War Against Coronavirus Is War Between Good And Evil

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

For National Security: Open Up Economic And Social Activities Immediately — And Safely

For reason of national security, the President must issue an Emergency Executive Order declaring life back to normal with guidelines for Governors to follow based on the pandemic situation prevailing in every State across the country. Sumcad

The key word is “safety” when opening up social and economic activities, not just returning people back to work or back to normal life without the required precautions.

The President must be clear in the drafting of the Emergency Executive Order (EEO): It is for reason of national security.

Legal scholars are aware that Trump cannot be challenged for issuing a restrictive EEO for reason of national security. Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944).

The country is in a dangerous turmoil. With angry, heavily armed people gathering in the streets and confronting police authorities reportedly in a dangerous and provocative manner while protesting against local governments’ shutdown, public shooting can erupt anytime. It is just a matter of time before bloodshed breaks out.

When State Governors step out of the line infringing on people’s civil liberties and protesting people, in a bad mood, arm themselves with handguns, automatic assault weapons and machineguns and with rage threaten anybody at gunsight, peace and order all over the country is dangerously compromised; the imminent bloodshed becomes a matter of serious national security concerns. President Trump must act immediately to defuse this threat to national security before mass killing occurs and people die in the street and blamed it on him. The EEO I recommend will address this problem because it defuses the tension and with necessary precautions, makes people feel safe.

With this critically needed immediate presidential action to save the country, the EEO, as usual, is expected to meet a crushing-bone legal challenge from the dark side for one purpose only – to crucify Trump. But then again, who cares? This is not something new.

But I must admit that it is for this reason that the implementation of this back-to-work EEO must be strictly enforced using the superior power and authority of the federal government. Right now some States defy and even use against the President of United States the delegation of power for State to make local decisions as to whether or not to open the economy and return the people’s pre-virus activities back to normal.

In the exercise of power to decide on this matter at the State level, Federal authority preempts State authority in the event of conflict.

Between the President of the United States and a defiant Governor – usually from Blue States and sanctuary cities — Trump wins due to the provisions of the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause (Art. VI, Clause 2) that are repeatedly re-enforced by landmark rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Lately, this preemption power of Federal Law over State Law was sustained by the Supreme Court in Altria Group v. Good, 555 U.S. 70 (2008). “A federal law that conflicts with a state law will trump, or ‘preempt’ that state law.”

Furthermore, legal scholars will agree with me that “we have long recognized that state laws that conflict with federal law are ‘without effect’.” Maryland v. Louisiana, 451 U.S. 725, 746 (1981). This legally fortifies Trump’s position in this unsettling situation when he is in that position where a push comes to a shove.

I say let the dark forces try to challenge the power and authority of the President of United States in this regard like they always do without thinking even when their recklessness burns their feathers. There is this other saying that they cannot make an omelet unless they break an egg, and as usual when they do, make themselves their own worst enemy.

The current allegation that more Americans will die of Coronavirus when Trump opens the economy or when he orders social activities that require public gathering back to normal, is without any legal merit. It is just pure scare tactic or scaremongering. It is just a noisy wind that blows in the air as it passes through. Coronavirus kills whether or not Trump unlocks a lockdown economy or even when social distancing and quarantine are enforced. That’s because Coronavirus, like the Pestilence of ancient civilization, is a demonic attack that always claims its prey.

If Trump does not open the economy, Americans will also die of economic asphyxiation, aside from dying of too many other causes resulting from a lockdown economy. And we have not even seen the worst of it yet.

In between behavioral responses to Coronavirus are social distancing, quarantine, hygiene such as washing hands, and precautions such as wearing masks, thriving on immune-boosting diet with plenty of Vitamins C and D, hydroxychloroquine and other intermediary drug treatments, and later on vaccine, etc., which are observed and/or applied – standard healthcare measures and procedures that are necessary and scientifically proven to work effectively. These precautions must be prominently outlined in the EEO advisory or guidelines in order for the population to finally go back “safely” to normal life.

These guidelines that I am talking about must be the product of the joint and collaborative efforts of the best medical minds and top financial strategists and economic planners in the country ever assembled by President Trump.

For, only President Trump can save and bring the economy back to normal, no one else.

Think about it: In the span of 3 years Trump was able to rebuild the economy after Obama, with such unbelievable phenomenal growth rates and in terms of job-creation, unprecedented low rate of unemployment went into the record for the first time in the history of the United States.

Trump reordered and tilted the global system of cooperative endeavor among the superpowers of Europe, Russia and China including nuclear-armed North Korea towards our national interest, stopping opportunists friendly countries among others, from making us their milking cow in terms of our cost-sharing expenditures to maintain our international security defense alliance across the globe. At least defense spending among NATO member countries is now more or less fairly shared. It is no longer solely the burden of the American taxpayers, thanks to Trump.

