… We the People Can “Deem” We Paid Our Taxes

In what is ‘now’ known as the "Slaughter Rule" and/or the seditious and treasonous [Congressional Democratic party’s unconstitutional process of and in effect] — "Deem and Pass" –the newly created – House of Representatives ‘rule’ — wherein no congressional ‘House of Representatives’ vote is required to pass the ‘Senates’ — Obamacare Nightmare — Health care-less bill, (why) because no one wants it,I personally have a solution to the entire problem.

If the seditious democrat party members now occupying and totally controlling this 111th Congress, attempt to use and impose / enforce the dictatorial "Deem and Pass" rule in order to ram the – alleged US, anti-American heritage, President, B.Hussein.O, — healthcarebill through the democrat controlled congress without actually having the Constitutionally Mandated, entire Congressional ‘House of Representatives’ actually being involved and clearly ‘free’ to vote on it,well then I posit that, We the People can then justifiably "Deem" that ‘we the people’ have all paid to our federal government employees the ‘allegedly – according to them — owed to them’ income taxes and as well as completely disregarding the “Deem and Pass” Democrat bull-crap Tyranny / Fascist communist/socialist ‘Law’– which they have unconstitutionally & queerly passed after which the Democrat Party will claim to control the very G-d given Free and Liberty driven lives of every Cognizant American.

Well, then let the fools at the IRS and the Federal government try to enforce their "emperor-has-no-clothes" statutes upon the millions upon millions of Free Americans saying that the IRS allege that “We The People" allegedly didn't pay their taxes.I'm sure they'll attempt to make an example of a few dozen, but when millions upon millions "Deem" their taxes paid, how will the government reconcile that?

Over the past year, we’ve watched the political spectacle called the universal health care plan unfold. While the plan is complicated, the process is relatively simple to understand and has become more and more unsavory.

Democrats initially wanted to pass Obama’s health care plan because they really believed that a government universal health care plan was the right thing to do. I’m convinced that when some unfavorable details became known by the public and the impetus to pass it faltered in December and January, some Democrats are now more worried about their individual political futures. How can Democrats explain a year wasted on attempting and failing to pass health care that most Americans don’t like?How else can the newest political twist in the history of Obama’s health care be understood?That latest twist is called by several names: the “Slaughter rule,” “the self-executing” and “deem and pass rule.”

By whatever name you call it, the Senate version of Obama’s health care plan would be “deemed to pass” the House without a vote. I didn’t believe that anybody would be so cowardly that they would try to avoid a roll call vote on that bill. Unfortunately, this week Democrats are seriously considering avoiding a direct vote on health care. When I studied high school civics many, many years ago, I don’t remember studying the “deem and pass” rule.

About that same time, I do remember seeing “Mr. Smith Goes to

Washington.” Jimmy Stewart, an idealistic leader of boys from a western state, goes to

Washington to take a seat in the Senate and is defamed by the corrupt, senior Senator from his state. All by himself, Stewart uses the filibuster to thwart the senior senator’s plot to defraud the government.

Corruption is exposed and Jimmy Stewart triumphs. We need a new Jimmy Stewart to step forward now and say avoiding a direct vote on something as important as Obama’s health care plan is not right. Our representatives should have Mr. Smith’s integrity and not scurry away from the spotlight when the spotlight is uncomfortable.

In the final analysis, Obama’s health care would pass if it were a good idea.

Since it is not a good idea, supporters have vowed to pass it by any means possible including the Oath of Office, fraud and the bribing of other Senators with special political deals and the deliberate and intentional violation/s of their individual Constitutional and Mandated Oath of Office.

If this nightmare bill is passed, I anticipate huge constitutional challenges, including Mark Levin and Landmark Legal Foundation's currently drafted lawsuit to be immediately filed to overthrow this Un-Constitutional abomination.

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