We Seemed To Have Forgotten — Editorial Analysis Part II: …

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

… Democracy Is Government Of The Mob

The liberal left had no shame in saying repeatedly in public that President Donald Trump was not elected by the “majority” of the American people. It is more of spite than spin.

In our electoral system, the President is not elected directly by the majority of the American people. We have a system called the Electoral College that embodies a proportionate representation of the porous population of the entire nation living in small and large States with different interests that are not necessarily homogeneous but even contentious and contradictory. The Electoral College was designed to see to it that those different interests of small and large States are proportionately represented in the election of the President in a Representative Democracy like ours as opposed to what the ancient Greeks and Romans called the “evil” of Pure Democracy that directly elects the head of state.

This is explained in detail in Part I of this editorial discourse. Because we have this Electoral College, Hillary Clinton did not become President even though by sheer head-count the “majority” of the American people especially in large States like California voted for her in the 2016 presidential election. We should not therefore wonder why the “Demorats” and their gang of leftish radicals do not only want to abolish ICE and declare an open border for the invasion of this country by hordes of illegal immigrants not only from Central America but from different countries of the world whether or not these are friends or foes. It is public knowledge that they use their votes to win elections. Together with ICE they want also to abolish the Electoral College.

And here is the bone of contention in this whole analytical presentation I intend to chew on for a moment to make it easier for anyone to follow and swallow if you may: It is obvious what kind of “evil” the nation is saved from this calamitous concept of Pure Democracy had Hillary Clinton been plainly and openly elected President by the people simply by writing down her name in the ballots. For lack of space, the many faces of this “evil” that I am referring to is too long to enumerate and describe.

But not to frustrate ordinary Americans who are eager to know more about this “evil” of Pure Democracy, let us just mention a few of them: Had Hillary Clinton been directly elected by the majority of the American people out of mere head-count, that presidency would have been a government that would tear down and burn our national flag in the name of freedom; that presidency would be the rule of the angry and violent liberal-left mob that confront and scandalize political opponents in public places, topples down monuments and erases the nation’s glorious historical past as well as eradicates our great national heritage; reduces our mightiest military capability to that of the third world thereby opening the country to invasion by rival military powers on the ledge watching us and ready to launch an attack whenever opportunity presents itself.

It would have been a presidency that mocks the Constitution with such unbelievable contempt where there will be no longer due process and presumption of innocence of the accused until proven guilty; a government that would bring Hitler’s holocaust into the womb of a pregnant woman where a baby about to be delivered or just delivered is to be killed in the name of pro-choice. Unborn babies doomed to die in a way similar to babies dying in a gas chamber in Hitler’s time, or decapitated to death using instruments of mutilation in that animalistic manner hiding behind the most benign terms in our vocabulary called “pro-choice” and “abortion” is beyond human comprehension.

And as if that is not the worst if it, that presidency would have been a government that politicized our powerful intelligence community – the DOJ, FBI, CIA and other intelligence and security services – and use them against American citizens, specifically political opponents, to secure a certain kind of covert dictatorship of the governing few with Hillary Clinton as the nation’s Commander-in-Chief.

These orchestrated politicized intelligence agencies acting in concert under the baton of the Obama-Clinton cult, i.e., DOJ, FBI and CIA, had attempted and still attempting a coup against the President of the United States using the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to usurp presidential power, according to the latest revelation-confession of dismissed FBI Director Andrew McCabe who probably is going to jail, together with other conspirators. They can be all arrested once President Trump decides to use his constitutional power like what President Abraham Lincoln once did to protect the Union and the American people from unelected bureaucrats plotting to take over the government.

The mouthpiece of the left like the Pelosi-Schumer tandem would have had the Clinton presidency officially declared border walls immoral, and as they are declaring now that there is no crisis in our southern border where thousands of migrants wanting to enter the country are about to cross our boundary line with Mexico.

To that presidency, there will still be no crisis in our southern border even if this massive force of humanity claiming to seek asylum, acting under the order of their coyote sponsors (human smugglers and traffickers) to cross our southern boundary line, lunge forward at the same time like a run-a-away train with their battle cry and whatever weapons they have – the saliva of the curse of the dumb and doomed, stones, rocks, sticks, hidden knives and guns – and overrun our fully armed border guards and military with orders to stop the invasion at any cost.

There will still be no crisis in our southern border to that presidency even if our military guards fire their automatic weapons on the charging hordes to stop the invasion where there is no border wall, God forbids. That Wall Pelosi called immoral, would have prevented such horrendous massacre which then would have been recorded as an infamy in the darkest history of humankind.

