Warning To USA Freeloaders

This is, by me here, the consolidation of many conversations that took place while I was in various locations like, restaurants, homes, music drenched night clubs and etc.

For the last several days the radio hosts have been complaining that the — Hahahah! – Voo Doo economic ‘stimulus’ bomb of over a trillion dollars is, not just short lived but, actually intended to be many new and Permanent social programs. Clearly, the type of stuff in the crazy, will never work bill, are intended to live on and on. Mr. Sean Hannity is the preeminent person raising the warning regarding this most anti-American, that is working American, socialist philosophy being imposed further on the

USA than it already is. Mr. Hannity is absolutely correct.

Please consider this as the final warning / constructive notice about the future. The subject is, of course, the current ongoing theft by deception orchestrated by the imposter [let’s see your birth certificate and Harvard records] the alleged President of the

United States of America and enabled by the dastardly members, now in total control, of the Congress, you know, the democrat party.

The current bushel of scallywags in the congress are your representative thieves; who along with the alleged [first please show us your birth certificate now Sir] President, B. Hussein O., are operating identically to any group of co-conspirators, black hearted gangsters operating in a ruthless and reckless racketeering influenced corrupt organization [RICO] scheme. They are also commonly known as the democrats, the left, progressives or any other term meaning the same thing. They are at this time above the law.

These swindling government mobsters who are led by the alleged President B. Hussein O. [forever to be known as the ‘Enslaver’ in American history, I believe] have effectively broken into each and every hard working, tax paying American’s home and not only robbed the fruits of their labors but have decided to stay. They are holding those industrious American’s hostage for future ransom, at gun point no less. All that these carpetbaggers from Washington D.C. want is the Lions’ share of the hard earned income of the average American and their progeny to be passed onto their own friends and family, both in America and across the world as well. That’s all!

Therefore, having finally shown the true colors of the ‘Enslaver’ when he — likely an illegal alien from Kenya or Indonesia — the alleged [show us your birth certificate first and now Sir] President, B. Hussein O. promised ‘Change’ and ‘Hope’, which words actually to Obama meant Enslavement, Indentured and Involuntary Servitude and Peonage of the American Republic, We The People, the working, tax paying class Citizens.

As a direct result ‘We The People’ almost all of us at the upcoming next election will throw this current brood of self aggrandizing, lying federal thugs out of office and take whatever was stolen from us – We The People — and given to you, the parasites, back. And you all very well know who you are. Your days of cattle rustling with impunity are coming to an end. On top of that We The People will seek just compensation from all those involved. The free lunch is coming to an end. Payback is earned. Charity does not begin at the end of a federal gun. That is what is being spoken on the street, everywhere.

So, if I were you, I would not be on the receiving end of any of the ‘stolen goods’. Take a lesson from the Governors of the States that have refused to accept the money from the infamous ‘Enslaver’ now that he, the alleged [show us your birth certificate first and now Sir], President, B. Hussein O. and his dastardly enablers in the now Socialist occupied congress, prosper by way of pillaging and economically raping the American people.

Alarm – Alarm: The Monsters have broken out of their Constitutional cage and are now amongst us again.

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