What Happened to my School

I attended high School in

San Francisco

as you can see by the picture it was a nice looking school, I did not think so at the time but that is the way us humans think, we never appreciate what we have when we have it. It takes a long time to learn that and by then it is too late.

I took a trip back to my old school just a few months ago after being away from it for almost forty years, I was appalled by what I saw, first there was huge fence surrounding the school like a prison, there was graffiti all over the side walk ie don’t let the military pimp you, down with whitey,Viva Mexico and trash all over. I walked into the school with my memories of how it looked 40 years ago when I attended there was a student body of over 3,000 students I was told now there were only 700 the first thing I noticed was the paint on the floor of the hallways spattered paint and not one picture of an American flag. The only American flag was in front of the School I did see pictures of Mexican flags and homosexual and Asian flags.

What happened I thought to my self as I went into the office to get clearance to walk around the school? After I got clearance I walked down the halls in a daze could this be the United States I thought to my self what a time warp I was going thru there was not one white person in the school except couple of women who worked in the office I know that time changes all neighborhoods and our schools, but this was preventable

The tax base in my old neighborhood was slim to none as there are so many illegal’s from not just Mexico but China and other countries that do not like our country and hate America, but come here to drain our country and to destroy our way of life. We play by the rules they have no rules, it is ok for anyone who is not white to be a racist, for example in China town in San Francisco the signs in the stores are in Chinese because the prices are lower for the people who can read Chinese, I have sat in Chinese restaurants and watched as they would ring up every other sale as there is no paper trail for vendors as they trade with each other, also there labor costs is almost nil as they use Illegal’s who are brought in by snake heads, how can our businesses who play by the rules for the most part compete? They can’t!

Red China and Mexico have a army here due to Illegal immigration, I have witnessed first hand what happened to my city of San Francisco wake up America we are becoming a third world country with no values, there are many countries in the world who look to us a beacon of hope they can see what is happening but the American people have been lulled to sleep on the most part because of the media and our politicians whose loyalties are to their slave masters IE Corporations, The Catholic Church and the Various minority groups, and the special interests groups who give them money. As President Dwight David Eisenhower once said “Beware of the Military Industrial complex. Ike was the only president to do something about illegal’s it. He had one million illegal’s rounded up and deported being a general he knew an invasion when he saw one. Where is Ike when we need him most?

P.S.: Pleasewatch the movie "Red Dawn". John Clark

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