Finally, of this cited few “evils” of Pure Democracy of which the Electoral College was designed against by electing a President in a Representative Democracy, Hillary Clinton’s presidency would have been a government that cabal with the powerful and corrupted Media using fake news to blindside the people in order to perpetuate that government in power, and perhaps could be stopped only when the American people do their own “Storming of the Bastille” to liberate themselves.

The powerful Fake Media and the democratic left (some call them the “demonic left”) which then a political-nobody named Donald Trump ingloriously defeated in the last 2016 election in what is known in the gambling world of Poker as “a runner-runner bad beat”, had closed rank and decided jointly to do battle with President Trump and damage his presidency to avenge their embarrassing defeat. They no longer recognize the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. To them Trump is not President but just a bum that in 2016 had knocked them out with a straight punch right on the nose and a mule-kick in the ass.

Today like hoodlums I have described in my other writings as denizens of the dark infesting New York’s dangerous subways, those vengeful losers lay in ambush 24/7 on anything Trump say or do, and kicking back Trump’s behind in every opportunity they have, and without let up attack and harm his presidency, destroy any person and anything connected to or associated with him. This reminds us of people going to jail under the Mueller investigation – an investigation seeking Trump’s Russian collusion and found nothing and instead found scapegoats whose lives were ruined because they just happened to be Trump supporters. Such demonic vengeance does not dwell in the conscience of man. It is Satanic and could only come from the darkest side of the underworld, jumping out from the eternal fires of hell. They became those dreaded characters of the Silent Hills.

Don’t be alarmed why all Media news reports except that of Fox News and NationalWrittersSyndicate.com that I am aware of, did not only continue to be fake but the major Press in the beltway, television networks and the hostile social media are now inflammatory, libelous and seditious.

It is not only that Journalism is dead to the surprise of many, but in fact journalists had turned themselves into active insurgents actually attacking the President and the government. If for national security and survival of the State President Trump decides and order them all arrested, he will not be the first President to do that. President Abraham Lincoln had all the insurgent press people arrested prior to the Civil War. That power of the President to put them in jail is in Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution.

There was a challenge to Lincoln from the Judiciary but it was simply ignored. Anyone can fact-check this. Again that’s because the constitutional duty to protect the nation at any time when in peril is incumbent upon the President as Commander-in-Chief, not on the Judiciary or Congress.

For sure had Hillary Clinton been President, Washington Post, New York Times and their look-a-likes, CNN, MSMB, NBC, Buzzfeed and their social media derivatives could have been commissioned as the nation’s News-Dogs of the government for the “Enlightenment” of the masses no different from the Parole der Woche Wandzeitungen, the propaganda mouthpiece of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Today’s insurgent Media – a powerful twister of the people’s mind – produced this current character-assassin Triad in Congress purposely to character-assassinate President Trump and destroy his presidency. In harassing Trump, the insurgent Fake Media celebrates the election of the Triad to the U.S. Congress. They became their priority “stars” in all news outlets. In my opinion, it is clear to me that the objective of fronting them up as celebrity “stars” is to change this Capitalist country to Socialism and for all Americans to accept Islamism as the new inclusive American way of life.

As an ideology, Islamic radicals claim (surf the Net) that under Sharia Law, Pan-Islamism is a force that could unify all Americans of different races, beliefs and persuasions, bring forth peace between and among Muslims, Christians and peoples of different religious beliefs that inhabit this planet.

Triad active members are Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) of New York, Michigan’s 13th district Rep. Rashida Tlaib (RT), and lhan Abdullahi Omar (IAO) of the 5th district of Minnesota.

AOC is a young socialist “ignoramus” that just came out from nowhere the insurgent Media promotes against Trump to spite Trump’s presidential intelligence in running the country that produced tremendous results, delegitimatize his presidency and mock the America he as President is making great again.

On television, conservative political commentator and author Ben Shapiro called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ignoramus witnessed by 14,392 viewers. But a lot more referred to her as an “idiot”. It’s all over the internet.

On the other hand, RT acts like a jihadist whose root-race came from the Middle East. Perhaps the only reason why the seditious Fake Media makes a darling out of this radical nobody is because she was elected to Congress to destroy Israel. She acts like the mouthpiece of Hamas in U.S. Congress for the destruction of Israel.

There is no doubt that RT is obscene in language. Notice her first salvo against Trump in Congress: “We’re gonna impeach the motherf___.”

