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Edwin A. Sumcad –

“Washouts”: When people take matters into their hands to make a difference

When people take matters into their hands, changes that occur are sometimes questionable because in the case of the United States and the Philippines, these are nations of laws, but when it is a matter of survival, to losers the law becomes irrelevant. In extreme situations, the law doesn’t even exist.

But first, the idea of what is a washout comes from a sudden erosion of soil due to a gush of water after a downpour created by thunderstorms following the landfall of a tropical cyclone. In politics, washouts are simply referred to as losers.

It is hard for anyone including myself to resist the magnet of describing Democrats and the unhinged left as washouts, for a good reason after they lost the 2016 presidential election.

Even for a better reason, we see Trump as a cyclone that made their life miserable after they suffered that 2016 ignominious defeat. They retreated to their bunker, and in the panic-room took a deep breath and waited for the cyclone to wind down, then made their move to poke the eye of the storm and dislodge the eyeball out of the socket.

That was when they decided what counter-move to take. But to succeed, they have to ignore anything real and create their own bubble-world of reality. To them what matters is their perception of truth, even if it is bogus or just a virtual reality of facts stranger than fiction.

In cloud nine, Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Cory Booker are examples of politicians that view the world through their own personal “perception” of reality. They have no shame or any qualm of conscience showing their embarrassing delusion to the public.

To them ICE is KKK and Trump is Hitler in the flesh reincarnated from hell. You see them in video-game “Backfire of Hell”. The problem is, to some very pissed-off Conservatives who obviously don’t like politicians floating in cloud nine, they are viewed as politicians afflicted with this disease called hate-Trump melancholia, some form of depressive emotional and mental blindness who can’t see things right, especially Booker.

He is a cross-eyed politician (look at his eyes), a rather out-of-line counter “perception” of Conservatives about Democrats when they describe them as washouts or losers based on physical appearance. But the tendency to go out-of-line and become brusque and abrasive is very strong and unstoppable once the real world is substituted with something fake coming out from one’s own personal out-of-this-world “perception”.

Another example is that the beaten Democrats and the unhinged left take as a dictum of truth – and even believe that it is a command of God — that they should take matters into their hands to depose Trump from power. The people put Trump in that pinnacle of power as President of the United States and what they do is take matters into their hands to undo what the people had done. This is quite witless and too arrogantly pedestrian, if you ask me.

This witlessness — this kind of psychopathy — has been convincingly replicated by events that took place and are still continuing to take place. Chasing political opponents out of restaurants, confronting and slandering them in public, and out of fear of being harmed or killed by this mob action suppress the right of freedom of movement of political opponents. And that is like taking the Constitution out of their victims’ lives.

Another brute-like matter they took into their hands out of wretchedness and despair was even more ad nauseam when they reverted to Stone Age which characterized our earliest violent life in the cave: Kick them when they are down, club and drag women in the Trump administration including the First Lady by their hair down the stairs of White House and out in the cold to shame, vandalize the Constitution on due process and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in the case of Brett Kavanaugh, shoot them dead literally when the ballot figuratively couldn’t shoot them out of office, like the case of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise who barely survived this leftish-Democrat-socialist gunman’s assassination attempt . . . these are too repulsively demonstrative of barbaric and criminal behavior when they take matters into their own hands. Here, the rule of laws is unrecognizable.

We might caption this matter as too inhuman and outright beastly, which is extremely out of step of the modern civilize world where this nation’s latest scientific discoveries and advance technology are now being used to discover other forms of life in the cosmos preparatory to establishing colonies in outer space.

What I am citing here is a clear picture of how political desperados are taking matters into their hands to change not just the political dynamics but also the power structure of the country. They were not able to do it in the last 2016 presidential election when they put up crooked Hillary Clinton against Trump, and they will attempt to do it again in 2020.

In all these demonstrations of savagery when they take matters into their hands, laws are grossly violated. But understandably, they are in their struggle, for political survival. As a matter of survival, laws are unheard of when their pulsating mind freaked out as blood surged into their brain to create a delirious delusion of reality. In that reality there is this fear of effacement and hatred of Trump at the same time. Laws, not just simple decorum of ordinary human behavior, no longer exist.