Coronavirus had now wiped out those extraordinary economic growth rates Trump has created in 3 years for the U.S. economy. So what happened is that the downward fall of the economy due to Coronavirus was in fact cushioned against a total crash and the economic hurt suffered nationwide was, thank God, mitigated and the pain and sufferings people were subjected to, were alleviated and mollified. It could have been an apocalyptic loss to this great nation if Trump was not the President. Did the Media even recognized this Trump miracle? No, the Fake Media did the opposite. They tanked him – smashed him – rather than thanked him, ever!

The daily casualty-squealing job of scientist advisers like Anthony Fauci and Deborah L. Birx among others, will become obsolete and their television appearance no longer catches fire in the heart and mind of the American people every time they appear in front of the camera.

Birx, Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) for that matter had never advised President Trump what to do in terms of preparing the country for the Coronavirus outbreak. I say this with a gnawing frustration and a deep sense of regret. No one can find any published report showing that they did.

Had they advised Trump the situation would have been different. The destructive blame game would have been over before it started. But they did not.

CDCP should have done their job while President Trump was distracted and overwhelmed by the impeachment charges lodged against him from the dark side based on the Ukrainian quid pro quo hoax – impeachment that was baseless and clearly unconstitutional, not to speak of so much time, energy and resources wasted while diverting national attention away from the coming pandemic. I reviewed the record of the Global Coronavirus Timeline thoroughly and patiently the best I could, and nowhere is there a CDCP advice telling President Trump what and how to prepare for the then coming deadly virus. Like the virus, those so-called medical and science people just suddenly showed up on national television flaunting their shocking projections of widespread infection and alarming number of deaths.

Those scientists just give those terrifying number of people dying, and has no connection as to how the population would feel or react to it. If their actions could speak, they are just like virtually telling the American public, “here is how the Coronavirus multiplies, spreads and kills, and how many hundreds of thousands or millions of Americans are going to die.”

Well, the convenient excuse for this upbeat manner of earthbound and self-centered messaging of Coronavirus casualties and the way they announced it is that they are “scientists”, not politicians, and good scientists at that devoid of any emotion or human feelings, just a face of pure science. If listening to them you disagree and feel differently, you are on your own. But it is obvious that we Americans need our scientists to be the best in the world, but not without a heart that feels and understands the people’s fear, torment, and anguish every time they get a shot of projected death tolls they don’t expect and even difficult to believe and accept.

So, on the issue of more Americans dying whether you are for or against the continued closedown of the economy, the on-going pro and con debate does not make sense at all. And its irrelevance is what takes my goat.

How many people realize that the debate as to the merits or demerits of an open or lockdown economy is really of no consequence to the Coronavirus problem we face?

What they are really arguing about is totally immaterial because either way, Coronavirus takes its course and when it does people die. This showing of superficial and disconnected concern is not just frivolous and contemptible but at its worst, totally diversionary. To me, it is simply annoying.

But worse than this annoying diversion getting into our nerves, it stopped Trump from swinging into immediate action so critically necessary to save the American people and the economy from dying either way – to open or to close down. The more that White House is being bombarded by the advisers’ frightening figures of spreading infections and rising number of deaths, the more needed emergency presidential actions are delayed or stalled. We lost so much valuable time arguing on projections that were so unreliable and to say the least, way, way off the mark.

To get to the bottom of this maddening confusion where two opposing forces are deeply dug-in as far as their confrontational positions are concerned (pro-Trump and anti-Trump factions), my advice to President Trump is to look at this war on Coronavirus in the context of a continuing War between Good and Evil.

The religious has a way of winning the War of Good versus Evil. Recognizing their past experience, we have to start finding our way back to God to win the war against Evil. With the exception of a few, we are believers of the existence of God – the All-knowing and Omnipotent Being – that has many names to all people all over the world, depending on what kind of worship one practices in life.

Outside of this realm is the dark side, where lies the dark forces of non-believers, pure Evil that the Good has to contend with, and vanquish. Biblically, it is a war that has no end.

Even our great forebears invoked the name of God in their struggle to crush the power of Evil in their fight for freedom. If President Trump sees the current struggle we have against the Coronavirus in this context, it would be easier for him to vanquish Evil and win the war against the pandemic.

So far, we are losing the moral ground against demonic attacks that come from State Governors, and other Trump assassins from the dark side.

To illustrate this point, I will just limit myself to just one exemplary example out of the many showing how we are losing the moral side of the battle against Coronavirus. The dark side speaks through New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a possible replacement to Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in the coming presidential election. In New York, Cuomo ordered nursing homes to admit patients infected with Coronavirus, very much aware that nursing homes are home of elders vulnerable to Coronavirus. As a result, almost 5,000 reportedly died of the virus. It is a recorded morbidity that cannot lie.

