Washington May Not Have A Plan; But The American People Do

by George Weir –

Its obvious by now, the great thinkers in Washington haven’t a clue, or a plan to combat the killers which call themselves ISIS, but the American people do.

It is also very obvious that these killers really know little about the American People.  The people that call themselves Americans love their freedom, and also they are willing to fight in the streets, fight in the alleys, we will also fight on the mountain tops, and the deepest of valley’s, no these people called ISIS haven’t traveled the back roads or the streets of our largest city’s, actually they haven’t a clue as to the hostile environment they have stepped in when trying to bring their ideology of hate within our borders.

The lying and the mistrust they see in our capitol, or the attempts of Hollywood trying to dumb down the American people, or the demonstrations of civil unrest which may raise its ugly head from time to time, nor the seemingly laziness of some, no this isn’t the America that they will see, far from it.

When called upon, the armed forces of the United States of America are still the greatest force in the world to be reckoned with, whether at home, or in the deserts of the Middle East, or on the open seas, and yes, they also love the freedom that America has afforded them.

To put it bluntly, In Texas there is a saying “Don’t mess with Texas”… the same can be said in regard to the United States …”Don’t mess with us”.

Notably regardless of what the far left has tried to do in disarming the American public, America is still well armed.

I would suggest to those that wish America harm, come and travel from the east coast to the west coast and take time to explore the vast region of the Midwest and venture into the endless miles of forest of the North.

And while on this mission get to know the people, and try to understand their reasoning for preserving the heritage and the culture of this great place called America.

Try working the oil fields of West Texas and also the fields of the Dakotas, and when you have done this, try your hand at mining for coal, after this try out your hand at working on a cattle ranch, or hire out building the roads that span from the east to the west, and from the South to the North, and when you have done this, consider digging potatoes in Idaho, or following the wheat harvest to Canada.

Frankly, the above doesn’t come close to covering the greatness and the will of the American people.  Every Mother and father in America has a dream that their children can will excel to their highest ability, and they are willing to fight to the bitter end to see these dreams come to pass, so, when one comes into their lives and threaten those dreams, (Look Out).  They realize that Washington may not have a plan, but when it comes to the point where the rubber meets the road, the American people will act, and act decisively to keep their country free from the evil that ISIS has to offer, and folks, (That is all they have to offer).

After you have done all this, get to know the people that make up this great Nation, and consider if the cause is great enough to awake up these sleeping giants, because without even a doubt, you will find that these people are actually giants, when defending their country.

The American people are a people of peace, but as any people defending their freedom they can become a people well armed and ready to defend their family’s and their country, and their God.

So my advice to those that are even thinking of America as their caliphate, — Think Again!

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