We Won!

….How do we know? Simple. Just follow the money. European and Asian investment companies are beating a path to Iraq, money in hand. Iraqi Airlines is flying high thanks to a colossal $5.5 billion contract with Boeing and the United Arab Emirates just canceled billions of dollars of Iraqi debt as they moved to restore a diplomatic mission in Baghdad.

When foreign countries start investing billions of dollars in a country, its a safe bet they are aware of the risks involved. And, unlike the old news media and our elected Democrat officials, they see a relatively stable country ripe for investment.

The influx of foreign investment is largely due to the improved security in Iraq, which continues to improve even after the withdrawal of nearly 25% of U.S. combat brigades. The Joint Chiefs of Staff recently acknowledged cautiously that security 'is on its way to becoming sustainable.'

American and Iraqi forces have driven Al-Qaeda in Iraq out of its last redoubt in the north of the country in the culmination of one of the most spectacular victories of the war on terror. Al-Maliki, Iraq's prime minister said that "the government has defeated terrorism in the country." Pretty unequivocal. In fact, things are going so well in Iraq that the discussion has now shifted to a timetable for more troop withdrawals.

The American media is silent on all this good news, possibly out of embarrassment for being so incredibly wrong on pretty much every single issue having to do with Iraq. They would like to forget their near universal scorn for the now successful surge. The Democrats had declared defeat and there was no way they would accept anything more. The media trumpeted their views. Lo and behold, the surge worked. Horror of horrors, Bush was right.

When evidence of the progress on the ground was too overwhelming to ignore, new talking points emerged on the left. Democrats avowed that our military victory meant nothing. (Think about that a second) What really mattered, they intoned with one voice, was the political progress, as measured by Congressionally established benchmarks.

More horrors. It appears that a March 2008 report shows that the Iraqis have met 15 of the 18 benchmarks. The silence from the left, and the old media is now deafening.

Desperate to ignore any and all evidence of our astounding victory, the left, aided and abetted by the old media, continue to desperately search for any smidgen of bad news from Iraq. Not finding any, new talking points are starting to emerge. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the left has moved its focus off Iraq – to Afghanistan. The war has merely shifted, they say. We haven't won, they claim. For shame!

Even in Afghanistan, the tide is turning. But don't expect to get the straight poop from our elected officials or our very own media. They will continue their 45 year strategy of re-defining reality to their own liking, unaware that the world has changed. The media no longer has a lock on what news Americans hear and Democrats no longer have a lock on defining the issues.

The good news is, the old media is breathing its last biased breath. Even experts are astonished at the rapid rate of decline of this once robust profession. Prime indicators of this decline: New York Times stock is rated one step above junk bond status and the Los Angeles Times, for the first time in their history, had to lay off 250 jobs, 150 of them newsroom jobs. Yet, despite market realities, the old media continue to cling to the notion that the liberal point of view is the only valid one. Hasta la vista, baby.

The Democrats are also starting to see the writing on the wall, with congressional approval ratings in the single digits for the first time ever. Even Obama, the most liberal of all Senators, is having to do the flip-flop two step regarding Iraq, allowing that the surge has achieved some stability and that the next president would be foolish to fritter away those gains – much to the dismay of his followers, who have invested their whole lives in the notion that America is the bad guy and terrorists are merely freedom fighters.

The notion that America is a force for good in the world is not one liberals will ever embrace. Its called cognitive dissonance. And just as they cling to the notion that Alger Hiss was innocent and Che Guevera was a hero, they will continue to believe their own definition of reality, despite any and all evidence to the contrary. To admit they were wrong would invalidate them. And everything is about them.

The reality is that America has accomplished the impossible in Iraq, giving millions of Iraqi people a chance to obtain the very freedoms the old media and liberals so casually pervert. God Bless America.

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Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com

She lives in South Carolina

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