Update: Republican Chair Hull Mass. To Sec. of State

In an exclusive interview with NWS, Mr. Grossack stated that Secretary Galvin was wrong to allow a possible fraud to be perpetrated on the electorate by having an unqualified candidate [1] on the ballot, and that he was planning to take the matter up with top Republican officials, the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission.

Grossack stated further that he believes that Obama is committed to a variant of Islamic socialism and has suspicious links to foreign Arab interests. Further: "His desire to alter the constitution and his ties to Bernardine Dhorn, Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi make him a security risk. " Grossack said. "He is proof that Congress needsto revive theHouse Committee on Un-American Activities"

Further, this investigator spoke to the office of:

Secretary of the Commonwealth

Elections Division

McCormack Building, Room 1705

One Ashburton Place

Boston, MA 02108

Telephone: (617) 727-2828

Toll-Free: 1-800-462-VOTE (8683)

Fax: (617) 742-3238

Email: elections@sec.state.ma.us

The spokes person at the time that I called Secretary Galvin to determine the response to the Important letter —- regarding the imminent National Election and the issue of the potential of an ‘illegal alien’ or ‘foreign national’ Obama becoming President of the United States — sent to the Election Division by Chairman Grossack was Mr. Brian McNiff. Mr. McNiff was as pleasant and helpful, as could be; as the messenger for the policy of Secretary Galvin on this important subject and the written concerns of a duly elected public official in the same State of Mass.

The Secretary Galvin Official answer to the real possibility of a National Political Swindle of unprecedented magnitude, no less a coup d'état then the actual overthrow of America’s Constitution was disappointing to say the least. The Secretary of State William F. Galvin and the rest of the ‘Public Officials in Positions of Public Trust’ must take an Oath to uphold and protect the Constitution and Secretary Galvin is no different.

Nonetheless, Mr. McNiff relayed to this investigator that the Ballots were printed and so therefore nothing would be done and that it is a matter for the Courts; that it is not an issue for the Election Division of Massachusetts, this was utterly stunning to this investigator.

Published last night 10.29.08: [1],https://nationalwriterssyndicate.com/content/view/776/2/

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