We Might Not Even Know What Racism Is

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

We might not even know what Racism is and in the streets we are already killing each other. Sumcad

What is Racism that we are trying to cross sword to determine which race bullies another race?

We have to determine Racism’s precise definition before we can answer the question.
Generally accepted definition:

1. “Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another.

2. It may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different race or ethnicity.”

From American Heritage College definition of Racism:

1.“The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others”.

2.“Discriminationor prejudice based on race.”
These definitions confirm what Racism is. It refers to

(1) “belief” or “perception” of superiority of race, and

(2) “prejudice” in action, on account of race.

We confuse the two definitions of Racism as one and the same. They are not, as you can see.

Result: There is a smorgasbord of perceptions and unorganized actions and reactions of peaceful and violent protesters and demonstrators colliding in the streets. Hardly do they know what Racism they are fighting for.

When Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA accused police of racism on account of the George Floyd murder (he is a black man), committed by a white police officer, that is Racism 2, prejudice in action — a white race killing a black race.

On the other hand, when anarchists topple down monuments and statues of George Washington and Gen. Robert Lee on the belief that they are racists, that is Racism 1, belief, or perception. The color of the skin or race is not principal to the reason why anarchists, black or white, are destroying monuments. It is the belief that Washington and Lee are racists.

In the Floyd case, we can see Racism 2 because it is videoed in action. But we cannot see Racism 1 because it is hides in the mind of racist anarchists who only believed that Washington and Lee are racists that is why they destroyed their statues. Because it exists only in the mind, it should not necessarily be interpreted to mean that their belief or perception that Washington and Lee are racists is true or real. They learned it only in history books but unaware as to why Washington and Lee live in statues or monuments to this day. It is even possible that some of them or most of them do not know who Washington and Lee are. They just want to kick their butt or do a make-over by splashing paint over them.

I will try to clarify first this confusion by dealing with Racism 1 as belief or perception.

Today blacks believe that whites feel and think that they are a superior race than black. Because they are whites, they are perceived as racists – a perception, or belief.

Actually beliefs in race differentials is a hard fact of life. But to believe that they are is your call. You can even believe that it is not.

We are equally born as human beings. The same humans, but not equal, biologically, or spiritually. Science sucked out the juice of the arguments over this human disparity. It is established that it is not only real but also true. And yet, it does need to be true. You can choose to believe that it is not true — in your mind.

Okay, but if it is true, whose fault is it if we are racially born different?

Definitely not that of our Founding Fathers whose wisdom precedes their reputation in believing that humans are not biologically the same. And certainly that is not the fault of President Trump either, when the left made his name and presidency a depository of anything bad or wrong about what is happening in the country.

Our Founding Fathers were of the belief that humans are of superior and inferior races. The first elder to recognize this disparity was Benjamin Franklin. He recognized that whites practiced racial partiality. “Partiality is natural to Mankind,” Franklin said.

That partiality is in the belief that “race was a fundamental aspect of individual and group identity. They believed people of different races had different temperaments and abilities, and built markedly different societies.”

The Founders documented some of the specific dispositive portions of this belief in contrast to the black race in America who were slaves at that time: “They believed that only people of European stock could maintain a society in which they would wish to live.” As a result, they opposed miscegenation, a marriage between black and white races.

They did not refer to other races except the native Indians. I am Asian-American with far-removed Chinese ancestry who built the first transcontinental railroad in America but my race was not part of that equation until only lately.

But hey, do I have a beef with them? They are whites from Europe who founded this country. It was then their own country, no one can dispute that. Blacks and other races including mine did not engineer the foundation of the American values and the construction of socio-political infrastructures of what then to become the United States of America. They did.

Who are we (Or You) then to muscle them, like telling them that what they did when they first created this country was wrong? Our criticism that it was a mess up and faulty was based on what had transpired much later on in years which were then unknown to them at that time.

On top of that, we cannot dictate to them – or to anyone for that matter – what to believe.

Our Founders happened to believe the facts of life proven by science that human beings are biologically not created equal, that the slave masters are white, and that black were slaves, in their time.

Had our white Founders believed that blacks were their master race and the whites were their slaves, the entire situation then and now would have been reversed. But this belief in reverse only exists in normal minds, not in the mind of those who reside in our mental institutions or asylums.

John Quincy Adams has a solution to this dilemma. On record, “Adams explained to a German nobleman that if Europeans were to immigrate (to America), they must cast off the European skin, never to resume it. That is the best solution yet ever recorded in history.

By the way, this is so important to skip. I published my findings about the IQs of U.S. presidents based on US News reports. It was published twice. John Quincy Adams was on top with 168.75 score. Next to Adams was President Donald Trump at 156.0 minimum. Behind Trump are Thomas Jefferson and John F. Kennedy at 153.75 and 150.65, respectively. It came out from the result of the 2006 study of the University of California Dean psychologist Keith Simonton.

Historiometric test was used when Trump was at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. What this IQ scientist is saying is that Trump could even have an IQ higher than that of J.Q. Adams because 156.0 is just Trump’s barest “minimum”. If Trump’s medium range and max IQ scores have been farther explored and measured, the result could be much higher than that of Adam’s.