In the Philippines, like in the United States, President Duterte’s battle against Fake News is also historic. It is dirty and deadly. It has to be dirty because the country is spattered with blood when it turned into a killing field. To suppress drug addiction that turned Filipinos into “zombies” or “living dead” as the Philippine Supreme Court described it in one of its epic rulings, drug lords, addictive substance traffickers, drug-pushers and powerful criminal associates and their private armies that held Filipinos by the throat when they took the country hostage for so long, had to be purged out of the system.

While running for office, Duterte promised the Filipino people he would “kill them all”. Without this promise, he would not have been President. The people heard him for the first time and accepted this promise and held him accountable for it. Because of this promise, the people wanted him to “kill them all”. But this is metaphorical because literally he couldn’t kill them all. Nonetheless, Duterte stood by his promise. The guy is only standing pat on his word of honor.

Needless to say, Duterte’s drug-war has to be pernicious, bloody, long and hard while at the same time exposing himself as a target for his opponents’ vicious sympathizers and accomplices. But be that as it may, surveys show 75% of the Philippine population under siege are also behind his back. This bunch of angry people and the masses did not only support Duterte and backed him up to the hilt but also even dirtied their hands by doing the killing of the bad guys themselves.

I am referring to this so-called “Duterte population” in the survey who organized themselves into phantom cutthroats and vicious executioners, a faceless killing-machine called “Vigilantes. It is they who are doing most if not all those extrajudicial killings. It is a culpable ignorance for the dogs of human rights to bark at Duterte for those killings. They have been barking for so long at the wrong tree.

The truth is, the basis of the accusations of violations of human rights against the Philippine President are trumped-up charges based on IPU’s radical world-wide agenda. Worldwide leftish donors funding IPU would not support the organization financially if their radical agenda is not followed and pursued by IPU.

During my tour of duty in the UN, and even in my writings, oftentimes I described IPU operatives roaming around the world as well as domestic human rights watchers as “political mercenaries” looking for chaotic situations like what they found in the Philippines, and take advantage of it. What is clear to me is that those troublemakers should charge instead the people of the Philippines who formed themselves into “Vigilantes” and killing hordes of drug-villains and their criminal associates without mercy. They shouldn’t charge Duterte of “Barmecidal genocide” for it is impossible for Duterte to kill them all. But anywhere in the Philippines the people can. They are doing it right now even as we speak.

Duterte also catches high government officials involved in drug-trade and trafficking as well as criminals – felons who burrowed themselves in public office to hide their crimes — and bring them to justice. Currently big fish caught in the dragnet are Sen. Leila de Lima and Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV. They were caught and charged and prosecuted by the justice department. At this writing, IPU is reportedly sending their emissaries to Manila to investigate Duterte for political persecution of those government officials whose function is in the wrong side of the law. Duterte should issue an order to arrest those foreign political emissaries when they arrive in the Philippines, for interference and obstruction of justice.

President Duterte has the power to order them arrested. He is the head of a sovereign nation and has the constitutional authority to arrest any slithery foreigner within Philippine jurisdiction that helps enemies of the state in their struggle to bring down the government. The President is constitutionally tasked to protect the country.

The case of Sister Patricia Fox, an elderly militant missionary from Australia engaged in anti-government activities in the Philippines, should be a case-precedent for all other subsequent arrests of foreigners that came to the Philippines who misused their visa and abused the hospitality of the Filipino people. Fox tried to blindside Duterte by saying that she only joined the poor who were protesting and demonstrating against poverty. It was a sneaky alibi. Duterte did not create pauperdom in the Philippines that Fox has to join violent anti-government rallies and blame him for it. That’s like an adder slithering away to the nearest exit of criminal responsibility. It is a ploy common to political mercenaries determined to undermine the President’s war on drugs, and demonize his life-and-death struggle to liberate the country from hell, as their form of destabilization program of action.

The amnesty granted to Trillanes was an absolute nullity. In legal jurisprudence, as if that amnesty had never existed. He failed to comply procedural requirements to make that amnesty valid and effective. Because of that failure, Trillanes is a criminal on the loose.

