Universal Studios Rip-Off

….spend their entertainment dollars, and here at National Writers Syndicate .com [NWS] we try and keep you informed of the good and fun ones to go to and of course the bad ones.

If you are planning to purchase an annual pass at Universal Studios Orlando, DON’T!

I personally felt after going to Universal Studios that, it is a rip-off. In the first place they have a few months of performing artists. You are entitled to see them as annual pass holder. But lots of luck! They only have one night for the show, the crowd is enormous, and if you want to see the show at all, you will have to stand for hours in the blazing sun to get a place. Then, if you want to have the fried chicken, YUCK!!, the worst chicken you will find anywhere, and I mean anywhere; greasy, hard, if you try to bite into it, it is like eating a rock.

Last week I tried to go to their “Halloween nights”. They say annual pass holders get special treatment, they must have got their training at some torment training camp. First off all, you have to pay extra money, which if you got your money’s worth — not — would be fine. Then you must stand in line, a line which is actually endless. That line will take anywhere from an hour to hours. After that customer ‘friendly’ torment, you are allowed to go in, then they put you in holding pen like cattle – Mooooooo! But, to add to the fun, another line is waiting for you a mile long, and the hassle is not worth what you finally see, what a rip off !!

John Clark the NWS Staff ‘good fun’ travel reporter contacted Universal’s customer support. Well, you will get better support from your socks, I found! Universal’s customer support hangs up on you, and when I did get someone, they said they would call back and never did. Finally I reached someone, The Supervisor of Public Relations, he tried to justify their actions, and of course they are never wrong! And quoting what he said to me: “WE HAVE AWARD WINNING CUSTOMER SERVICE”

Here at NWS we wonder if Bill Davis the CEO of Universal knows what is going on behind his back, or maybe he does know. Whatever happened to THE CUSTOMER is always right?

PS: About a year ago as a staff writer for the National Writers Syndicate .com, I went to Universal Studios in Orlando and noticed that all of ‘them thar fishes’ had died. They were seen floating in the ponds, and the smell was awful. I reported the problem to some of Universal Staff and they did not know anything about the situation. Universal did nothing to remedy the helpful notification I made. So, I think that the apparently lazy or indifferent management were at that time very possibly were putting the public at risk as long as the dollars kept flowing. NWS then reported it to the Orlando Sentinel, but, what would they do? After all Universal is one of their biggest advertisers.

It is a real shame that corporate interests always comes before the interests of the American Public, thanks in part to Corporate greed, affirmative action.

Save your money and go to Disney World.

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