFEND its patrimony and PROTECT its people from harm, a nation that when challenged in war would die for the stars and stripes anytime at a drop of a hat — to annihilate thousands of fellow-Americans so that the enemy in this war on terror will win.

That kind of devilry can only exist in literary fiction, i.e. in Shakespeare’s extremely fertile imagination as shown in Macbeth where to be moral and righteous is an exception to a normal life of treason, betrayal and treachery. That’s just outright fantasy in the world of Victorian Literature … and mind you, that’s even British, not American.

Secondly, this conspiracy theory is presented as a “small” secretive or kind of “exclusive” devilish scheme as it could be, or a clandestine design less complicated as it appears to be, as if it was only a “plot” that involves a handful of people to carry it out to a successful conclusion. This sort of theoretical assumption defies reality, because if is a Government conspiracy, thousands of people, not just a few, would have been involved. And that should not be a limited secret conspiracy anymore. The whole world will know … and yet, not a whimper to that effect.

The fact that theorists had limited their theory’s supposed secrecy to only a few conspirators is by its very nature, contradictory. It is illogical to pretend that the conspiracy was really a big plan to commit a mass murder considering that the whole United States Government was involved, and at the same time pretend that it was only confined to a few people in the Government who conspired to cabal with genuine Islamic terrorists to destroy buildings in New York and Washington, D.C. and to murder thousands of innocent Americans in an appointed day. Neither is it theoretically practical or alternatively possible without one negating the other in the realm of possibility or of being consistent with reality.

In suggesting this indecent proposal or shockingly crude or vulgar postulate that it was the President of the United States himself who orchestrated 911, speaks of an illicit behavior of a theorist who is courting the American public for approval, and as if sexual in nature, becomes intellectually repulsive and therefore morally abhorred and rejected. Only those who hate the Government find solace in identifying themselves with this indecent proposal. To criticize the Government is all right, but it should not be for the wrong reason, or for juvenile reasons that insult the intelligence of the American public.

The possibility of certain cover-up on the part of the Government cannot of course be discounted. Does this alter the truth that terrorists – whether or not proven to be Government terrorist or Al Qaeda terrorists — did it? Of course not … it does not connect … it’s irrelevant and not just beside the point but a total disconnect from whatever the truth is.

The wreckage of United Airlines Flight 93 that reportedly struck the Pentagon was nowhere to be found. The public was only staring at the hole in the ground, where the jet plane had supposedly impacted.

That alone would suggest a postulate or theory that United Airlines Flight 93 could have been shot down by government fighter planes while in flight and only a heavy metal fragment of the blown up airline fell on that ground where the mysterious gaping hole was found. Or maybe a heat-seeking rocket or missile from the shooting military jetfighters had landed on the ground. These theories although unproven are plausible because at that time the Military Command had given an order to shoot down any airplane on flight and hijacked Flight 93 was the only commercial airline still left in the air. True under that military order civilian passengers of the ill-fated airline perished — sacrificed, if you may — and yet it could have been worse and more could have died had the hijackers landed it on the White House or hit the Congress building had Flight 93 not been purposely blown up in the air.

In a dire situation like this, cover-up is possible, why not? That much is what we knew. But what else do you want to know anyway … know that which was meant to be unknowable?

On the contrary, we are aware of this floating oxymoron from Confucius that anyone who pretends to know everything knows nothing

It had happened and we know it is time to put this painful experience – this everyday reminder of a stabbing treachery worse than

Pearl Harbor

– to rest. Opening the wound in the heart of this gravely injured nation day in and day out is not the right way to get over with this horrible hump in life … we have to put not only this tragedy but the tragedy of not knowing exactly what the truth of 911 is, behind us and move on.

© Copyright by Edwin A. Sumcad. Column Access NWS September 2011.

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