Water Shortage!, Water Shortage!

Take 5 minute showers; water the lawn only 2X a week, only b4 – 10 A.M. and only after 6 P.M.; don’t hose down the driveway or patio; Put your warm shower water into buckets which you can carry out and then water your lawn with that; take “buddy” showers; Install flushless toilets; tankless water heaters; you don’t get water in restaurants unless you ask for it; You’re going to pay more anyway! Conserve; conserve; conserve!

(Have you ever collected buckets of water in your shower and taken them out to water the lawn with while you were naked?)

The city fathers and the media are quick to explain that there has been a 3 year drought, and the reservoirs are drying up, so we all must pitch in and conserve!

But, whereas this “drought” was caused by less than “Normal” amounts of rain during the last 3 years, not too long ago, we had NO rain, for 5 years. Yes, a drought was called then too, but, not so stringent measures were talked about, and no stringent measures were actually imposed. People were asked to not hose off their driveways, take 10 minute showers, and the government would give them the $75 to buy a “low flush” toilet if they wanted one, and aerated shower heads which used less water, but still kept you clean (NO they didn’t! – I tried one for 1 shower and immediately went back to my NON-aerated shower head!! , so, THERE!)

Well, let’s see… The last time we had a drought, there was 5 years with NO rain; this time, only 3 years with some rain… Hummm.

A bigger drought with less time to cause it, even though there was rain during that time. Hummm.

What happened? A big jump in the population. A big increase in building permits for houses and condos. Condominiums! Putting 3 to 6 families where only 1 lived before. I don’t have the exact statistics, but, it added up to a lot more people in the same space. Overcrowding!

A lot more people came to California, and had a lot more babies than the people who were here.

Southern California (San Diego) used to get all its water from the Colorado River. Now it gets some water from the Sacramento River, 500 miles North of here – while the Colorado is 150 miles away.

There was some talk about getting water from as far away as the Columbia River, 1,500 miles north, between Washington and Oregon. I don’t know the outcome; they may still be planning it.

But, now we get some water right out of the ocean, by desalination, but, not near enough.

Really, folks, Southern California, at least, is a desert! You may think it doesn’t LOOK like a desert – well, that’s because of irrigation – with, WATER!!

Everyone is familiar with the term, “Capacity”. It’s used to explain how many people will fit in a hotel dining room, or meeting room.

How many people it is safe to have in a boat of any size. Even if you don’t know the physics or fluid dynamics behind it, you know that if a boat has a capacity of 10 people, you are pretty safe with only 10 people on it.

Maybe 12. Maybe—15? (if they don’t weigh too much?) How about 20. Welllll… at some time, there is going to be one person too many, and the boat is sure to sink! = Carrying Capasity!

No one has ever bothered to determine the “Carrying Capacity” of, say, San Diego County.

I mean! Come on! When more people come, we’ll just level more mountains, fill up more ravines, pave more “wasteland”, and, move ‘em in!

If the ground is too expensive for 1 house per 6,000 Square feet, we’ll build 10 houses there, and call them “Condos”.

But no one gave any thought to the source of water. Well, water? It comes from the tap when you turn it on. There’s always enough… I never saw a tap turned on when water didn’t come out!

No one ever thought the water would run out.

But it’s a desert! Yeah, but it doesn’t look like a desert!

Did you ever think of this: What kind of people made up the majority of Californians, either born here or who moved from other states or countries?

Welllll… Caucasians, mostly… through the 1960’s… Yes. And Statistics have it that Caucasians now reproduce about 1.5 to 1.9 offspring per married couple. Well, that’s not “replacement”. With a reproduction rate like that, the population would go down, even if more of those people came here over time. Asians are about the same, so, it wouldn’t matter, in the long run, if there were a lot of Asians coming to California.

Negros – The polite word is, African Americans (only if their country of origin is America) NEGROS and Hispanics (Mexicans and, OTMs <Other Than Mexicans>) have a higher rate of reproduction. I don’t remember exactly, but, I believe it is more than 2 per each married couple, which would make the population grow even if no more aliens came in. Middle Easterners have a lot more than Negros or Hispanics. Like, about 3 or 4, or 5, average per couple (again, I don’t remember the exact rate). That’s a lot! They would fill up the same area faster than Negros alone.

So, In Migration, along with higher than 2 for 2 birth rates after they get here seems to have caused an over-crowding problem, which, without a lot more source for water, will surpass the CARRYING CAPACITY of Southern California if it has not already.

Some people will have to LEAVE, or, not reproduce as prolifically.

OR, we shall pay a lot more for water. All of us.

But, I don’t want to. I shouldn’t have to! I came here in 1948 when San Diego was a city of about 250,000 – large by European standards, but, only 20% of the number of people the land and potable WATER sources support now!

I-15 and highway 163 were known as highway 395. Four lanes all the way to Escondido and 2 lanes north of there. Highway 101 went along the Pacific Ocean, through the Beach Cities all the way to Los Angeles. Instead of I-5. No stopped traffic, except at the traffic lights!

Is there a way to stop the influx of people, and the kind of people who have a lot of babies, thus, by some time in the future, coming to balance with nature in Southern California?

YES! But it will sound harsh:

No more immigrants of any kind except Caucasian or, if you must be “politically correct”, “people who, on the average are used to having no more than 1.5 babies per married couple”.

All “Anchor Babies” and their extended families must go back to their parent’s country origin. All other Illegal Aliens must leave!

No Immigrants. Not even “Legal” immigrants. And, NO people seeking “political” asylum form countries who have an average reproductive rate of >1.5 – 1.7 per married couple.

Hey, the more I talk about this problem of water, the more I think the whole country is probably affected the same way by the same problem. How often do you go swimming in the Hudson River? When was the last time The Potomac caught fire? What about the Mudissippi? How about Lake Erie?

How about Florida, where the Alligators didn’t used to live in your back yard?

Yeah! As big as this country is. As much rich farm land as it used to have…

I don’t want another India here! (Not that Indians are bad people; they have just overcrowded their country to a fair-thee-well!!!)

Let’s go America! We need some new Intestinal fortitude! Not new legislation! No new Immigration relaxing laws; no new Health care laws. Just enforce the ones we have. Kick all the Illegal aliens and their families out; don’t let more in; Negotiate good purchase agreements with health care providers of all kinds, etc. You know what to do!!!! DO IT!!!!

It is VERY Important that WE, The PEOPLE give a MANDATE to the NEW Congress in 2010, to do OUR bidding. Not Us they’re bidding!

We must have congressional term limits; no lobbyists; No private Air Force Jets for government workers, including, Representatives, Senators, or their staffs.

Don’t send a Politician to Washington if he won’t vote for what his constituents want, and make sure YOU are the constituents who send him there!

I have a lot more, but, think about what I’ve said already. It may be too much for some of you to deal with. Learn how!

Bill Ascherfeld is an alumnus of Stanford University. He has a BA Degree from San Diego State College in Economics, Political Science and History. He served with the Army in the Third Armored Division in Germany in 1956-57, and is now a Real Estate Broker/consultant in San Diego California. Bill has 30 years experience spread over many areas of Real Estate. You can reach him at zed6@att.net for consulting or chewing the fat about politics.

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