War: “The Energy Of Islam”

by George Weir –

If perpetual motion was in fact a proven workable science, and their was no need for the input of energy in order to keep things moving, there would be no wars, nor even the rumors of wars, but, as of yet the ideas of perpetual motion is mostly in the imagination of the dreamer.

Sadly, a large part of the world depends on the input of energy from violence to keep their perpetual motion intact; this motion derives its energy from religion, and the main source of commerce and industry is the converting of the infidels, and the dream of world dominion.

Without this constant barrage of conflict after conflict, the very ideology of Jihad would soon fade into the desert sands, and the leaders of these warring countries would no doubt loose the power that they have over the people, and the power they so much desire in making (world policy). Without the constant threat of war, and wiping Israel of the face of the earth, their hopes of global conquest and the total destruction of non-believers would become lifeless as the dry bones left in the sifting sands of previous wars that have come to naught and for no reason.

This unrest is being seen throughout the world, thanks to the nation of Iran. Hate and miss-trust for America and what they believe to be an evil influence upon their society, which is nothing short of slavery, is being seen in their streets and universities. This perpetual energy of hate is the driving force in which the mullahs use to keep their power, without this hate, and the continual beating of war drums’ they can no longer exercise authority over their people, or the rest of the civilized world.

Iran has invested the resources that could have been used for the betterment of their people, but in order to keep power they invested heavily on being a nuclear power. Iran has the illusion that they being the nuclear power in the region they will be able to influence policy and religious views upon all the middle-east and abroad, and especially Israel, which they consider a thorn in their side, and their eternal enemy.

In 1984, the supreme leader of Iran, the Ayatollah Ali Hossenideal Khamenei endorsed a nuclear program saying “A nuclear arsenal would serve Iran as a deterrent in the defense of god’s soldiers.”

Israel understood this danger, and in 1992 Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin tried to warn the Clinton Administration, however the CIA maintained that the Iranian program was civilized and not military. Even to this very day the Iranians maintain that their nuclear efforts are used for peaceful purposes. In 2003 the Iranians signed an agreement to the cessation of its nuclear program. It signed the International Atomic energy Agency (IAEA) protocol and issued a joint statement with the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany. The statement claimed, “while Iran has a right within the nonproliferation regime to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, it has decided voluntarily to suspend all uranium enrichment’s and processing activities as defined by the IAEA”.

As the world now knows, this document was never intended to be carried through on the part of the Iranians, they have continued their efforts on becoming a nuclear power, with the capability to deliver long range rockets carrying nuclear war-heads, and they have promised to use them against it’s bitter enemy Israel.

On July 1, 2010 President Obama signed into law the Comprehensive Iran Sanction, Accountability, and Divestment Act (H.R. 2194). This act was to build upon the recently passed United Nations Security Council Resolution and its strong foundation for new multilateral sanctions. It’s design was to put pressure on those persons investing in Iran’s development of petroleum production capability, also it requires sanctions on financial institutions facilitating certain activities involving Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or other sanctioned persons.

This Act was also to provide a powerful tool against Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and to degrade it activities in terrorism.

As we know the sanction has little effect on the ultimate goal of the mullah’s and their puppet leaders in Iran, their quest for power is still in play, and their goal to be the ultimate power in the region has not subsided, and the goal of a powerful nuclear military is creeping even closer.

Surly by now we that are infidels in the sight of the Islamic world must realize that they wish us converted or dead. If they suddenly had an about-face, and decided to relinquish the strangle hold they have on their people, and allow freedom to worship as they see fit, and release them from the oppression of Islam, and the threat of death if caught even talking of the Christian faith, or preaching the Christian faith, or being sent to prison for stealing when one’s family is starving. They know if these freedoms were afforded their people, their power would vanish, so the wars continue.

Recently the United States and other nations held a conference in Geneva, and agreed to lift some of the sanctions on Iran. This interim deal is good for six months, then all eyes will upon the Iranians to see if they have lived up to their agreement, but, according to the Iranians, our deal was not their deal, so here we go again, but this is to be expected, we have played this game before.

Yes their will someday be “Peace on Earth” Men will turn their swords into plow-shears and their spears into pruning-hooks, but until that day, men sill seek power over the people through the use of war.

There is no nation completely innocent of war, all nations have been involved in war’s, whether defending another country, or possessing another country, and the future doesn’t look any brighter, their will always be those seeking blood-shed, but we that are still free, should look to war as self-defense, of the defense of our friends, and not for the total power over the people.

All soldiers will say, “War Is Hell” and it should be avoided if possible, but there are times it is necessary: else we fall under the heavy-hand of evil dictators which keep their power through wars which never have a positive ending, only death.

George T. Weir

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