The National Writers Syndicate .com™, [NWS] – welcomes and invites every Citizen, of the United States of America, who are now or have been “In Harms Way” of the ongoing invasion of “illegal aliens”, to write about their experiences. Anyone that is a witness in these matters is also welcome to tell America what they have seen. NWS will publish the American Citizens personal story of Harm caused by illegal aliens. This invitation is for you folks!

For too long, much too long, the National Press and the Media all across the nation have maintained a “blackout” on the self evident harm that all of the — “legal” — American Citizens are now and have been cruelly subjected to, by the overwhelming “illegal foreigner invasion” of America. [This is a newly created section at NWS – “

US Citizens In Harms Way”]

National Writers Syndicate .com will publish the stories of any and all of the

U.S. Citizens who have been sadistically subjected to – Physical and or Emotional injuries sustained by American Citizens, as well as any and all related issues about the “illegal aliens” impact upon your “quality of life”. This quality of life issue, of course, includes any and all negative impacts on

America’s schools, hospitals, playgrounds, crimes, peace and tranquility, liberty or your own pursuit of happiness …. and this open list, is now in your hands. Just tell it like it is! All of the trusting, innocent, gullible Americans everywhere need to know the actual factual truth.

No longer will the blackout of the truth on this elemental matter be solely in the “Cover-up” regular press and media or public servants in positions of public trust, and their sole control.

The National Writers Syndicate .com, intends to be the internet magazine where the truth, the facts of your personal stories will be presented to the American People and their conscience.

NWS is now #1 on all of the search engines and recently had over 3 million hits. Just as an article published in the mainstream press or magazines or internet media such as FOX, CNN etc are searchable by author or topic or word search, your story will have the same capability. It is actually the Real News everyone needs to know in

America, right now.

Cry Havoc and release the Hounds of Truth! Today!

Become a member and author at its free! Just ‘Register’ – login & password – You will Receive an email for confirmation – click it & NWS will enable U.

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