My conclusion: If Adams can think of a solution to this perennial racial problem of America when other presidents cannot, Trump can think of a solution that will fix the damage Obama and COVID-19 had done to this country. He is the only President who can do it. What I see is that in comparison to Trump, Joe Biden becomes smaller than a speck in the eye.

Adams hit it right. I call myself “American”, not Asian-American. I put aside my hyphenated name, and cast off my Asian skin when I pledged allegiance to the Stars and Stripes.

If Afro-Americans cast off their colored skin, perhaps they will only see the white race and the black race as “American”, like what I did see myself. Adams is a genius. So is Trump.

This concludes my analytical report on Racism 1, racial belief, and perception.

And now we come to Racism 2, prejudice in action.

You are black and you hate whites because they are racists. Racist whites and what they did to this country (they founded this nation) must be destroyed and erased from your memory, to free this country of racism. That was what it was all about when demonstrators were shouting their lungs out in protest.

Is that a noble cause for Black Lives Matter to fight for? Is it a movement of black people across the country worth dying for? You might think it is, but unfortunately no, it is not!

If you are black and you hate whites, are you not in fact a racist yourself? If you are, then you too must be destroyed and erased in whites’ memory.

You can disagree to what I am saying, but yes, not for a second would I doubt that you are a damned liar racist when you deny the truth and hide yourself in self-denial!

And here is why: When you single out whites racists because of the color of their skin and you are black, then you are a black racists no better than the whites you want to destroy to rid the country of racism.

Here is your problem: Without you knowing that you are a racist – and mind you that in your protest racists are to be destroyed — then you have to destroy yourself first to wipe out racism.

But how do you do it? Simple: You are black and you must have the same intensity of hate against whites who hate you because you are black, to destroy yourself. And that is not just doing a Seppuku or committing suicide by poisoning or jumping from the top of the Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York because that is so easy that even morons can understand and do it, but I really mean destroying your life and everything you stand and live for with all the pain and agony you suffer up to your last breath.

If you hate this country because of racists and racism that makes your life so miserable that you think you cannot live any day longer, then pack up your belongings and leave.

You are free to go to any country you choose, and the farther away you can go the better, or else go back to the country where you came from, like back to Sudan where Muslim Ilhan Omar, U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district came from.

Omar hated this country that Americans like me love so much, to respect and honor, defend, protect, and to go to war to die for. This Muslim female jihadist in Congress who married and have sex with her brother, targets the United States under the flying cross-bone flag of Islamic global terrorism to kill, destroy, and dominate the world.

She wants to “dismantle the nation’s political and economic systems”, which means destroy the country she accused of having been “founded on the history of Native American genocide”.

This latest warlike posturing against the United States was Omar’s belated attack on the celebration of July 4, 2020 Independence Day. It was also a celebration of Omar’s ignorance of American history.

Whoever elected her to Congress back in 2019 must be as dumb as she was.

This former Sudanese refugee now residing in the State of Minnesota, hates living in the United States. She said she was “ ‘much better off’ in a refugee camp in Kenya than she was in the United States, and that she ‘hates living’ in her adopted country (USA).”

Omar is unwanted here in America by the great majority of the American people. She must leave. She has no future here.

But can she leave, or will she leave? She can join the celebrities’ “Liars Hall Of Fame”. It is hollowed by the names of the rich and famous activists who promised to leave the country “if Donald Trump was elected President”.

To leave the country if Trump was elected President were Lena Dunham and Snoop Dogg to Canada, Amy Schumer to Spain, Omari Hardwick to Italy, Samuel L. Jackson to Africa.

And Cher was even more than 100% sure Trump will never become President, but if she is wrong, planet Jupiter “would be the ideal destination” for her.

Trump is now President. All of them are still here. Not one of them left the country.

These are celebrities who have no shame at all. Their fans are asking them why they are still here. But they cannot hear them. Those celebrities suddenly contracted a disease called idiopathic hearing loss. But Trump was gracious. He let them break their promises. He let them stay long enough to live in infamy with their lie, disgrace, and ignominy.

You want monetary reparations because you are a descendant of your black ancestors who were exploited by their white slave masters starting in 1619, which was more than 400 years ago.

You must be a buffoon or a dork because you turn yourself into a lowlife paying for your own reparations you are asking for. You are black and I am not and we both pay our taxes. The Solatium or atonement payment you are asking for imagined damages will be paid by whites, blacks, and non-Whites through tributary and regular taxations which we are all by law forced to pay. I am okay with that if you too are paying for your own reparations although it sounds so bizarre and kooky. I say wait a minute . . .

Compensation will also be asked by your next generation to come, by the next, and the next. That might be an endless proposition of a single race gold-digging sting that cost runs so high and in no time the United States of America will end up bankrupt.

When that happens, you will be the richest black Americans on the planet because all of the nation’s wealth is transferred to you. How could that happen? Maybe it could happen if you insist on this reparations lunacy.

