Washington D.C. – 12.September.2009 – The New-Liberty-Day

… the once-cracked but now freshly repaired ‘Liberty Bell’ is no longer silent! It is ringing out its subliminal chord to millions of deeply proud and truly committed Americans. The call is to ‘stand and deliver’ freedom for all — once again.

Waves after waves of patriots representing the discontent and spirited hopefulness of Americans from sea to shining sea gathered in an astonishing and unprecedented display of solidarity and peaceful resistance to the uprising tyrannical government. Vast currents of flag-waving, banner-carrying, honor-driven conscientious and devout Americans poured forth from every access into the ‘mall’, towards the Capitol, in support of the resuscitation of Lady Liberty.

“Less IS More” seemed to be the consensus among the participants, when the issues of government spending, taxation, and overall ‘big-government’ interference drove many silent, patient and long-suffering citizens from their comfortable apathy. We can no longer afford to be quiet and anonymous – in more ways than one.

Conservative creativity was on display in the form of signs, placards, costumes, but most importantly: community. Karl Marx opened his Communist Manifesto with the ominous and gloomy warning: “A spectre is haunting

Europe—the spectre of Communism. All the Powers of old

Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Czar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies.”


Washington: we have banished that spectre by the SPIRIT of the freedom-loving American People. We refuse to be haunted by the youngest ghost of fascism. The community spirit of those who still understand what it means to be a free community propelled Saturday’s 9/12 rallying voice into history as a celebratory reclamation of our original July 4th victory.

The NEW LIBERTY DAY (not to out-shadow or replace our original Independence Day) is just one of another of the 364 days we designate to mark our freedom – the rebirth of American vigilance in the resounding voice of millions of proud patriots from each of the “57 states” (according to Obama math – hey, we had a better turnout than we expected!).

Exactly how many millions of volunteers, ready to defend the US Constitution against all of the obvious and surreptitious domestic enemies, showed up all over the capitol? The conservative estimates of some of our foreign press/media observers indicate that more than a million American Citizens participated in the event. Why are there conflicting reports regarding attendance numbers? The reports are inconclusive, at best, because of the following — On information and belief, garnered from those evidently angry Americans, there was an untold number of busses filled with committed Americans prevented from entering their own Capitol in order to redress their grievances against a well-perceived rogue-elephant-government. They were waylaid on the roads leading to and from the district of criminals, A.K.A. –



The venomous ‘politically-correct’ mosquitoes inhabiting the swamps of the District could not suck the blood from the legions of those seeking to prevent an ultra-virus pandemic of dark tyranny, apathy and slavery.

The Authors and Conservators of the Constitution were present on Saturday – as vivid, enthusiastic and hopeful as their fore-fathers. They wrote not on parchment, but on their signs, their shirts, their chants (“shame on you CNN!!!”, “thank you FOX!!!”), their wheelchairs, strollers, busses, cars — and THEIR FACES! Smiles, handshakes, hugs, thumbs-up, waves, winks — THIS is the camaraderie of respectful, concerned, polite, cheerful, intelligent, enlightened, generous, focused, energetic, committed, informed, civil, diverse (economically, physically, generationally, racially, religiously, occupationally, educationally, philosophically), independent, strong and LINGUISTICALLY AND CULTURALLY UNITED! (We could all understand each other! HA!) CITIZENRY! We have camaraderie, but we are not the Communist KOMRADES! We — here — are the gathering of the Angles of LIGHT!

This demonstration was populated by the antithesis of the coalition of OBAMA-Pelosi-Reid constituents A.K.A. the antonyms of the above participants — i.e. the BOTTOM-FEEDERS! FLATWORMS (whenever you cut them up, you get MORE!)!

We Know – we were THERE.

Thank you Glenn – Paul Revere – Beck!

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