This is pure Evil.

We do not need to know why the Governor of New York did that. It was just politics – simply just pure Evil.

Again records show that in New York hospitals, thousands of patients dying of the virus needed ventilators. Supplies of ventilators coming from the Federal Government were kept in warehouses reportedly ordered by Governor Cuomo while patients were dying for lack of ventilators. The request for ventilators gave an opportunity for the Governor to attack Trump for the delay in responding to his request and at the same time accusing him of incompetence for being unprepared to deal with the pandemic.

Again, that too, is pure Evil. The complicit Fake Media celebrated the Governor’s victory over Trump for scoring a political point while thousands were dying.

That too, is pure Evil.

This is a demonic attack, which is harder to stop than the Coronavirus itself. We are focusing wrongly on Coronavirus, which is only a tool used in a demonic attack. We should focus on vanquishing Evil.

While we see Science, i.e. vaccine, etc. (a very limited human focus) as the needed weapon to use to win this war against the pandemic — which in reality is a War between Good and Evil of which the death toll and other casualties are always high — actually Divine Intervention is what we need badly after we decide to go back into God’s fold that can spiritually help us win the War between Good and Evil, and specifically to defeat the Coronavirus, which in the mind of the religious is actually to defeat the dark forces as also mentioned in the holy writings of different religions.

Science of which this war against the pandemic is relying on, somewhat misleads us and leaves us wandering in the woods. Science cannot be everything in this war against Coronavirus. I would like to quote this published report of ecclesiastical authorities:
“Most scientists, doctors, and philosophers agree that science cannot answer ethical, moral, or religious questions.”

This war on the pandemic has ethical, moral, and religious components. We cannot win this war by solely depending on science.

Because of this flawed perception of the vast majority of the unknowing American population, I am totally disheartened and dismayed. The resulting aggravation is that there is too much aggressions in the air. I think I should recommend forgiveness to ease the tense atmosphere a little bit. I like to highlight this quote from a good Samaritan:
“Forgiveness . . . result in healthier relationship; greater spiritual and psychological well-being; less anxiety, stress and hostility; lower blood pressure; fewer symptoms of depression; and lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse.” Sounds like what the ailing spirit needs.

Anyway, whether we like it or not, Coronavirus, like any viruses, does not last forever.

And yet, I never heard any CDCP scientist ever said that in their daily appearance on television. They are more vocal and always anticipatory of elongated time for Coronavirus to end itself if at all, and in fact spine-chilling the already petrified public with another whammy that there is no way our life is going back to normal. Why this total baloney? Didn’t we go back to normal after surviving all kinds of even deadlier viruses that killed millions of Americans before? You must be greatly troubled and seriously wondering. So am I.

So now back to square one of the puzzle. To get back our life: To close or to open is the question.

I say to President Trump: Let’s go for it or bust! Only one way to find out – let us go back to our normal life with caution and precautions and see what happens.

But complementary to that, there is no doubt that on stage there are suspicious actors actively playing the mind of the frightened and confused public. Those actors are in the campaign trail of terror.

Those who do not want to open the country may be fearful of a greater loss if we go back to normal activities and nothing happens like in Sweden and other countries in Europe that defied stringent mitigations and restrictions that kill worse than the virus. If the world does not end when we return to normal, they lost to Trump.

To them losing to Trump is greater than losing millions of lives, and more fearsome than a totally devastated economy.

They are so scared to lose to Trump that they go bonkers – kaput! Right now, they are conducting a terror campaign in the United States against opening the economy and going back to normal life.

Lately, children are used to terrorize the public by declaring a second wave of Coronavirus attack when schools open this Fall. Although children have the virus, studies show that they are hardly sick and/or asymptomatic. Because of that, they are now branded like cattle as virus carriers to be herded into a corral camping ground in order to avoid infecting others and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 beyond our control.

But we do not need any kind of forced encampment. Humans are born to move and to do something. When we move, we develop immunity against the virus. Robin Thompson of Oxford’s virus study reported that human mobility is like a “natural vaccination”.

Besides, COVID-19 is already everywhere. Supplies, hospital equipment and medical care should be where all kinds of mutating Coronaviruses are. But they are not there yet. We cannot lose the battle against this novel virus by indulging in an unreasonable omission, and worse, by not fighting back. My World Bank database shows that 80%-90% of economic damage and destruction “comes from aversion behavior” . . . not from disease, deaths and the associated loss of production.”

Be that as it may, with “safety” precautions, it is time to go back to our normal life. We cannot lose more than what we already lost.

And think about it: President Trump can never go wrong when he returns our life back to normal. He has all the wisdom and power not only of the U.S. Constitution but above all, the power, love, and support of the American people. #

© Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS May 13, 2020.

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