Villanova University Is Making Plans To Triballiez America Even Further

[Editors Note: Below is a letter of the intentions of Villanova University to defy Federal Law, common sense and reason.

A Very great advantage that America Initiated was the amalgamating of various cultures or individual Tribes into one homogeneous and collaborative society. It was not that the individual Tribes, from around the world, were destroyed – it was that there was a unifying super structure. That breakthrough, invention for the betterment of Humanity overall was the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is the greatest invention of man. It has led to all of the other inventions like the internet, computers, medical magic, and on and on.

Now, the American structure is being disassembled back into the tribalism that is the quintessential form of hate, envy, jealousy, fear, power, conquest, savagery and anarchy. The Democrat Party and their ‘Ameriphobic’ activists are the cause and may now reap the rewards of their seditious conduct now that Donald J. Trump will soon be the President of the USA and that the American people have become aware of the destructive results of the Democrats flowery words.

It is Necessary for all good men and woman to resist the self evident efforts to dismantle the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights thus the  laws based upon it that have brought forth the greatest benefit to humanity Ever.  I suggest refraining from donating money, time, support, Federal Funding, student loans, any positive accolades or support at all, until they become an America First outpost.

To see the outcome of the effort to maintain Sanctuary cities, counties and Universities is to encourage cities like Chicago where 1000 people have been shot since the beginning of 2016 and to hear demands for the imposition of Islamic Sharia Law.

Tribalism is anarchy and Villanova University and any other location must realize the consequences of lawlessness and exemplary of ‘Ameriphobia’. It is entirely Emotion or worse Profit Over Reason and self destructive.]

Rev. Peter M Donohue, OSA

President, Villanova University

Dear Father Peter,

We write this letter with gratitude for your ongoing efforts to make Villanova a more welcoming campus, including your recent signature on the letter calling on the federal administration to uphold and extend DACA for undocumented students, and your eloquent message of support for the Black Lives Matter organizing on campus this fall. We believe that a crucial next step in honoring our values as an institution is to declare our support for undocumented members of our community by committing to specific actions in the new year.

The election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency has provoked uncertainty and concern among Villanova students, staff, and faculty members, many of whom fear for their safety and are in doubt about their legal status in the United States, due to the president-elect’s threat to begin deportations of millions of immigrants immediately upon his inauguration.

In light of the current situation, we, the undersigned members of the Villanova Community, believe this is an appropriate time to remember Augustinian values, veritas, unitas, caritas: reflected in the University seal. Truth, unity, and love that form the core of our institution.

We need to remember that the pursuit of truth is an “essential component in Catholic education” that forms the basis for unity, a crucial value for our community because “each of us is a product of the communities that have formed us.” Villanova University and its community commit to create an academic environment that promotes peace and justice for all, as we recognize that “the common good represents a commitment to the well-being of others – a solidarity that is essential to all persons in the community.” We remember that love is essential to the life of the community and that it is based in the conviction that every person in our community “possesses a dignity which cannot be violated or denied in the name of any collective good.”

In keeping with these values and commitment to our community, we believe Villanova University must protect students, staff, and faculty members who stand to lose legal protection of their immigration status and should publicly express our support and concern for vulnerable members of our surrounding communities. We, the undersigned members of Villanova, urge you to declare that Villanova University is a Sanctuary of Higher Education committed to protecting members of its community from unfair deportation, investigation, or other forms of intimidation.

We specifically propose the following.

  • Prohibit faculty and staff, including Public Safety, from inquiring about the immigration status of members of the Villanova community
  • Block federal immigration authorities from entering campus unless they have obtained a judicial warrant
  • Refuse to share information about any undocumented student without a judicial warrant
  • Expand scholarships available to undocumented students to attend Villanova and ensure that students may continue their education if the availability of legal status is restricted
  • Provide sustainable funding for undocumented students who are not eligible for the work-study program
  • Offer on-campus workshops on resisting deportation and supporting undocumented community members
  • Endorse the practice of Philadelphia and other PA cities of protecting the constitutional rights of all residents regardless of immigration status and commit our VU campus police to honor these protections
  • Invite a scholar from an undocumented or refugee background to serve as faculty
  • Join the demand for Comprehensive Immigration Reform at the federal level

We see these actions as concrete measures the University can take to support and protect the people in our community. While the term “sanctuary” has historically signified many different things, we have local examples of specific policies that protect immigrant community members. In January 2016, Mayor Jim Kenney declared Philadelphia a sanctuary city when he signed a policy that prohibits law enforcement from holding individuals in custody without a judicial warrant. This policy makes it clear that city officials will not use their time and resources to facilitate deportations and sends a message to immigrant residents that the city welcomes their contributions and is invested in their safety. On November 11, 2016, Mayor Kenney reaffirmed this policy, declaring Philadelphia a “Fourth Amendment city” that honors the constitutional rights of all residents, regardless of immigration status.  It is fully in keeping with our values and traditions to extend this protection to those among us who are in danger of being unfairly targeted for deportation.

In declaring Villanova a sanctuary campus, we would be joining our neighbors at the University of Pennsylvania and Swarthmore, who will not give voluntary access to campus to deportation authorities and will not willingly share private information to facilitate deportation. Adoption of these policies is well within the authority of university administration.

Villanova’s prompt and vocal response to the incidences of racist violence on campus was referenced as a model by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) in its resolution endorsing the movement to declare university campuses as sanctuaries from deportation released on November 22. The AAUP called on university administrations to pledge to ensure the safety, uninterrupted education and employment of its students and staff by adopting specific policies that would protect the personal information and physical safety of undocumented community members. Declaring Villanova a sanctuary would reflect the tireless efforts made following the election to create a safer and more welcoming environment for vulnerable students.

While undocumented people have particular concerns with the election of Donald J. Trump, we recognize that many other people on campus and beyond are feeling more vulnerable as well.  We believe Villanova should be a community that recognizes the dignity of all humans and provides a safe environment for those threatened because of their legal status, race, ethnicity, gender, faith tradition, or sexual orientation.  Therefore, we also propose the development of a plan to provide assistance, information, training and safety to support members of our community who feel unsafe.

As we face difficult days ahead, we take heart in our Augustinian values.  Please join those of us whose names appear below in standing together to protect our undocumented brothers and sisters with whom we live and work.


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