U. S. Combat Vet Attacked By Anti-Family Judge

… Unfortunately, he was already in the midst of a “battle” − his child custody case in Oakland County, Pontiac, Michigan. In February 2011, the Hon. Elizabeth Pezzetti, presiding over his case, said in court that she would never give custody to the father because he was a soldier in the US Army.

While deployed, Sergeant Gray was severely injured and evacuated to Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in

San Antonio,

Texas. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, 6 skull fractures, fractured numerous, bilateral bony hamstring avulsions and many other injuries. Mrs. Zehel, the mother of his two daughters, was flown to BAMC with the children, so the kids could visit with their father. While in the



Center, Mrs Zehel assaulted the severely injured soldier; she was asked to leave the facility and was transported back to


Subsequently, Judge Elizabeth Pezzetti was presented with evidence of the assault, a suicide attempt by Mrs. Zehel, and her use of anti-depressant medication. Sergeant Gray begged the court, for his children’s sake to have custody of them, to provide medical and psychological assistance to Mrs. Zehel.

Sergeant Gray is a combat veteran who has fought to protect the

US since 1999. Not only did Family Court Judge Pezzetti violated his due process rights, she is punishing a good father for fighting to be with his daughters. Judge Pezetti rejected the expert testimony by the Army’s psychologists – through abuse of discretion and in violation of the Constitutional rights of children and parents; the loving father is not even afforded the right to visit his daughters.

Furthermore, Judge Pezzetti’s Child Support order virtually condemns Sgt. Gray to slow death by starvation: She ordered nearly $1600 a month in Child support for his two daughters, in addition to him already paying $800 a month for his six year old son.

Coming out of his meager $2800 paycheck, this leaves him $400/month to support himself, while paying $2400. “Honorable” Pezzetti also authorized a debt judgment against him of over $9,000 in back child support.

This father served our country. Show Your Support for the Soldier.

Sign his Petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/the-governor-of-mi-support-sgt-gray


By Eric Ross, PhD, Acting President of NCFM Greater NY Chapter, Investigative Reporter, National Writers’ Syndicate

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