War Criminals: 373 Plus U.S. Presidents Still Alive Bush And Obama Himself Are To Hang

President Obama and Speaker Pelosi’s barking Dobermans in Congress that smelled blood and now want President Bush hanged as a “war criminal” may fry in their own lard.

Let’s help them jump into their frying pan the most helpful way we can: Their legal ding-a-ling is that those accused of committing “war crimes” must be persecuted – I mean prosecuted and if found guilty must be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Since “war crimes” are high crimes punishable by death, the ultimate punishment is usually hanging by the neck until dead.

The “monster” in human clothing that recently had a terminal date with the hooded hangman fashionably dressed in black in celebration of death, was the infamous dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein.

This war criminal head of state reached the end of the rope, and died immediately without a chance of growing his dreaded mustachio like Hitler’s, the Holocaust war criminal who took the law into his hand and ended it all.

Nose-leading blood-thirsty Dobermans in a Bush-hunting Safari in this manner, we must first call their attention to the fact that without this war on terror and the war in

Iraq , there would be no “war crimes” against Bush to speak of in the first place.

Bush is currently hunted for allegedly committing “genocide” in

Iraq . War crime hunters premised this rather obsessive belief that Bush is a “war criminal” on and because of what he did in Iraq [to America’s enemies in the Iraq war], and what he did to captured terrorists and those caught on the act, to protect Americans from Islamic terrorists who were surreptitiously conducting their clandestine operations right here in this land of the free.

The alleged criminal act narrows down to “waterboarding” or “torture”, which Obama’s hatchet men in black toga claim is a serious “crime against humanity”.

But this is what they forgot, or if not, are trying to ignore. Facts are facts nonetheless, and they need facts to carry in their luggage in this expedition to hunt down “war criminals” to hang.

There were 373 “war criminals” in Congress who were “Bush’s accomplices”. We are presenting this proof to them in their own language. On October 10 and

October 11, 2002, Congressmen and Senators voted for the “Resolution of Authorization for Use of Military Force Against

Iraq…” — the power they gave to Bush to commit those alleged “war crimes” in

Iraq .

296 co-conspirators in the House of Representatives and 77 co-conspirators in the Senate voted for what those who voted now call “misadventure” in

Iraq , seeing to it that Bush commits the “war crimes” they have authorized him to commit.

We call upon those Senators and Congressmen as witnesses to fry in their own lard. We take as evidence their statements on record that the war powers they gave to Bush are “unconstitutional, felonious and treasonous”.

Most if not all of these “war criminals” are now in Obama’s Cabinet. Obama himself is an accomplice. He voted at least 11 times since 2003 to fund “Bush’s war” … the “war of mass murder, maiming and torture.”

As Bush’s war crime accomplices, they also voted several times for several amendments of the Patriot Act that created the Military Tribunal to try terrorists, and on top of that conspiracy to commit “war crimes” they authorized by law the use of military Information Interrogation Technique [torture] to extract information from the captured enemy of the state to save millions of American lives that the discovered plots had targeted to wipe out.

The hunt for “war criminals” is vastly rich of preys to go after. It is not an “anemic” hunting game with only Bush in the rifle sight to shoot and bring home to adorn the wall as a prize trophy.

Hundreds of thousands of intelligence and homeland security officers and soldiers obeyed their Commander-In-Chief’s orders to commit “war crimes”. To me there was no doubt that they were patriots but to Obama-Pelosi Bush hunters – those were “willing participants” who actually committed Bush’s “crime against humanity”.

Many Americans have their tongues hanging out in bewilderment as to why in this time of financial scarcity and economic hardship one of the Obama administration’s priorities in uncontrollable spending spree is for the creation of armed militia in black and detention camps across the country. These are to be used in times of “emergency”.

Think of members of the U.S. Armed Forces, homeland security officers, agents of FBI, CIA and covert search-and-destroy commandos with no names, that one way or another, are going to be hunted down as Bush’s conspirators in committing these abominable “crimes against humanity”. Indeed, we have a horrifying “national emergency” if they are to confront Obama’s fully armed peacekeepers eyeball-to-eyeball. Those who blink first are going to be casualties of this civil war.

