We Shall Remain…Conservative

….socialist, liberal nation of whining government teat suckers is like Paul Bunyan watching his blue ox “Babe” being converted to bouillon cubes. Americans were eager and easy to be led because they were lazy and slothful and sacrificed clarity for something that sounded like “hope.” The gallant, dashing, heroic courage of noble-minded behavior that was once so quintessentially American has become the human portrayal of hollowness, and in my rage I wonder if my words aren’t sucked into the dead blank screen of my computer like water pulled down a drain carrying with them only the merest hint of personal connection with you, the reader.

I fully understand and grasp the animosity and hatred I have for liberals as they hungrily inhale the rancid stench of America’s downfall. I cannot understand the animosity and hatred which they have for our system. These are the people who would degrade our finest military personnel while calling a Jihad terrorist “freedom fighter.” How is a mind so twisted? Those who scream for money in education, then use those monies for the perverse social engineering classes of homosexuality and transgender understanding, diversity training and multiculturalism. The same mind that was so eager to throw God away from our children eagerly grasps and sympathizes with the murdering monolith of Islam. How can the leftist believer reach out in solidarity with the most gay-hating, woman-hating and minority-hating force on earth? Why do liberal feminists ignore the suffering of millions of women living under Islamic gender apartheid?

The group who pretends to be for children yet aggressively slaughters them as a “choice.” For these people, and those who degrade our flag, our nation, and heap rock star adulation upon totalitarian dictators in regimes under which you would be annihilated, I have nothing but bitter contempt for you. As a writer I face the fact that ordinary lives are what most people live, and yet my narrations of the bizarre lifestyles and thoughts of the liberal are as different from this nation’s values and principles as a cool spring is to a reservoir of slime. I am reminded of “moral law” in that we are born knowing right from wrong; yet I see liberals follow Satan in their continued degradation of our culture, our women, our children, our heritage, and our country.

The Sora Tribe in India has the most hard to understand numbering system on our planet: Four-twenty-twelve-one = 93. I can at least grasp the concept of this system, where I cannot grasp the liberal concepts of trees and animals over humans, socialism over free enterprise, free entitlements over hard work, criminals as victims over law and justice, persecuting those who work hard and strive to achieve over those who expect “fairness” to be handed to them. Interestingly, Soras are known as the Robin Hood tribe of India, often robbing the rich to distribute to the poor. Like liberals, they want to penalize anyone who strives and succeeds. I cannot grasp the liberal mind unable to see that third world immigrants arrive with a host of social and medical problems and large families. Without training and skills low paying jobs often drive them into crime, as their families become social burdens on the backs of American citizens. Foolishness breaking the back of America, liberals are trying hard to turn America into an impoverished, sick nation which is reliant upon the government for its very existence and sustenance.

For the rest of you: the sane, the ones who value hard science, math and reading as the foundation of children’s education, we remain conservatives. We must continue showing liberals how ridiculous they are until we have leadership back in charge that is Godly and committed to serving this nation in the interest of what bespeaks a society to foster orderly and clean living. We must support a candidate whose actions portray the spirit, traditions, values, ethics and morals of the American way of life. We seek leadership that does NOT signal every terrorist on the planet that we are a sorry, groveling, ashamed nation worshipping at the confessional of surrender. We need leadership that does not tout transparency while concealing everything and appointing crooks and incompetents or feigning optimism while speaking of “catastrophe.” Conservatives need a real American citizen back at our helm; one that will remove government from our lives and not inject more into it; one who realizes if people who actually hire workers are forced to pay higher taxes they will not hire as many workers. Conservatives must find a national voice that thoroughly understands that Europe’s determination to be inclusive and multicultural burdened the continent into bankruptcy and allowed Islam to take control. Is this America's future: Redeeming the demons from a man who found solace in his 'hate-America' mentors and their alltogether self evident hatred of whites?"

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