We Assure Oil Freaks Of Limitless Supply Of Fuel Energy

I have been writing in my other columns about oil freaks under panic attack. That infanticide and genocide are the only way out to prevent the exponential increase of the world population that would drain out our supply of energy, and consume all available food resources … the fear of cannibalism when in darkness without electricity and with no more food to eat, we kill and eat each other – a dismal scene of the end of the world!

Most advocates of this weird vision [hallucination (?)] of the world about to end because the supply of oil and fuel energy is running dry — i.e. like Bakadude’s friend ambush alarmist writer Frosty Wooldridge and oil freaking cohorts — need a blow of a hammer of educational information of the world’s limitless food and energy resources right into their skull to wake them up from their panic stupor.

The following skull-drilling information has been published in one of my other print publication columns, with no or little editing if at all. I am re-stating it here so that the public may know. We owe it to millions of readers of NWS, one of the nation’s most widely read fair, truthful and balance websites of freedom of expression in today’s realm of electronic media information.

"He [Wooldridge] asked the question and he himself gave the answer: Who can we blame for $4.00 a gallon? Answer: every last one of us cotton pickin’ American gas guzzling 8-cylinder SUV drivers, trucks, trains, boats and planes! We burn 20 million barrels a day in the

United States. The world’s humans burn 84 million barrels daily. That’s 29.9 billion barrels of oil annually worldwide!  Whopping carbon footprint!

  "This [shows] panic Internet hitchhiker[s] could not think beyond his [their] anti-American prejudice. We burn not just 20 million barrels of energy a day …!!! SOOOO WHATTTTT? It saves the writer himself [as well as other oil-freaking authors like him] from frostbites in the coldest of winter when we burn energy to keep his room warm; we have to use gasoline or burn more fuel to drive our cars, SUVs and truck, consume more energy to ride on boats, ocean liners and planes in order to save this freaked out author under panic attack from riding his horse in California on the way to New York, paddle his way across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans if he wants to go to Asia or Europe; he doesn’t need to swim the English Channel to kneel before the throne of the Queen of England or wade the China Sea if he wants to pay homage to Mao Tse Tung’s remains, reportedly his idol in a depopulation or genocide binge since his early diaper days! All he has to do is buy an airline ticket and ride a jetplane sky-high that burns fuel to bring him there!

"They [he] probably think[s] the American public is really that donkey-headed. For instance, Wooldridge asked this question: ‘Hey!  Did you think a finite resource like ‘endless oil’ could go on forever? That’s like sucking on an ‘endless milkshake’ straw at the local diner! It eventually runs dry and you suck….’ "And I said, no Sireeee… You are so garbage wrong!

Obtaining the permission of author Bakadude and using some of his well-worded skull-drilling advice, I would like also to reprint what he wrote about the limitless supply of energy fuel, as follows:

"Oil is going to run dry? Let’s poke a hammer on the skull of thick-headed alarmists!

I am inspired by JVdville’s recent letter-to-the-editor, opening the eyes of anti-drilling environmentalists, and calming down the delirium of panicking oil freaks!

"This can be quickly reached: Skull-Bashing Anti-Population Panic Freaks Are To Blame For Oil Crisis — Letter Written by: JVdville.Date of Letter: 2011-03-21. Subject: Energy.  http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Letter-to-Editor.htm?EdNo=001&Info=0138819

"Above all, I am inspired by Sierra Hancock’s exposure of infinite oil resources that punched the head of oil freaks awakening them from their stupor of ignorance of how vast and limitless is our supply of oil for human consumption. For the next millions or billions of years, humans may no longer exist but the supply of oil and energy from the Sun, from the bottom of the sea, and deep down beneath the earth will still be there for as long as Planet Earth is in the Galaxy. Hancock’s educational bulletin no doubt shocked back to life the likes of Frosty W. and anti-population cohorts whose brains are oil dead.

"Hancock’s eye-opener is here: American Oil – can you believe this!!!!!!? Written by Sierra Hancock. Date:

03-16-2011. Subject: Energy http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/085850-2011-03-16-american-

oil-can-you-believe-this.htm. "3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation—25 Times More Than 1995 Estimate—Massive Oil Deposit Could Increase US reserves by 10x."

"Oil Sands: Fueling the Future written by Marin Katusais likewise astoundingly informative. Date:

03-21-2011. Subject:Casey Research Articles at http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/086162-2011-03-21-oil-sands-fueling-the-future.htm. ‘One of the world’s largest deposits, in the Canadian

province of

Alberta, spreads over the size of

Wisconsin and may hold two trillion barrels of oil – eight times the reserves of

Saudi Arabia…. In 2009 industry invested another $10 billion, and almost $170 billion worth of oil sands projects are currently underway …’ "Want some more educational electric-shock to anti-population and oil freaks whose kindergarten arithmetic cannot help them count trillions upon trillions of barrels of endless supply of oil fuels that are exponentially increasing year after year? I will bring you to GEO 101 Environmental Geology at http://www.geo.sunysb.edu/classes/geo101-notes-07/ex-3-4.htm. Endless Oil Shale


US resource is ‘about two trillion barrels of oil … World wide reserves of oil are about one trillion barrels with a total resource of about two trillion barrels.’ Add that up. This is still ‘growing in size’ as time passes by.

"Natural gas accounts for "25% of the

U.S. energy use".

U.S. alone has reserves of approximately 200 trillion cubic feet [TCF]. New reserves are continuously adding up as time passes by.

U.S. consumption is 20 TCF a year. We will run out of supply in 10 trillion years!

" I would like the likes of Frosty W. and anti-population-energy cronies to know of the latest scientific report that "Fire and Ice" [methane hydrates] will power the world starting in the year 2020!" http://www.atmosphere.mpg.de/enid/l8.html. This is endless … infinitum!

"We should protect the public from cleverly written lies that this world would end because in the mind of those irresponsible anti-population propagandists we are a bunch of reprobate consumers living in a finite supply of food and energy. Click on Immigration & Population Lies That Our World Will End Should Be Exposed. Immigration Letter Written by Bakadude.Date of Letter: 2010-11-03.http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Letter-to-Editor.htm?EdNo=001&Info=0120147

"To wake them up, let’s poke a hammer of educational information in the head of those brain-dead oil freaks. Bakadude."

Thanks to those lamp-writers for switching on the light of knowledge so that those in the dark can see. Assuring oil freaks of this planet’s infinite resources, from freaking out because of this imagined end-of-the-world bogeyman under their bed, is a remarkable research-oriented public service feature of NWS that saves millions of readers from the epidemic of artificially transmitted oil panic.#

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS April 2, 2011.

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