But I bet that our still living presidents may not cause trouble to Obama’s covert law enforcers. They too had led wars and accused of “war crimes” and “genocide”, but I think being old now they would just go voluntarily straight to any nearby detention camp lead by Obama himself who will also be “investigated” as active participants and conspirators for the alleged commission of “war crimes”, and when tried and found guilty hanged by the neck until dead.

And if this is to become the main preoccupation of the day under the Obama administration, the rope and lariat industry will perhaps be the only businesses that will experience “an economic boom” in the midst of today’s 1920s gloom and doom.

For, indeed, there will be pervasive multiple hangings in all parts of the country. The demand for a hangman’s noose made of abaca rope and synthetic threads or materials will create a nationwide Keynesian aggregate demand that would arrest the economic downturn and trigger the much needed recovery.

Is this a pundit’s joke? Not at all if there are those who believe that the rope economic incentive is a much better alternative to this on-going trillion-dollar robbery where the people’s tax money goes to the pockets of criminals who committed egregious “economic crimes”. Their necks actually more than deserved the hangman’s rope.

But here comes the “kill joy”. In the House hearing committee, CIA director nominee Leon Panetta assured Congress that no intelligence officer would be prosecuted for “war crimes”. Only the heads of those who “ordered the war crime” are in the chopping block. They are only after Bush, the top dog of “war crimes”.

And that was the first remarkable message of Obama’s CIA director-to-be to terrorists. The Obama administration is only after Osama bin Laden, the head of terrorism, not his cutthroat assassins who did the criminal act of mass murder and wanton destruction, just as they are only after Bush, not those under him who committed the crime under his order.

It is my reason for climbing the belfry to ring the bell of alarm that every American must prepare for “dirty bombs” that could blow up

Los Angeles or

New York to kingdom come. Under the Obama regime, terrorists are legally free to do their worst. If arrested, they would not even be prosecuted. Panetta announced this assurance in Congress to all and sundry. They are only after Osama bin Laden who ordered the carnage.

How about this sing-along legality that those caught violating the law must be prosecuted a.k.a. persecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Well, they spit out the exception when they swallow hook and sinker what they said about the dictate of the law as a reason to tenaciously pursue the investigation of those who commit “war crimes.”

The other day, I had this terrifying scare of my life. I watched a 3-year old baby swallow a mouthful of cherries with all the seeds that almost choked the little toddler to death.

What came back to me in split seconds was that vivid picture of Saddam Hussein … turning blue and breathless while hanging and struggling at the end of the rope.

Luckily, after less than a minute or so of contorted bodily struggle which seemed to have lasted longer than eternity, the baby discharged the choking seeds from the mouth. I couldn’t forget this incredible smile of relief as if he was saying to everybody that, what he had coughed out was the exception to what he had scooped into his mouth that could not and should not be swallowed for the sake of survival.

Dying of asphyxiation by choking is, like hanging by neck at the end of the rope, not only painful but also in the eyes of God, a disgraceful way of ending one’s life. Judas hanged himself in a nearby tree. The stigma of betrayal and treachery is never looked at with favor in the afterlife.

Obama’s legal centurions who do not leave any single stone unturned in their quest for a presidential investigation to hang President Bush swallowed hook and sinker the mandate of the law that anyone who violates the law must be prosecuted to the fullest. But they are spitting out the exception. At least CIA agents that actually committed “war crimes” for Bush, will not be prosecuted.

The public loves Panetta as the cry baby who choked up with cherries. But he will survive while his boss – Obama – hangs with the rest of the presidents who were all in pari delicto in committing “war crimes”.

As a final ingredient to this menu of absurdities I just broiled to feed those joining this presidential hanging expedition, I would like to add a spice of immortality borrowed from John Wayne’s cliché — war is tough, but it is a lot tougher to those who are deliberately stupid. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS February 09, 2009.

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