Based on what was published in the Web and read by millions, this is my opinion on RT’s role in Congress: Had Ammar Campa-Najjar won the mid-term election against Rep. Duncan Hunter for the 50th Congressional District of California, Tlaib would have a formidable partner in promoting rhetorical Islamic jihadism in Capitol Hill.

By the way, Najjar is “the grandson of a Palestinian terrorist who was Yasser Arafat’s deputy and was involved in the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany . . .” (heavy.com news alert). This shows that even the most radical voters of the left in California were fearful to put a terrorist or a terrorist-enabler in the Hall of Congress. This is how I would pose a warning about RT’s “mission” in Congress as an active member of the anti-Trump Triad.

IAO is a Somalian-American representative who by a deluge of published accounts of her private life when she was running for Congress, is not only morally obscene but in my opinion is also smutty. Rep. Omar is publicized as a Somalian woman known to have married two husband at the same time one of which is alleged to be her brother. Marrying two husbands and having sex with them at the same time falls under the description of a marital relationship called Polyandry. If what was published about her is true, a Congressperson modelling this kind of immorality in Congress is like feeding poison to today’s younger and more promiscuous generation.

The main cause of concern assuming that Rep. Omar succeeds in corrupting the mind of the American public because of this shady life she lives, and because of her claim of persecution as her only defense when criticized, based on identity-politics, i.e., she is a maligned woman, black and Somalian, not a while American, etc., is that this kind of moral corruption could turn the country to a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Such change-objective of leftish liberals in Congress in general, and of the Triad in particular, would corrupt the foundation of our moral values and bastardize more the concept of marriage as we know it, as if same-sex marriages or marrying a member of the family is not more than enough consternation and disquietude that divides the country today.

The collateral warning for this imminent danger coming from the Triad is that the role of the Press in a Pure Democracy is of great preemptory consideration to be ignored. That’s because the Media is the purveyor of free information that educates the masses about what the government is doing, so that in the direct election of government officials in the State level (Pure Democracy), the people can vote wisely.

Again simply stated, this is so important because in the educational structure of the whole population, the highly educated and the intellectuals are in the minority. To be able to vote wisely, the entire voting population depend largely on the information the Media hand-feed them 24/7.

Thus if used for the wrong reason, the Media that feed those information to the general public do more harm than good . . . “it can create heroes or villains”, Marissa Lowden wrote in her letter to the Editor of Stabroeknews.com, published on May 18, 2009 criticizing the Press’ misuse of such almost unlimited power protected by the Constitution.

Lowden was writing about Guyana’s “malfunctioning” democracy. Here the Press is a complicit villain in the exercise of Press freedom that perpetuates a dysfunctional democracy.

This is comparable to our situation today where the Fake Media created “heroes” out of the Triad to attack the President of the United States on a daily basis. Insurgent journalists aligned themselves with the ideological left and became bitter, scurrilous, vituperative, slanderous and libelous only because together with Hillary Clinton Trump defeated them in the 2016 presidential election. Their counteraction is in the name of the freedom of the Press, and their excuse is we are a Democracy, a sort of a free-for-all mobocracy.

While it should not be forgotten that Democracy is the rule of the mob, we eventually came out with a “cooked up” kind of Democracy of our own since Gordon S. Wood published his book “The Creation of the American Republic, 1776–1787”.

The bitterness of the Press after this embarrassing defeat of an erstwhile powerful Media by then a non-political figure named Donald Trump, is vocalized and pantomimed in this consuming hatred of Trump and his presidency so that instead of posing as the people’s Fourth Estate, vicious journalists turned themselves into fake reporters and spiteful news anchors working as the enemy of the State. They are now the nemesis of the American people who elected Trump President.

Ironically, this anomaly is now rising from this politically correct belief that Democracy is everybody’s fun cake to bake and with bravado serve to the gullible American people. I can see this mutative betrayal of our true version of Democracy (that of our Founders) as biblical in nature, like that treachery going on behind Christ’s back before the cock crows in the early morning of our Calvary we as a nation are now about to face.

If from now on there is nothing we can do while those dark forces are in the upper hand calling the shots, we are definitely on our way up our Calvary to be nailed to the Cross.

All of these are happening because we seemed to have forgotten that Democracy is the rule of the mob. We are having a panic attack in our mutating interpretations of what Democracy really is. We have crossed the line, and we are about at the end of it.

It should not be this way. It is impolitic to pay tribute to the way of the unwise and foolish. As the greatest nation on the planet, we need to be not just tactless and foolhardy in showing our intense passion and emotional wreck.

For, Democracy is not when you think it is. Or it is when you think it is not. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS February 14, 2019.

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