Vigilantes In America

… a noun: A member of a self appointed group of people who try to prevent crime and disorder in a community where law enforcement is imperfect or has broken down.

Webster’s New 20th Century Dictionary (unabridged) 1968 edition definition includes, “Vigilance, n. 3. Vigilance committee or committee of vigilance;

(a) A group of persons organized without legal authorization professedly to keep order and punish crime when ordinary law enforcement agencies apparently fail to do so.

Vigilante, n. One who serves on a vigilance committee.”

Some examples of Vigilantes in history, historical legend and fiction, are: Robinhood, The 3 Musketeers, Spartacus, The Lone Ranger, Batman,

Clark Kent, Lech Walesa.

Some may argue Walesa was not a real vigilante because he really was a political labor organizer, but many refer to him as the leader of the fall of the Communist regime in

Eastern Europe in the 1980’s.

Others may pick a bone with me about


Kent, saying it was really the Space Alien known as Superman who was the vigilante.

Still others would argue that Batman was summoned by Police Commissioner Gordon, and, therefore, not a Vigilante in the real sense, but a legitimate police consultant. Well, Gordon only summoned Bat Man when his regular law enforcement agency could not cope with a Master Criminal, thus fitting definition (a) above.

Today’s world and national events seem to scream for vigilantes to come to the fore.

America is being attacked from within and without by vile creatures 100 times more dangerous than Twoface, Lex Luthor , The Sherriff or Nottingham, because there are so many of them and so little apparent will of Law Enforcement to curtail their criminal activity.

Some operate openly with the apparent legitimacy of being members of The Congress of The United States of America.

There are an avalanche of reports from various internet sources (Why not the Main Stream Media?) that, “Everybody in

Washington knows that Barack Hussein Obama is a Usurper of the Office of the President of The United States of America.”

Not one member of the Electoral College, before or during the counting of the votes; Not one member of the Lame Duck Congress, and, Not One Member of the 112th Congress was or is willing to call him out and have him tried for imprison of Treason or other high crimes any mediocre reporter could tell you about.

The 14th Amendment of The Constitution was never legally ratified due to false imprisonment of objecting senators during the time, and, yet, there are none today who wish to nullify the instrument that makes you and me a corporation, subject to the plunder of the President of the corporation of The United States.

Others, in the shadows, like the international drug cartels. Every citizen within their base community knows who they are, but are afraid for their lives to point them out to legitimate law enforcement.

Officers of the law get gunned down, blown up in their personal cars, have their heads decapitated with impunity by the criminals.

Some hide under the guise of a Religious Community so they can operate in secret in The United States.

Only recently has it come out that, (The following are excerpts from a copy written story filled with The Canada Free Press by Douglas Hagmann…. ) “a “homeless man” was arrested in the

Boston suburb of


Massachusetts, on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after allegedly striking another man with a beer bottle. His name is Hussain Hashem al-HUSSAINI.”

“Ms. Davis identified al HUSSAINI as the “John Doe #2” in the

April 19, 1995 bombing that claimed the lives of 168 people, including 22 children, three who were unborn.”

“The disheveled homeless man arrested this week is at the epicenter of a plot that involves not only domestic terrorism, but the inexcusable failures and activities of the FBI that led directly to the events of September 2001.”

Douglas Hagmann is founder & director of the Northeast Intelligence Network, and a multi-state licensed private investigative agency.

There are a flood of accounts, too numerous to detail here, of horrific murders of innocent people and Law Enforcement Agents along the Southern border of The United States and even many miles North or our border.

All due to the sieve of a “fence” erected sporadically along the 2,800 miles of Mountainous, desert and swamp terrain (constructed that way as planned by Congressional Will, I believe) as a “show piece” to appease the Conservative American appetite for stronger border protection and interdiction of the massive criminal invasion.

A friend of mine who writes widely distributed political E-mails suggests that the ineffective border cameras on poles and other virtual defenses which have cost the taxpayers unbelievable billions of Dollars, and are a huge disappointment to Border Patrol Agents and other knowledgeable citizens and should be replaced.

He feels they should be replaced with .50 Cal. Machine gun emplacements available from several weapons dealers. They could be manned by National Guard units. They could be placed along the border every 500 yards, and If the people manning them had “reasonable” “rules of engagement” they could be highly effective. Maybe that makes too much sense for Congress.

I say again, “Today’s world and national events seem to scream for vigilantes to come to the fore.”

But, why would they?

From Webster’s, op cit.: Vilify v.i.; vilified

vt., pp,; vilifying, ppr. 1. To use abusive or slanderous language about or of; Calumniate; revile; defame.

Vilify v.i. To be guilty of slander.

Vigilantes have been, and would be vilified in the Mainstream Media so much as to make it look like THEY were guilty of a Crime or Crimes against the State, and would be hunted down by avid law enforcers and put on trial for the very wrongs they would be trying to right.

But, as in a paraphrase of the theme song of “CSI Miami”, “We cannot afford to be fooled again”!!

Who will create the “Aroused public sentiment” needed to get Congress to act in a favorable to us, the citizens they were supposed to have taken an oath to protect?

Will you?

Bill Ascherfeld attended


University and graduated from

San Diego

State with A BA degree in Political Science, History and Economics. He served with The Third Armored Division in

Germany in 1956-57 and is currently residing in

San Diego,

California. He can be reached for comment by E-mailing

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