….Located in southern Africa, Rhodesia was a nation with a European minority which ruled over black Africans. Rhodesian government and society were badly flawed, and it was racist. But black Rhodesians had a better standard of living than black people anywhere else in Africa and black Africans smuggled themselves into Rhodesia for good paying jobs and a more comfortable life.

World opinion hated Rhodesia. It was a very isolated country, subject to boycotts, exclusions from international organizations and constant condemnation by the politically correct media of the world.

It was a technologically advanced and sophisticated country, which could easily destroy any of its neighbors and suppress local insurrections, and which was repeatedly militarily victorious.

Salisbury and Bulawayo were the major cities. Modern and industrialized, they were the base for an economy that was widely believed to be strengthened, rather than hindered, by sanctions.

Somewhere along the line Rhodesia just lost the will to fight. The country, to put it simply, self -annihilated. In 1979 the government allowed violent Black Nationalist parties into the mainstream of the political process in an ill advised power sharing program. White flight began and a Marxist dictator by the name of Robert Mugabe emerged in solid control of the country, and remains dictator to this day. Rhodesia's only ally, South Africa, had abandoned support, and many white Rhodesians fled to South Africa.

The safety of those white people who remained in Rhodesia has been a continuous problem. Murder, rape and confiscation of assets have been the rule, not the exception. Most are now gone.

The dynamic city of Salisbury, renamed Harare, is a dysfunctional Third World city. Rhodesia itself is renamed Zimbabwe and its once thriving economy is a shambles with a worthless currency, brutal repressive state machinery and a population which hates and fears its government.

Sadly, Israel is enthusiastically signing up to be the next Rhodesia. Like Rhodesia, it is beset by weaker guerrilla armies’ intent on its destruction who are supported by foreign powers.

Like Rhodesia, it is subject to boycotts and isolation in many quarters and is disliked by the politically correct world.

Like Rhodesia, its leaders are very ready to make drastic compromises under foreign pressure which clearly jeopardize the country's existence and character.

Like Rhodesia, Israel has the capacity to annihilate its enemies in a day or two but is too cowered by inhibitions. It is certainly a nuclear power, has a respected air force, and technology that makes it no less than the third or fourth strongest military power on Earth, yet, like Rhodesia., it no longer wishes to exist. Mark my words.

Unlike Rhodesia which excluded black folk from its political processes, Israel has always had Arab citizens who vote, hold office and participate actively in the mainstream of the economy and society. It is in no sense a racist society.

However, it is besieged by Palestinian Arab enemies who clearly want the whole Jewish population of the country dead and whom have massacred Jewish men, women and babies with glee, with the material support of Iran and the Bush family's good friends, the Saudi royal family.

Oil industry harlot Condoleezza Rice, at the behest of the Bush-Baker petro pimps, is now convincing Israeli Prime Minister Olmert to withdraw from Israel's vital territories of Judea and Samaria, and even much of Jerusalem. Not only will this leave Israel subject to even more deadly rocket attacks, it means the loss of historically and religiously significant locales that will separate Israel from much of its Biblical heritage and will further psychologically weaken the country.

The brain drain has started. Israelis are flocking to California, Massachusetts and New York to avoid living under the terrorist threats that policies of weakness have created.

If there is any question about Olmert's lack of competence, note what happened when he ordered Israel to abandon Gaza. Daily rocket attacks on adjacent cities have created near ghost towns as the population is fleeing. Rather than block utilities and drench the savages with some well deserved napalm, Olmert is a perpetual capitulationist. In Lebanon, the enemy stockpiles missiles with bacteria warheads.

Israel's disease of empathy for its genocidal adversaries and pandering to terrorists who see every goodwill gesture as weakness is leading to its rapid destruction.

History since time immemorial is filled with the legacies of countries such as Rhodesia that lacked the vision and resolve to prevent the awful consequences of living under hostile adversaries.

Israel, founded after the Jews experienced the worst possible consequences of being a minority in Europe, is going further than Rhodesia ever did in ensuring its own demise. It is actively supporting one terrorist faction against the other, in hopes it will win a friend. This has steadily proven illusory, counter productive and dangerous.

The Israelis do not seem good students of history. I hope they will prove me wrong.

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