We Have No Voice!

by Yogi –

We (the common man) have no voice in America. I know I tried.

I tried to get involved

I have the answers to the questions of how to save our country. I know how to save our economy, create jobs, fix our schools, solve the deficit problems, and most importantly how to save our culture. I know what needs to be done, how to do it, and my involvement is necessary.

But I didn’t just sit on the sidelines without trying to get involved.

I have tried to make a difference!

I have looked for ways to make the necessary connections to be involved in saving our nation and I have failed. If I could only get one person to listen! A person with some connections who could help me make a difference. JUST ONE! JUST ONE PERSON TO LISTEN!

I have finally come to the realization that the common person in this country has no voice. What can a person do to be heard in order to make a difference? What would you do to make a difference if you had the answers? Here is what I did!

The News Media:

I tried to send emails to get the attentions of some of the public news media figures. I tried the Fox News people in general and also tried some of the famous individual news-readers. There was no response except for some auto generated “we got your submission” emails.

I even got through to Fox News in New York by phone, but the person couldn’t get me connected to anyone who might give me a chance.

Radio Media:

I emailed radio hosts like Rush, Hannity, Beck, and Savage, and got no response. So I tried to call into the talk shows with a little success. I came to believe that being rejected by a real person on the phone was an improvement.

I got through to the Hannity call screeners and got no consideration. I got through to Glenn Beck’s show and was also dismissed. I got through to Rush’s call screener Bo Snerdly. I told him that I knew how to save our country. He asked me how I would do that. I had to tell him that it was too involved to explain in only a couple minutes, and I tried to get him to talk to me after the show. I had a shred of hope that this might work because the week before guest host Walt Williams said Bo asked him what could be done to save the nation. Walt didn’t know, so I tried to tell him!

Bo wasn’t really interested in saving the nation! He just gets paid to screen the calls so Rush can tell us what he thinks. Open disclosure: I was a Rush fan! Now I consider myself a recovering Rush-aholic.

Almost connected!

I did have a short email connection with one local radio person, but he wasn’t really interested in anything he hadn’t thought of himself.

Busted and disgusted:

Now I am so bitter that these people are so elite, and self important that they don’t need to consider what anyone else might think. I now consider them a bunch of BOZO’S who have absolutely no clue as to how to save our nation. I would also like to nominate Rush for a “Herbert Morrison” award to honor his 25 years of failing to make a difference. (look it up)

The Republican Party:

During the 2012 presidential election I contacted the Romney Campaign with no response.

I called California GOP headquarters by phone. Someone actually answered! So I told them I knew how Romney could win the election. They actually told me that they weren’t interested.

I also went to the local GOP party meetings to see if I could get someone’s ear to discuss the issues. This failed also. No doubt it is because these people are also political elites who are interested in your support for their efforts and not your opinion. They want you to get involved doing what they want, and more importantly to donate money.

National Tea Party:

I tried to get involved in the TEA PARTY. I joined a couple of the national tea party groups and found myself on mailing lists. But as a member I still wasn’t able to make any direct contact to participate, or discuss any issues. I couldn’t even get a response to an email.

I was just another sheep to send out fundraising emails to. They don’t care what we think it is just a matter of support them, and send money.

Local Tea Party:

I also tried the local tea party and went to several meetings, to see if I could make some connections there. After the meeting I offered to help with the group’s organization. I offered to help set up booths for public awareness and visibility. But after offering to be involved and help I still couldn’t arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone I had already met. So I figure if you can’t be involved and active why attend????

Northern CA Tea Party:

The head of this group was on Hannity’s TV show, so I tried to contact her. I did get a response by phone from a support person not her. Every time I tried to discuss an issue this “old …..” response was that he already knew everything, and there was nothing that I could possibly add. I was obviously wasting his time, but if I wanted to donate money I am sure that could have been worked out.

I realize that to stand up and say “I can save our nation” may sound a bit extreme or crazy! But shouldn’t some of the people who say they are working towards these ends be just a little bit curious.

So I did make an effort to do the right thing and found out that there is no place for the common man to be heard. Sad but true.

Maybe you will be curious and read some of what I have to say on this publication.

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