WANTED: Primal Impulses

….the Monday morning of December 8, 1941.

Thousands of men stood in lines that wound for blocks, many of them sleeping on the sidewalk all night to be among the first to enlist. Japan, without warning or provocation, had attacked our naval facilities at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. America was angry, and we stayed angry for four long years until the last troop ship arrived home carrying our victorious military. American citizens, who had supported this global effort, never wavered in their steadfast resolve to win this thing against evil forces wanting our demise. Returning soldiers were not questioned about “torture” because sane rational people realize in the brutal conflict of war things are required and done in the name of survival. Sane people knew that on the front lines of combat you may have had to slap-around a captured enemy to PREVENT casualties. Sane people realized “the other guy started this.”

America had no obscene Senator Dodd’s or Durbin’s in 1945 who would have been shot for treason daring to call our soldiers “Nazi’s.” We had no Nancy Pelosi’s, Code Pink, or Diane Feinstein’s “in the news” because if there were people like this, they were ignored by a pro-American media who only mumbled jokes about the “communist whores.” Hussein Obama’s pal, Bill Ayers, would have been executed for bombing federal buildings; not given a job teaching our children. We had no progressive left making common cause with the Empire of Japan or the Third Reich. We had no 9-12-01 people living in America; hand wringers who would ask the question “What did we do to make the Japanese mad at us?” You were not admonished for calling Japanese “Japs,” or Germans “Krauts,” because “politically correct” is a phrase invented by the communist party, and communists were then as they are now: Dirtbags. We did not have people who could say “I have never learned to fight for my freedom. I was only good at enjoying it.”

On the morning of September 11, 2001, without warning or provocation, 19 Middle East men all under the age of 40 killed twice as many Americans than died at Pearl Harbor. These enemy soldiers came from four separate countries bearing the military arm of a totalitarian regime. America was now at war with the legal, lifestyle, military and religious components of Islam. We sat and felt sorry for ourselves, withdrawn into the “victim” culture of grievance mongers and the highly offended. We were so pathetically mentally weak we did not halt the influx of male Middle Eastern Muslims into the United States, nor do we today; the very element that bombed our Twin Towers and Pentagon. Three years after 911, the City of New York in the most bizarre case of mental illness in American history, awarded the same Muslim ideology a new taxpayer funded all Islamic public school, as well as a site for the tri-state Muslim conference where these people could “conference” on what to do next to the hated infidels. We began to surrender, something that 1948 citizens of New York would not have stomached, because they were sane enough to never give your sworn enemy gifts of appeasement.

In 56 years Americans forgot that freedom is not free and in our whining to be taken care of by nanny government we shifted from “do” to “expect.” The irony is that both big government progressives and political Islam recoil from the concept of the citizen, of the free individual entrusted to operate within his own societal space, assume his responsibilities and exploit his potential. In the short span of 56 years tough Americans morphed from “fighting for freedom” to having all adult responsibilities annexed by the government: health care, child care, elderly care – to the point where it’s effectively severed its citizens from humanity’s primal instincts, including the instinct to survive.

We have fallen so far we put a foreigner in our White House, an anti-American, pro-Islamist who was and is supported by those very lunatics who slaughtered 3,000 Americans in New York’s lower Manhattan and our Pentagon. Someone who, by his very own writing, hates white Americans, loyal Americans, and military Americans, is behind the wheel that will drive our future into the totalitarian lifestyle of Islam via the surrender mentality of European socialism. How did we allow this? We abandoned our children, those same “children” socialists carry the hypocrite, lying banner of concern for. We allowed their education to slip into anti-American communist format. We allowed the teaching of our founding documents and American heroes to be abandoned for a curriculum of “lifestyle” brainwashing by the left anti-American crowd called the National Education Association. As the factory munitions worker carefully crafts a deadly bomb, we allowed the death of the United States by communist teachers carefully crafting a generation of “I expect” socialist voters.

We are becoming Europe, where people sit-around café’s sipping coffee not caring that the socialist unsustainable entitlements are so huge the government cannot possibly afford them and you are bequeathing the next generation, your children, lives in economic servitude. And the socialist party is always talking about “the children;” those innocents so easily slaughtered on abortion tables, kept in welfare servitude, and robbed of an education because socialists have changed their curriculum from learning employable skills to social engineering. “The Children,” who will inherit a socialist debt that will drive their lifestyle into third-world existence. Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue. Under the constant lie of “our children,” ours have dropped to 25th in the world; despicable; below third-world poverty nation for only one reason: Democrat/socialist/communist union meddling with the minds of future voters.

America, as a free nation and beacon of light to the rest of the world, have reached that cultural apogee of decision time. Now, as desperately as on December 8, 1941, we need citizens dramatically aware that we teeter at the top. We need men and women with the primal impulse of survival to step-up and begin making noise. The lap-dog poodles you have put in our Congress and Senate WILL listen if you are loud enough, because if you do not become loud in your outrage, the land of the free and the home of the brave will slip silently into the deep waters of Marxism.

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