Water Crisis In Mexico Portends The Same In The USA

…. desperate levels. In many places in

Mexico, because of terrific toxic pollution of existing water supplies, mothers feed their babies Coca Cola in order to make sure their children do not suffer poisoning.

Why do you think this happens in

Mexico? First, that nation fails to uphold clean water laws. It fails to maintain safe sewage systems. It fails to maintain clean rivers.

“The reek of unwashed toilets spilled into the street in the neighborhood of unpainted cinder block houses,” Grillo reported, “Out on the main road, hundreds of residents banged plastic buckets and blocked the path of irate drivers while children scoured the surrounding area for government trucks. Finally, the impatient crowd launched into a high-pitched chant, repeating one word at fever pitch: "Water, Water, Water!"

“About five million people, or a quarter of the population of

Mexico City's urban sprawl, woke up Thursday with dry taps. The drought was caused by the biggest stoppage in the city's main reservoir system in recent years to ration its depleting supplies. Government officials hope this and four other stoppages will keep water flowing until the summer rainy season fills the basins back up. But they warn that the Mexican capital needs to seriously overhaul its water system to stop an unfathomable disaster in the future.”

I have traveled throughout

Mexico. Their water systems make a train wreck look tame, make Hurricane Katrina look like a summer breeze, make…well, you get the idea.

Eleanor Roosevelt said 50 years ago; “We must prevent human tragedy rather than run around trying to save ourselves after an event has already occurred. Unfortunately, history clearly shows that we arrive at catastrophe by failing to meet the situation, by failing to act when we should have acted. The opportunity passes us by and the next disaster is always more difficult and compounded than the last one.”

Do you think

Mexico’s leaders will take action to prevent a catastrophe? After you laugh or groan, think again!

“It is perhaps unsurprising that the biggest metropolis in the Western hemisphere is confronting problems with its water supply — and becoming an alarming cautionary tale for other megacities,” Grillo reported. “Scientists have been talking for years about how humans are pumping up too much water while ripping apart too many forests, and warning that the vital liquid could become the next commodity nations are fighting over with tanks and bombers.

“Housewife Graciela Martinez, 44, complains that the smell of her bathroom — used by her family of eight — had forced them all outside.”We have got no toilets, I can't wash my children, I can't cook, I can't clean the mess off the floor,"

Martinez said. "And the worst thing is, we have got almost nothing to drink."

Grillo continued, “With its own supplies evaporating,

Mexico City relies on the Cutzamala system, a network of reservoirs and treatment plants that pump in water from hundreds of miles around. However, this year Cutzamala itself is running dry amid low levels of rainfall in the area. Its main basin is only 47 percent full, compared to an annual average of 70 percent for early April. "This could be caused by climate change and deforestation. These are difficult factors to understand and predict," says Felipe Arreguin, under director of the National Water Commission.

On top of their conditions,

Mexico adds 1.2 million annually to its population on its way to adding nearly 50 million by mid century.

Let’s fast forward to

California. That state adds 1,700 people daily via immigration from bankrupt and overpopulated countries like

Mexico. It adds 400 vehicles to its roads 24/7. Do you see Governor Schwarzenegger proposing a grand vision or strategic plan for the moment

California adds another 20 million people in 30 years?

California stands as the perfect example of a state with leaders that walk onto the railroad tracks to see a train coming their way, but turn around to walk the other way so they won’t see it when it runs them over.

To show you how arrogant or how stupid we are, I inquired to radio talk show hosts around the country to interview with my new book: America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans”–

Kathy Weppner, host for ‘Straight Talk’ WBEN in

New York wrote back, “Most of Europe as well as the

United States are not even replacing themselves today. Overpopulation is no longer an issue. For every one child that we are having, Muslims have seven children. There would be no reason for people here to restrict their fertility when we are not even having enough children to replace themselves.”

I can hardly believe the sheer stupidity of people in high places! Another piece published in USA Today titled “Bring on the Baby Boom” by

Laura Vanderkam. She celebrated unending population expansion and the editors of USA Today supported her.

I wrote an immediate rebuttal and I invite you to write one to flood their offices with a reality check. You may use mine as a template. Send to: editor@usatoday.com


USA Today:

Re: Bring on the Baby Boom by

Laura Vanderkam

Which century do you live in to publish such an irresponsible article like “Bring on the Baby Boom”? The

US faces horrific water shortages from

California to

Georgia. We suffer energy crises, toxic air over our cities, climate change and gridlock. What do you use for brains…oatmeal? With over 306 million people in the

USA devouring resources and as the third fastest growing first world country, we wreak upon the natural world. We pollute our land, air and water with 72,000 chemicals 24/7. For every American added, we destroy 12.6 acres of land to support that person. With a projected population increase in the

US of 100 million in 30 years, we will see 1.26 billion acres of habitat destroyed. Where, pray tell, will the animals find a place to live and procreate? If USA Today publishes such insane articles, you need to publish someone with a brain to write a rebuttal. We need to face up to facts that we cannot keep expanding the

USA out of its ability to feed, water and house its own citizens.

Frosty Wooldridge



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If we keep turning our backs to the oncoming population train, it’s going run over us as surely as it’s crushing

Mexico. Why do you think 15 million Mexicans migrated to the

USA? Can you imagine another 15, 20, 30 or more millions from other countries around the world dying of thirst—as they migrate to the



Dry Taps in

Mexico City: A Water Crisis Gets Worse by Ioan Grillo

April 11, 2009

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