Well, Why Not Post A Yellow Message”? Good Idea!

… I won't illuminate here, but I know that you get my point. The liberal, "lame stream" media will not post the truth! So what can we do?

Well, I have an idea…………….

You are all familiar with the "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" song. Well, why not Post a Yellow Message"? It's simple, just write down your feelings about this liberal government on a post-it note pad and leave them everywhere you go. Keep a pack of post-it notes in you pocket or wallet and leave them everywhere with messages like:

1) Your children will never live to pay off the trillions that Obama is spending.

2) Where is his birth certificate?

3) Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama, YOU ARE LESS FREE!


5) Barack Obama, turning off the light at the end of your tunnel!

Hey, exercise your right of free speech before B.H.O. and the liberals/progressives take it away!

I think you get the drift. You could even have some custom printed. Conservative organizations could run a contest for the best post-it messages and places to leave them and then place those ideas on-line. You could also flood the web with the idea.

Where to leave them? You can post them everywhere and anywhere you think someone might see them. Sure, the liberals will take them down. But it's likely, if enough folks participate, that the word will spread and the campaign could overwhelm the opposition.

So why won't it work for the liberals? It's simple, most of them are stupid. Otherwise they wouldn't be liberals. 😉

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