Ukraine: As In Real Estate, Location, Location, Location

by George Weir –

 My Father told me many times, of a rancher that only wanted the land that joined his.  The only problem with this grand scale idea is what happens when one acquires the land next door, does he continue looking over the fence at the land beyond, or does he stop with the property he has already acquired?  I suppose that all depends on what the property holder has in mind for his future adventures, does he want a nice parcel of land, or does he want an empire?  In Texas where I live there are many large ranches, and over the years these ranches have grown larger, but, in some cases the land has been divided and the empire that once was is now gone, but in either case the property remains, and at some point, it will belong to someone other than the present owner and the use of this property will change with the ever changing economics and ever changing development of the needs and wants of society.  But as always the attraction will be location, location, location.

Which brings me to Ukraine, the location must be of great interest to many interested parties.  And at the present Russia seems to have decided to take procession at any cost.  The question that is in the minds of much of the world is this, do they stop with Crimea, of will they look across the fence toward the rest of Ukraine as the rancher that my father talked about. He wanted just the land adjoined to his?  If this is the case, Russia may be looking toward west they will see Poland, Slovakia and Hungry, and to the Southwest the landscape will feature Romania and Moldova, and to the south, the black Sea and the sea of Azov.  In itself Ukraine, a country of 233,062 sq mi would be of great use for anyone wanting to expand his empire in any direction.

What will happen in Ukraine is anybody’s guess at this point, I only know what I read, and that changes by the hour.  I have never set foot in Ukraine, and the chances of me doing so is slim to none, and I like many Americans wonder, (Why does it concern America?)   As of now no American blood has been spilled, and there is a great ocean that separated us from this piece of land.  It’s easy to see why the country’s that join Ukraine would be on edge, down through the ages, land has been taken and it took war to get it back, seems as this has always been the case in this region of the world, (seize the land at any cost and if possible, seize the neighbors land).

Acquiring land isn’t anything new, ever since man set foot on Mother earth, he has sought to divide and conquer, and to expand his holdings of land for the purpose of gaining power and wealth.  This trait of man is not likely to change, and the method of acquiring this land will always be at any cost, armies will rise up against armies in the name of their country, and to the bidding of their leaders or dictators and the land will be bought with blood, and innocent lives in many cases, but, the quest for power through the conquering of neighboring people will continue.

I suppose that this is where America needs to take notice, although we do have a vast ocean between us and the much of the world that is intent on our demise, if land is left unchecked and unguarded the enemy will have gained more power through the land and its people and its wealth.

Russia seems to have a strangle hold on Ukraine and it’s neighbor through the power of energy.  To put it simple, Russia has the oil and gas and much of Europe is dependent upon the pipelines that  carry this oil and gas, in other words, (indeed Russia is carrying a big stick) .

What can America do at this point?( Very little as I see it).   At a time when America is talking of cutting military, ( the conversvation should be), bring back our sons and daughters, and rebuild the military to the point that all nations would see that we Americans are carrying a larger stick than they, and that we are willing to use our power to defend our motherland and her people at all cost.

But as long as we have a President that believes that a hand shake and a great smile will bring our enemy’s to our bidding, we will be perceived as weak, and un-willing to defend our friends and un-willing to defeat those that wish our destruction.

As for as Ukraine, yes they do matter, If Putin does take Ukraine, he will no doubt look across the fence toward other landscapes that will broaden his influence in the region, then he may even look across the ocean, and guess who lives across the ocean, (America).

The acquiring of land by the mighty will never stop, but, its not the land that matters so much, it’s the People.  When nations occupy people, their hopes and dreams are vanished, and their God given rights to freedom will have been smashed under the weight of oppression, and at some point they will rebel against the oppressor and then there is war, and with war comes suffering and more bloodshed.   As for sure, we as free Americans have the obligation to do everything that we can do to help create a more stable and safe world, and by doing so we may save ourselves and gain the needed trust that we have lost among our most trusted allies.

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