A very worried white friend of mine suggested to me an alternative solution to this problem. Why not Congress pass a law appropriating a one-time large amount of money to pay for all the expenses of all black population in the country and just send them home or moved them to a distant colony where they will live on their own without being bothered and molested by racists and racism. This suggestion is not without precedent.

Records show that our Founders “considered slavery a terrible injustice and hoped to abolish it, but they meant to expel the freed slaves from the United States, not to live with them in equality.”

James Madison had a stronger proposition than that of Jefferson who envisioned that “the only solution to the race problem was to free the slaves and expel them.” Madison said that “To be consistent with existing and probably unalterable prejudices in the U.S., freed blacks ought to be permanently removed beyond the region occupied by or allotted to a White population.”

He then strengthened this position by proposing that “the federal government buy up the entire slave population and transport it overseas.” It is similar to my friend’s suggestion to buy up blacks and send them back to where they come from.

From 1788 to 1868 England and Ireland were transporting 162,000 convicts to Australia. In fact Britain was sending felons and prisoners to American colonies in the 17th century which stopped only at the start of the American Revolution for obvious reason.

Today there is still enough space in Australia where black Americans may settle by choice and by bilateral treaty arrangement. Australia’s 7.7 million square kilometers of empty land need to be occupied and developed.

But Australia is not the only place to go. There are uninhabited regions all over the world called “noncumene” that are ideal locations for black American colonies.
The largest uninhabited island in the world is just next door – Davon, Canada. It has an area of 55,247 square kilometers.

Antipodes Islands, Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Baker Island and Bajo Nuevo Bank are also good alternatives to accommodate the whole bunch of black and white demonstrators, protesters, anarchists and rioters and their families and next of kin who fault America with rage and violence diabolically outrageous enough to destroy monuments, torch down buildings, throw firebombs on parked cars and passing vehicles, stone and beat police trying to stop them; raid stores and business establishments and empty their shelves and run away with all what they can carry with them; out of spite create widespread looting, burn the American flag because they hated America deep down the marrow of their bones.

They do not need to create this bedlam and madness that messed up our society with riots, mayhem, and bloodshed in the streets. All they have to do is leave the country and get lost somewhere nobody could find them and make their lives miserable. There are nice places for them to live outside of United States.

If they are destroying statues and monuments which represent what America looks like because these remind them of white supremacists and racism, then they are so dimwitted enough not to know that they are actually not only destroying the United States of America but also destroying themselves.

Here is why: The United States of America is a great country but it is not perfect. It is not without faults, fissures and fractures that make it far from perfect.

The Great American Civil War of 1786 shows one of those fractures.

When Americans fought each other to death it almost destroyed the nation itself.

The war between the North and the South was a historical landmark of epic proportion. The Confederate Flag that is still displayed today and monuments of the South’s great confederate generals and heroes like Gen. Robert E. Lee and Gen. Albert Pike in Washington, D.C. are historical reminders of one of those faults.

If you destroy them and erased racism they represent from your memory, then you cannot really see how this country looks like, or understand what this country is all about. Take out all of the statues and monuments and you are like a blind bat that cannot see what you are doing with those monuments, and why.

The only effective way to erase them from your memory is to erase your memory. That can be done medically by the use of drugs or by lobotomy. Who would like that?

It is said that people without memory is like a computer without a hard disc for data storage. History seen in those statues and monuments is memory. It is horrifying to hear scientists of the mind say that “without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals.”

Maybe to erase their memory is a better option acceptable to anarchists, racists, vandals, thugs, and hoodlums, who do not know that they too are racists when they destroy monuments and statues of which each of them is in fact a living memory of who they are, a breathing history of a country – their country — that is alive and well.

But they can go to jail when President Trump criminalized the destruction of those standing historical relics. The only option available if by law they are prevented from destroying monuments is to have their memory erase. With memory loss, they can stand in front of statues and stare at them as long as the can without registering anything in the mind and they will fine. They could not create destructions anymore, like a neutered canine oblivious to the heat of a female dog. But this comparison is gross, although the possibility is nearest to the truth.

I really hope that this written eye-opener will start a nationwide movement against racism committed by racists themselves, but not knowing that they too are.

For, when Racism is viewed in the context of perception and belief, Racism 1 which is difficult to counter and suppress, Racism 2, which is prejudice in action, is stoppable through legislations and executive fiats.

For instance, we have the “Declaration of Independence” where men are created equal. We passed Affirmative Action Law in1961 “bridging inequalities in employment and pay, increasing access to education, promoting diversity, and redressing apparent past wrongs, harms, or hindrances.”

A lot more racial equality legislations were passed and executive orders issued. Once out, they get stuck in the book and stay there, mostly forgotten.

But all of these only addressed Racism 2, prejudice in action. It is far removed from Racism 1, which exists only in the prejudiced mind, in beliefs and perceptions.

The reason is, we cannot legislate beliefs and perception. A law that dictates the mind what to believe or perceive, is unconstitutional.

With this said, do not ever wonder why Racism is here to stay. It will remain with us for a long, long time. #

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