Welcome and thank you for your interest in the National Writers Syndicate .com.

We aim to be the first and last stop in your publishing needs. As we have declared, “you create it & we will publish it!”

No longer will anyone stand in your way of becoming a recognized author by refusing to publish your hard and creative works.

National Writers Syndicate .com, will be providing a website featuring on-line publications in the nature of all types of literary works; online publishing services; Electronic publishing services, namely, publications of text and graphic works of others online via an internet website featuring, literary works, namely, movie scripts, news articles, play writes, lyrics, poetry, letters, term papers, thesis, press articles, op/ed, and blogs, visual works, namely, paintings, drawings, cartoons, caricatures, photographs, motion pictures, and auditory works, namely, music, speeches, and recorded natural phenomena and providing on-line forums for transmission of messages among computer users concerning any type of literary, auditory and visual forms of artwork.

We at the National Writers Syndicate believe that the ‘People’, not editors, agents or any form of gate keeper should decide what it is that people wish to or should read. Having said that, we are not willing to accept ‘porno’ of any kind or ‘nasty name calling’, this must be understood, by you, when you consider becoming an author, by being published here at the National Writers Syndicate .com.

In fact we at the National Writers Syndicate .com, do not believe it is in the best interest of the this nation to have just a few ‘special’ individuals decide who should be published. Nor in fact, who should or can become a recognized author or painter or composer, song writer, news provider, video or film maker, book writer, a movie screen writer and any other type of creative endeavor that the people of this great nation are capable of.

This National effort on our part is based on the fundamental idea that in the wide open ‘market place of ideas’, those ideas that are best will in fact succeed.

So, we bring you National Writers Syndicate .com, jump in the water is fine.