UPDATE: Tomorrow Stands A Man Carter – America – A Woman Taitz

… and hold the line as

America hangs in the balance of his decision. The decision is whether to allow the discovery of the ObamaGate files. Earlier this evening I spoke directly with Dr. Taitz Esq., regarding the proceedings before Federal Judge Carter.

Dr Orly Tairz Esq., stood her ground, for over an hour, against the onslought of three


United States. The three Obama stooges sought to have the Taitz suit dismissed today. The 'Man' Carter did not oblige them by suddenly abusing his discretion and dismissing the case against Obama. Instead Carter is now considering the matter and the subsatntial legal arguments that Taitz made this morning, Monday.5.October.2009. 'Justice' department lawyers intent on violating the oaths that they took to protect and defend the Constitution of the

United States.

At this time no one can claim that a Carter decision was made or a victory won or lost.

Present at the court hearing was the World Net

Daily [WND] newly supported attorney Gary Kreep Esq. allegedly from some kind of a freedom foundation.

Earlier Taitz had secured a decision from Judge Carter that discovery of the Obama documents should be expedited and then in walks Kreep. This guy asked the Judge to be allowed to intercede in the Taitz case. The Judge allowed it over the objections of Taitz.

Kreep succeeded in delaying a quick discovery schedule by claiming to be unavailable at all in a three way – Taitz – the justice department – Kreep – timely effort, NWS was informed.

Kreep, NWS is told, was at that time being financially aided or supported by WND in securing donations for his efforts in the Taitz case.

Why would world net daily help someone interested in delaying the Court Ordered expedited discovery? For that matter why did world net daily support Jerome Corsi in his effort to discredit Taitz, by claiming that the Kenyan Birth Certificate of Obama, that Taitz secured was fake? What purpose does it serve to allege that WND had a typical

Kenya birth certificate different than the one Taitz presented the Court?

The only true issue is the discovery of the Barrack Hussein Obama birth certificate and the sealed, by an Obama ‘presidential’ order, school documents which would confirm the truth of this Constitutionally implicated matter, about Obama. Has Obama committed ‘fraud in the inducement’ to secure votes by lying?

That is the question. So, why is world net daily working against Taitz in the quintessential matter of the Obama document production?

It has come to my attention that Kreep is working with Phil Berg Esq. Berg is a lifelong democrat party hack and was a supporter of Hillary Clinton for president. When

Clinton lost berg was the first to sue Obama for his proof of birth location. After having his head handed to him, Berg sued Taitz, over nothing. Has World Net

Daily, Berg and Kreep been bought?

You Decide.

The staff at the National Writers Syndicate, believes that Taitz Esq., is the only honestly concerned lawyer with the integrity to succeed and the only one that ‘We the People’ should trust and support in her defense of

America, you and me.

https://nationalwriterssyndicate.com/content/view/1468/2/ – [1st Article – Tomorrow …]

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