On the other hand, Leila de Lima was arrested after she was found using drug money to finance his election campaign to Congress. Evidence leading to her arrest showed that she was “orchestrating a drug-trafficking ring” when she was Justice Secretary during the 2010-2015 notoriously corrupt administration of ex-President Noynoy Aquino.

Morally, Leila has a shady private life. Her “kabit” (lover) was her driver who knew everything what she had been doing. Grilled by police and government investigators, her lover confessed to authorities all Leila’s nefarious activities that led to her arrest.

The demonization of Duterte by the Philippines’ Fake Media rings a familiar tone. In the United States, the Fake Media crucified Trump for the murder of “journalist” Jamal Khashoggi of New York Times. Trump was pressured to cut off ties with Saudi Arabia. Trump resisted and kept Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Royalty as his strongest allies for reasons of global economic stability and security not only for the Middle East but also for the rest of the world.

Between human rights violation (the murder of a questionable journalist) and global economic and international security, as a former UN diplomat I would choose the latter any time like what Trump did. The death of one journalist – (brace yourself) a bosom friend of Osama bin Laden — is just a ripple in the lake compared to countless casualties that could be caused by oil crisis and economic meltdown if U.S.-Saudi Arabia ties are cut-off on account of the murder.

None of Trump’s critics knew or if they knew ignored what they knew who Khashoggi really is. While they attack Trump’s decision to stay close to the Saudis, they don’t want the public to know that this “journalist” has always been a covert enemy of the United States and the free world in the same notorious standing as Osama bin Laden has been. In fact in real life Khashoggi was an associate of the dreaded terrorist.

When Osama bin Laden was killed by government operatives in Pakistan, Khashoggi did not only mourn his death but was distraught and inconsolable. He called Osama – his ideological soulmate — by his intimate name Abu Abdullah.

This is what Khashoggi said the day Osama bin Laden died. “I collapsed crying a while ago, heartbroken for you Abu Abdullah . . . You were beautiful and brave in those beautiful days in Afghanistan . . .” They were comrades-in-arm in the killing field of Afghanistan.

Khashoggi defended Osama bin Laden’s 9/11 attack. He said the hijacked planes “also attacked Islam as a faith and the values of tolerance and coexistence that it preaches.” Die Welt, one of Germany’s dailies, reported that “Jamal Khashoggi was not a journalist (repeat: not a journalist), but a high-level operative for the Saudi intelligence service” He was reportedly in contact with Osama bin Laden all the time until the terrorist’s death.

Khashoggi became one of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted men when he attacked his country as a buffer state of Western civilization inimical to the radicalization of Islam. But Khashoggi wasn’t that smart when it comes to his own security. In fact he was so foolish to go to the Saudi Consulate to get his papers to marry his Turkish girlfriend and threw himself into the waiting arms of the government. The Consulate is Saudi Arabia’s territorial extension. That was where he was last seen alive.

But what is more important to remember when this drama becomes just one of the forgotten pages of history is this: They were all wrong to undermine Trump’s decision in the Khashoggi murder. Trump knew who really Khashoggi was. To Trump, the interest of the country, well-being and safety of the American people run supreme in the crossroads of all his decision-making. If ever Khashoggi in his reports while he was with New York Times had in fact attacked U.S.-Arabia relations as an impediment to the radicalization of Islam he and Osama bin Laden had dreamed of, most likely his narratives were made up or fake.

Anyway, think about it: New York Times is one of the staunchest member of the Fake Media syndicate the American public no longer trusts.

Edwin A. Sumcad has been a publisher and a hard-hitting journalist in investigative reporting and editorial writing for more than 45 years. He a recipient of excellence awards in journalism. His editorial insights appear in numerous publications and published in several websites. As a writer and columnist, Ed has written and published editorials, essays, feature articles, novelettes and short stories. Ed’s educational background includes degrees in literature and journalism, philosophy & letters [Litt.B. Journalism]; master in development economics, and master in civil law [M.A. Economics and LLM]. He was a UN-World Bank-ILO scholar that specialized on monetary and fiscal policies, multilateral trade negotiations and regional economic cooperation. His careers in private and public life cover long years of experience as a journalist, lawyer, Finance Attache, ASEAN specialist, retired diplomat and former deputy permanent representative to the United Nations.

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